All of these videos are well worth watching.

Because of their heretical nature, some have had restrictions placed on them by the hosting companies.

“My Fellow Whites”

The speech Jayda Fransen gave in Belfast which resulted in her being charged with incitement to hatred. (From a hostile left-wing source, but the content is there).

Britain’s Racist Election: The Story of Smethwick. “If you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour”. Of course the documentary is hostile, but informative nonetheless.

Enoch Powell interviewed by William Buckley Jr.

Oswald Mosley interviewed by David Frost, 1967.

Dostoyevsky and the Jews

These videos were restricted by YouTube.

Race Differences in Intelligence, uploaded by New Century Foundation and presented by Jared Taylor, running time 16:05.

Jared Taylor discusses the restrictions placed on his video in this articleon American Renaissance.

Migrant ‘Sexual Emergencies’ – Plaguing the Swimming Pools of Europe, uploaded by Black Pigeon Speaks, running time 15:07.

On the website below, you can see videos that have been censored by YouTube.

Mr. Death, a documentary about Fred Leuchter