Are these jews or muslims?


Good thing that the flag is there. Otherwise it looks like Muslim Brotherhood meeting.

Otzma Yehudit (“Jewish Power”) party leader Michael Ben Ari, (left) speaks during a ceremony honoring Kach leader Rabbi Meir Kahane in Jerusalem.





3 thoughts on “Are these jews or muslims?

  1. Jew or moslem is a same MIX race swine !!! The DNA of arabs and jews are IDENTICAL !!! The word “arab” is ancient Hebrew word and means MIX in term of race or how Christsons call it Bastards !!!! Jews are not Hebrew and the language in today Israhell is YIDISH , not Hebrew !!! Or just jewgle, “jewish genetic disease ” or arab genetic disease !! A cesspool of boiling excrement !!

    Ancient Ireland was call HIBERNIA and that’s Hebrew !!!!!! Base language for all European languages is ancient Hebrew !!

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  2. A few smiling jooooo$ with beards photographed in front of their own flag? Ummm….so? What’s the crux of the article? If this was the only thing Jews ever did……wouldn’t the world be a much better place right now?


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