The Judeo-Islamic Conspiracy Against Christendom

Throughout Islam’s existence, Jews have collaborated with Muslims against Christians. Indeed, a strong case can be made that Jews created Islam in the first place to weaponize Arabs against Christians in order to gain re-admission to their homeland, from which they had been expelled centuries before by the Romans.

The Jewish collaboration with Muslims during their invasion of Spain is one of the best-documented Jewish betrayals, one that has eerie parallels with our own times.

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Similarities between Jews and Muslims

Shlomo Sand’s book “The Invention of the Jewish People” casts much interesting light on the close historical connection between Jews and Muslims.

In this article, I quote some extracts illustrating the supportive role Jews played in the emergence of Islam and in its early triumphs over Christian Byzantine forces.

In Part 2, I quote extracts from Sand’s book in which it is argued that the “Palestinians” are, in fact, ethnic Jews who converted to Islam.

Jews and Muslims: One People Under Allah (Part 1)

This post explores the history of European iconography, showing that the similarity between Jews and Muslims is an idea of long standing, one deeply embedded in the history of our visual art.

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The next few articles explore the role Jews played in creating Islam itself.

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In his book The Story of the Jews, Jewish historian Simon Schama admitted that Islam emerged within a Jewish milieu and that “Muhammad’s core doctrines are essentially Judaic”.

Simon Schama: “Muhammad’s core doctrines are essentially Judaic”

At critical moments, when under siege by Muslims, Christians have often felt the sting of Jewish betrayal.

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Jews were extensively involved in trading Christian slaves throughout the Islamic empires

Christian slaves, Muslim masters, Jewish slave-runners: “The slave dealers in Europe were almost all Jews”

“Blond, tall, with honey-colored eyes”: Jewish ownership of slaves in the Ottoman Empire

As far back as the 19th century, Jews were cultivating the mythologised view of Islamic Spain as a paradise of tolerance and enlightenment.

Blame Whitey: How Muslims and Jews worked together to promote the myth of convivencia in Muslim-ruled Spain

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Early Islamic Coins Feature Menorahs: “There is no god but Judah”

Did you know that the words menorah and minaret have the same etymological root?

Menorahs are symbols of triumph over the subjugated goyim

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