Roger Stone, Jewish fraud and the Zohar


Roger Stone has been brandishing a copy of the Zohar, claiming he hopes it will protect him from Fake News. He obviously doesn’t know much about the history of this book, otherwise the irony of doing this could scarcely have eluded even someone of his limited intellectual capacity. Because the Zohar is one of history’s most epic fakes.

So let’s talk about it.

The Zohar purports to be a book of mystical wisdom written in the 2nd century A.D. by the Jewish “sage” Shimon Bar Yochai who supposedly spent 7 years hiding in a cave from the Nazis, er I mean Romans.

It first came to public notice in 13th century Spain, when the Jew Moses de León claimed he was uncovering parts of ancient manuscripts long hidden in dusty archives. Needless to say, he sold these pages of “ancient wisdom” at great profit.

In fact, of course, he was writing it himself, using an archaic Aramaic style designed to convey an “authentic” expression of antiquity. The problem was that his Aramaic wasn’t so great. And his knowledge of the geography of Israel was a little shaky too. Not many people in 13th century Spain were able to pick up these anomalies (although some Jews did consider him a fraud from the start, and, after his death, his wife admitted the whole thing was a fake done to make money).

The errors of language and geography have since been raked over by scholars, including Jewish ones such as Gershom Scholem. It is now beyond any reasonable doubt that it was a fake. Despite this, many Jews still believe in it. In the canon of Judaic “great books”, it is up there behind only the Talmud and Torah. The believers are creative in coming up with excuses for the fake (maybe the language errors were made by later copyists, maybe his wife was lying, even if it was a fake it was still a divinely inspired one, etc.)

Moses de León’s fraud became the core text for study of the kabbalah. Even seemingly intelligent and well-educated Jews still believe this nonsense today. Take Michael Laitman, for example, one of the best known columnists in English-language Jewish media such as the Jerusalem Post. Despite his advanced scientific training, he still takes the Kabbalah and Zohar seriously and his columns are pervaded by traces of its magical thinking.

The Zohar and the offshoots it has spawned throughout history are a good illustration of the extraordinary power of the Jews not only to generate monumental frauds. but to invest emotionally and ideologically in those frauds, to create entire cults around them and to defend them against “heretics” who seek to bring the power of reason to bear against their industrialised lies.

Hundreds of thousands of crazy Jews routinely assemble at the supposed tomb of the supposed sage Shimon Bar Yochai, supposed author of the Zohar, a fake book. Check out these videos for a glimpse of the madness. Ask yourself if the candle-lighting reminds you of anything.



The entire narrative of Jewish history consists of a vast series of falsehoods, from the Exodus from Egypt to the Six Billion turned into lampshades and soap. But the power of Jews to infuse their lies with quasi-religious feeling gives them an epic quality and a strange, diabolical power.

5 thoughts on “Roger Stone, Jewish fraud and the Zohar

  1. Objective of Unmasked Cultural Marxism:
    The most powerful weapon of power and dominion is the development of the brain and therefore the intelligence, all the species of the earth even the strongest have been submitted by humans, the current competition is not against other species, this is among the diverse races, ethnic groups and human groups, obviously following the brain-intelligence pattern which will have the domain is the one with the highest QI, there are three ways to achieve that goal:
     The first is natural selection and preservation of the homogeneous high QI group (Caucasians, Asians, Jews). It is not an option for Zionism.
    The second is to mix groups or ethnic groups high QI.
    (a): (Asian / Caucasic) or (b): (Asian / Caucasian / Jewish),
    the (a) leads to lost identity / cohesion, but it is still competition for the Jew, which is not the favorite of Zionist globalism,
    (b) will never be an option for them.
    The third is to mix races under QI with those of high Qi:
    (African / Caucasus) or (African / Asian), leading to QI degradation, the latter method created by design in the Jewish School of Frankfurt (Zionist Talmudism or Jewish supremacy), is preferred and is being applied, the current victim is the European Caucasian race, the main weapon to use is open borders to promote mass immigration from the third world to facilitate the degradation miscegenation, which would put the Jews at the top because they will not mix massively, and by not degrade they would preserve their high QI, they would be on all other groups since they will have the highest QI, that is the ultimate goal of Talmudist Marxism and all its variants including cultural Marxism. To achieve and infiltrate, you need Power, Money and Control, there is only one group or tribe with those characteristics.
    Finally it is a biological control struggle of the human being. High QI will dominate the future but as evolution takes thousands of years the method is to degrade the competitors. Do you understand Goy? ..

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  2. Never heard of the “Zohar” before, except perhaps that kike movie with the same (similar?) name. Thanks for enlightening me, us.
    The days of Jewish tyranny will come to an end!

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