Moroccan kills Italian: “I killed him because he looked happy, I wanted to kill his happiness”

Stefano Leo

27-year-old Moroccan Said Mechaout has confessed to the killing of 33-year-old Italian Stefano Leo on 23 February of this year, in Turin.

“I am the murderer of Stefano Leo. I have to turn myself in. I feel hunted by the Carabinieri. I don’t want to commit other crimes. Among all the people who were passing, I chose to kill this young man because he looked happy. And I chose to kill his happiness.”


Mechaout didn’t know him, at least this is what he told the Carabinieri who have been investigating without rest for five weeks. “That morning,” the killer confessed, “I decided I would have to kill someone. I went to buy a set of knives, then threw away all but the sharpest. Then I went to Murazzi and waited. When I saw that guy I decided I couldn’t bear his happy look.”


“I saw him, he looked at me and I thought that he should suffer like me. I cut his throat with my knife.”

Stefano Leo


Stefano Leo had lived for 2 years with a Hare Krishna community in Australia and only recently returned. That may have accounted for his “happy look”. He was also, apparently, a pacifist. Pacifism isn’t a good strategy faced with people like Said Mechaout.



It’s worth remembering that Morocco isn’t a normal country. Historically, it was just a pirate haven with a hinterland. It attracted the most despicable people from around the Mediterranean region who wanted to participate in the rape and plunder. Some white Christians even went there and converted to Islam just so they too could enjoy the “fun”. In this, it was much like the Islamic State we have seen more recently in Syria, except in Morocco the barbarity lasted for centuries instead of just a few years. That kind of concentrated genetic iniquity does not dissipate in a hurry.

8 thoughts on “Moroccan kills Italian: “I killed him because he looked happy, I wanted to kill his happiness”

      1. Another point is that I have noticed for some years now that most European heads of state (including monarchs) have paid visits to Morocco and this is hardly coincidental since the EU is setting up ‘refugee’ centres there in order to appear that it is ‘controlling’ immigration when, in reality, it will use these centres to facilitate and speed up the influx of these peoples, especially Africans, into the EU. I believe Sarkozy may have been the one to lead this endeavour with his speech re the French about racial intermarriage and his Mediterranean Plan.


  1. Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates (Brian Kilmeade) is a quick interesting read about those pirates and the formation of a US Navy to beat them and of the men and women taken as slaves. As you say, some converted to Islam and even went raiding for slaves on the Irish coast. Fascinating and harrowing read about those barbarians.


  2. This is what you get when you let them in – White people become targets. It can be random or it can be someone youre vaguely familiar with – but this is what u get. One by One we are going down


  3. Moroccans are inbred psycopaths with a very long history of thievery, enslavement, and murder. Any word on what is happening to the pack of animals that butchered those Scandinavian girls?


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