This is a blog chronicling the Genocide of the European peoples, the greatest crime in all of history. Perhaps the survivors of a future age – the small, remnant European populations that still remain, in whatever holdouts and fastnesses they have found – will find it of historical interest. I hope it will help them understand how they came to be in the predicament they are in. And I hope it will hearten them to know that some people foresaw it and tried to prevent it.

The blog features certain recurrent themes, which are best explored by clicking on the hashtags at the bottom of each post or on the main page.

Some posts are mere ephemerata. Others engage in more substantive intellectual exploration. Important posts, highlighting some of the blog’s major themes, are listed below.

Throughout history, and in the present day, Jews have tended to side with Muslims against Christians and Europeans.


Feminism has played a role in weakening European civilisation, and female influence in general has facilitated the immigration catastrophe.  


Jews were involved in Communism at a rate that was vastly disproportionate to their share of the population in their respective countries of residence and this important fact has largely been left out of the public narrative that passes for “history”. The phenomena of Hitler, and Fascism in general, are inexplicable absent this context.

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  1. Do you have a PayPal or something I could donate to? I find this an incredibly valuable resource and want to give something back. If not then an email address would be fine, I would just like to explain more, and to thank you.

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  2. Thanks for the thought. Paypal is useless for any kind of European patriotic movement as it classifies the wish of the European peoples to survive as “hatred” and invokes this as an excuse to shut down the relevant accounts.

    I'll read up on payment technologies and see if there is anything that is viable. Bitcoin might work as an option for allowing donations to be made without requiring either party to reveal their identity.

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  3. The New Observer uses PayPal and that's a pretty similar site to yours. When I made the payment, it just appears in my records as being to THE NEW OBSERVER, rather than revealing their name. Maybe find out how they worked theirs out?


  4. It might work for a while but it would be a permanent vulnerability. Other sites using Paypal have been affected. Even the Swedish site Dispatch International was banned, which is ridiculous considering how politically correct they are.

    It seems to me that Bitcoin is the correct solution, not just for me but for the European survival movement in general. I'm reading up on it to try and find some reason why it isn't so, some flaw or vulnerability. But so far I can't find any – which leaves me wondering why other people aren't using it already. Maybe they just don't know about it?


  5. Bitcoin isn't really that easy to set up. I was going to get started with it a while ago but it's all incredibly daunting. You have to upload scans of your passport to certain quality specifications, do a whole load of complicated identity and bank stuff etc. It just felt like too much, like struggling to climb up a huge mountain. I ended up thinking, 'well, do I really need bitcoin anyway?' and giving up. I suspect that would be the biggest hurdle.

    The Swedish one might have been banned because the antifa in Sweden are so obsessively active. The New Observer's scope is very similar to yours in that neither site reports on particularly location-specific news. I imagine that the Swedish site you mention does and therefore there will be a lot of frothing-at-the-mouth furious antifa trying to “shut it down” to maintain the myth of Sweden as a fantastic multicultural paradise.

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  6. the news on the right column should have the date the news was posted. I see its changing now and the columns EUROPA to ASYLUM INVASION dont display the date anymore


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