Jew Uri Geller promises to stop Brexit using telepathy

As Brexit looms, Jews are throwing off their masks and going in to full Jew mode to try and stop it.

Jew Olly Letwin has been trying to hijack control of parliamentary business from the government so MPs can hold indicative votes to sketch out their Brexit fantasies rather than achieve resolution on a vote.

Earlier in the week, Jew John Berkowitz invoked a precedent from 400 years before (a time when Jews were still banned from England) to try and stop Theresa May’s “deal” coming up for another vote at all.

The effect of all of these Jewish antics is to make Brexit more difficult to achieve.

Berkowitz is a grandson of “Romanian” immigrants who now affects the manners and diction of a pompous Victorian lord, as caricatured in a Dickens novel, even while dressed like a hobo.

While Bercow is a buffoon of a very rare stamp, “psychic” Uri Geller may have surpassed him. He has said he will use telephathic powers – all the way from Israel – to stop Theresa May leading the country into Brexit. Oh, and he will also use his magic Jew powers to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister because of his “antisemitism”.



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