Cover-up in Spain: 2 children kidnapped for gang rape, 1 let go “because she was a Muslim”


This story appeared in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo on 20th March.

The 15th was the anniversary of a terrible event whose victim was a 12-year-old girl, gang-raped by at least six youths aged between 15 and 20. However, this event has remained silenced. It took place in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara), an industrial conurbation of 35,000 inhabitants where sex crimes have been on the increase, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior.

According to the investigation, which EL MUNDO has had access to, the incident began on 15 March 2018, after 1 pm, when the child, a Spanish girl of 12-years-old, was with several of her friends in the Lavadero de Azuqueca park. Then various youths turned up, the majority of them of Moroccan origin and a Nigerian. Some of them were known to the victim from the school environment or from mutual friends.

The youths took the girl and one of her friends and carried them to an abandoned building close to the park, a former home for the elderly. There they put them in a room and held a discussion among themselves for several minutes “in Arabic”. Minutes later, they released the friend “for being a Muslim” [“por ser mora”, “mora” can mean “North African” but is also generally used as slang for Muslim], as the latter explained to the victim. One of them then grabbed the girl and took her to a bath. There they knocked her face down. And the hell began, which the victim recalled as follows: “They held her hands and feet and covered her mouth, undressed her from the waist down and began to anally rape her one by one.” In total, she believes there were at least five or six, beginning with one of the adults, O.C. who had just reached 18. He is currently in provisional detention for the incident.

The girl screamed but the gang continued the rape, one by one, this time vaginally. Her friends, outside, heard the cries for help and tried to enter. But one of the attackers always threatened them with a stick to drive them back: “Anyone who comes in doesn’t come out,” he said.

The torture lasted 45 minutes, until the attackers had finished.

…According to legal sources, three of the minors negotiated with the Youth Prosecution Service – three years of confinement and five more of separation from the victim. Of the two adults, O.C. is in preventive detention, accused of sexual assault and illegal detention. The Prosecution Service also argues that he tried to use his girlfriend to buy the victim’s silence. The other adult remains at liberty.

No official information was ever published about the event, which was much commented on by pupils at the school.

7 thoughts on “Cover-up in Spain: 2 children kidnapped for gang rape, 1 let go “because she was a Muslim”

  1. What is interesting about this spanish case is that there was a similar case involving 5 spanish men which caused massive protests and uproar in Spain.

    A gang of black/muslims rape and torture an early teen white girl, and leave harmless escape to her home a muslim girl school mate. A lot of corporal damage is done, not to mention psychological to the victim. Newspapers don’t speak much of it, they get tiny convictions, the minors of age nearly nothing, they even share school with the victim again. With no legal residence permit at least some. Forgotten nearly as it happened by the media and the people.

    A group of young men in their 20s have group sex with a girl that consents but is at least a bit drunk. Some of the men are even military or policemen. Next day or soon after she denounces to the police her consent was not fully well given, she feels she has been abused. Demonstrations, front pages with photos, popular rage (feminist mainly) against the criminals, this lasts all along they are trialed, then not convicted for the hardest crimes, etc. Photos of them with their new hairdos and face hair again for all to see.

    In other words: if white men rape (although they were not convicted for rape ultimately in this case) then a national emergency starts. If migrants rape, and they do that a lot more, then there is total radiosilence by feminists and everyone else.

    The aim is to encourage women to hate men in general and not to look at which group does most rape. Since both US and Euro data shows that euro men have the lowest rape rates, with blacks, hispanics and muslims being on top.


    1. Yes, I remember that case. Good point. Also, in the Spanish media, male violence against women is one of the constant themes they harp on. But almost nothing about this incident.


      1. Spain is bucking the euro trend of moving to the right for some reason. I have detected increased feminist activity, LGBT activity (a record number of young spaniards – 15 % identify themselves as such, more than in many other euro countries), pro-immigration activity (large demonstrations in favor of migrants even though the country is under migrant invasion), a general move towards liberalism in society. Yes, there is Vox now, but that party is only getting 10 % support.

        Something is wrong with that country. There is too much left wing activity, even though the country is under siege by migrants. This country is far from becoming another Italy.

        Even before several years i knew that there is something wrong, and i wondered why is that. Social surveys indicated more liberal and pro-immigration views than in many other euro countries.


      2. Spain was maybe the last country in Europe to live under a right-wing dictatorship, so there has been a certain stigma associated with the ideas expressed during the period of undemocratic rule. It also has only recent experience of third-world immigration since France didn’t allow it. It probably takes a certain time to convince people that the Diversity experiment isn’t going to work. There’s also a problem of regional fragmentation. a weak sense of national consciousness.


  2. The media will lie, shield us from the truth, hide the sinister sins, these browns, black bring to the white ppl. These aliens were promised the riches of the West, and the destruction is all they bring. Whether we have descended low enough, I cannot say. Mixing with these heathens, will only bring the destruction to our white race.


  3. ‘Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.’ -H.L. Mencken
    The enablers fret about the safety of Muslims. What they fail to understand is that they above all should expect no mercy. Our overt enemies are at war with us. They can wave the white flag. Traitors cannot.
    Sooner or later, as our institutions fail us, men will eventually totally lose faith in them and suddenly recognize our responsibility to our nations abrogates the authority of states. (cf. Martin Van Crevald “The Transformation of War”)


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