The Left Gains Ground in Spain

pedro sanchez

Spain’s ruling socialist party led by prime minister Pedro Sanchez is set to regain control with his left-leaning allies close to a majority following Sunday’s vote for Spain’s Congress of Deputies, although based on most all of the votes counted, he would need a handful of votes from Catalan separatists, which may prove to be problematic.

As Bloomberg adds, the ruling Socialists are on track to win 123 seats, up from 85 in 2016. Its left-wing ally Podemos platform has another 42 seats while the Basque Nationalists, another group close to Sanchez, has six. That would give Sanchez 171 seats, just shy of the 176 he would need for a majority. The moderate Catalan separatist group Esquerra Republicana has another 15 seats and has signaled its willing to help. This could give the 47-year-old premier a shot at forming Spain’s first stable government in almost four years and enable him to chart a way forward for the country after years of economic crisis and political turmoil.

Also of note: a new nationalist party has emerged “to motivate supporters, who have historically been less reliable than voters on the right” according to Bloomberg. Vox is set to win seats in parliament for the first time, but its 24 seats (10.3% of votes) suggest it’s set to fall short of expectations and the huge buzz around their sudden emergence on the political scene. Vox’s parliamentary presence will mean Spain is no longer exempt from the right-wing populism that’s swept across Europe and the U.S. But unlike Italy and some other European nations, Spain remains a particularly enthusiastic member of the European Union. Not even Vox is suggesting pulling out.

The traditional conservative group, the People’s Party, lost about half its seats and will have 67 deputies in the new parliament.

Spain is bucking the euro trend of moving to the right for some reason. I have noticed increased feminist activity, LGBT activity (a record number of young spaniards – 15 % identify themselves as such, more than in many other euro countries), pro-immigration activity (large demonstrations in favor of migrants even though the country is under migrant invasion), a general move towards liberalism in society. Yes, there is Vox now, but that party is only getting 10 % support.

Something is wrong with that country. There is too much left wing activity, even though the country is under siege by migrants coming from Africa. This country is far from becoming another Italy.

Even before several years i knew that there is something wrong, and i wondered why is that. Social surveys indicated more liberal and pro-immigration views than in many other european countries.



8 thoughts on “The Left Gains Ground in Spain

  1. The legacy of Franco still haunts Spain and has cast a shadow over the “far right”. That Vox has been able to emerge from that shadow and gain a solid foothold in parliament is, to me, a great thing. Their leader openly used words like “Reconquista” in his speech last night. When our ideas are able to be publicly and unabashedly articulated, they will inevitably attract support, particularly when a left-wing coalition does the kind of things that left-wing coalitions inevitably do. Spain’s institutions have a strong intrinsic left-wing bias. Vox was excluded from the debates in the final week, for example.


    1. “When our ideas are able to be publicly and unabashedly articulated, they will inevitably attract support, particularly when a left-wing coalition does the kind of things that left-wing coalitions inevitably do.”

      I’m not sure about the validity of accelerationism. In California for example, whites vote democrat after becoming minority in the State. Sometimes it may work, sometimes it won’t.

      I think Spain should be kept under a close eye, as their social attitudes are now closer to Sweden than to Italy.

      Particularly interesting is the transformation of the old class warfare leftism into liberalism and identity politics.

      We know that jews have worked to transform old school leftism into this new leftism, as they have issues with the white working class.

      Maybe this transformation means that the leftist country of today will be the liberal country of tomorrow? Would that mean that traditionally leftist countries, such as Greece, would move into liberalism and identity politics in the future?


  2. I share Passer’s concerns about accelerationism. Using California as a proving ground, any increased reactionary tendency is overwhelmed by the concomitant celebration of increased levels of pozzed absurdity. LeBron James as governor? Even normal Whites now react with “How did that take so long? Why not President? What could be better?”

    It seems more and more like a wakening and transition is going to require a blend of approaches although public and unabashed open discussion is essential to countering the [non]reaction in normies is certainly correct and would be ideal if it alone were all it took.


    1. How do you explain “Brexit” then as the prevailing view at the time – including on the day of the poll was that “Remain” would be victorious, which turned out to be incorrect?


      1. Had they wanted a remain victory they would have rigged it, but they preferred it this way with all the ensuing ‘may’hem and chaos and, of course, all the piss taking of the electorate which they love, they like torturing people whilst laughing at them behind the scenes. This is the psychopath ‘elites’ at work.

        The real referendum vote was most likely 75% leave – 25% remain with Scotland and Ireland both voting leave, but on smaller majorities.

        Oh and then you must add in the Jo Cox psyop faked event as that would have made the rigging easier.


  3. It’s hardly surprising, Spain is no-where near as far advanced in cultural rot as the French nation or us Brits, it seems to take decades for settled white folks to wake up and dare vote against the corrupted MSM/Establishment.
    Spain also like Greece and Eastern Europeans seem to have the weird but understandable belief that other nations’ politicos would run their country better than their own rotten lot. It’s hard for them to understand ours are just as bad if not worse. It wasn’t this current generation of rulers who make UK, Germany and France/Benelux nations what they were(pre-invasion).
    I wasn’t surprised France voted for Macron, it reminded me of the Obama delusion. It’s just a disappointment they need to go through. Spain is much farther behind in this process. But because the liberal/left have got absolutely zero new ideas, and only more of the same thing driving the catastrophe, it’s enivitable it must go our way eventually.

    I console myself that at least I live in interesting times. I know this because my childhood was 1990’s and late teenage/early adult was 2000’s. I can specifically remember being in a political museum in Edinburgh learning about the world churning events of the thirties and sixties, and I envied them. The 90’s should have continued this 30 year generational shifting of the tectonic plates, but as we all know, we had an ‘absence/breakfrom history’. My guess is that in some part of the 2020’s the proverbial will hit the fan again. The US and UK aren’t the only Western countries that are technically bankrupt. This can’t continue for ever.
    By far the side with the energy, youth, confidence and most importantly, *different* ideas are the alt-right. The coming collapse of the liberal/left political order will drag the left and our ethnic friends down to Hell with them.
    The Left may seem all dominant now, but greater powers than this diseased perversion have capitulated before. The Jews are the backbone and immune system of the Left, when they go it goes, or vice versa.

    Don’t be down-hearted by temporary set backs, welcome them, it fuels the needed fire. Enjoy the peace while you can. The momentum is with us.


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