Muslims, browns and Jews jeer at the burning of Notre Dame

It is great moments of national feeling that separate those who belong from those who merely reside.

This is why, historically, antisemitism has tended to rise during wars. Jewish indifference to the cause marked them as outsiders, transients with no deep-rooted feeling for the country they lived in.

Today wars in the developed world are rare, but the same empathy gaps are apparent whenever major terrorist attacks or national tragedies occur.

While the French mourn the loss of one of their national symbols, ethnic Europeans throughout the world feel a pang of empathy, recognising that part of the civilisational patrimony has been lost.

Jews, Muslims and browns, however, can barely contain their glee. French social media is alight with the fire of brown hate.


“It’s at times like this when you feel almost nothing while watching a monument burn that you realise something may have gone wrong with your integration.”

Followed by lots of smiley emojis from people agreeing.


French social media is alight with Muslims celebrating the fire in comments like this: “ALLAH AKBAR fuck France and fuck the PIGS KARMA, now it will be destroyed and a mosque will be built INSHALLAH”


“I hope all of France burns. It is the enemy of Africa and took all our old…”


“You take the mickey out of Islam. You support a guy who makes fun of Mecca. Allah responded quickly.”

Non-Muslim People of Brown seem to be in on the gloat game too.





Of course, our Jewish friends have taken the opportunity to once again show us their quality.



Jews have really been letting themselves go in their comments on the Jerusalem Post website. They think the goy aren’t watching them there. But we are.


But it’s not just ethnic malice from the aliens that we have seen in response to the fire. The strange self-hatred that afflicts European civilisation has been apparent too. Crazed leftists have celebrated the cathedral’s destruction, invoking a phrase from the Russian anarchist Kropotkin: “The only church that enlightens is the one that burns.”

It has been especially popular in Spanish, for some reason: “La única Iglesia que ilumina es la que arde.”


9 thoughts on “Muslims, browns and Jews jeer at the burning of Notre Dame

  1. There is so much symbolism in this tragic event that it can’t possibly be lost on anyone with a thinking brain. The greatest cathedral in all of the Western world burns into a hollowed out shell…during Easter Week. What a coincidence! This is after a week of vandalism at other churches around Paris. The death of this iconic structure of Western Civilization is a symbol to the world that Western Civilization itself is over. The fact that they’re rushing to call it an accident even as the cathedral is still burning should tell everyone it wasn’t an accident.

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  2. The question I always ask those who pine for Jews

    What the fuck were Jews doing in places like that back then and what right did they have to be there in the first place?

    They can’t justify Jews occupying a place like Gaul/France, they never can

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  3. This is a new HOLLY war, but this time we will wipe them from face of the Earth !! The jews is overstayed his time on Earth and so the brown-black animal filth !!! The jew swines media try to cover it up, but our people don’t believe the filthy jew media any more !!!!

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    1. Part of jew mytholog which is regularly trotted out to foist the idea that they occupied a particular land mass for eons and eons as a distinct ethnic group, rather than disparate tribes and as justification for their present land-grabbing actions.

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  4. Careful with blaming the arms n legs of the elephant. They’re all connected to one body.

    I, Goat II, animated clip full of esoteric symbolism based on the childrens book My Pet Goat, the book Bush was reading to kids when 911 went down. Shows Notre Dame falling. Esoteric symbolism means 2000bc Babylonian (((Kabala))) psychopathy.

    Everything is planned n by design. Give it a couple days for them to publish their pissmarks. They cant help but leave their mark on everything they do. Its to show other syndicate members around the world “this is us”, have a good laugh. This is the breadcrumb trail to their demise.

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