French MPs are planning to outlaw “anti-Zionism”

Lest you think it is only America that is under almost complete Zio-control, French MPs are now planning to outlaw anti-Zionism, literally making it a crime to express anti-Zionist ideas.


On March 19 February, MPs from all sides will propose a resolution or draft law according to which anti-Zionism will be recognised as a crime on the same basis as antisemitism.

“Hatred of Israel is a new way of hating Jews”

This “study group” has been working for weeks on the subjet. Its president, the LREM (Macron’s party) Paris MP, Sylvain Maillard, believes that “hatred of Israel is a new way of hating Jews”. “The government of Israel can be criticised, but you cannot question the very existence of this state. No one questions the existence of the French State or the German State,” he explains

The MPs will make a decision on Tuesday

He will therefore suggest that the thirty or so MPs in his study group, elected officials of all parties, choose between two formulas: a resolution voted by the National Assembly to publicly take a position, or a draf law that, according to Sylvain Maillard, will longer to implement. They will take their decision on Tuesday afternoon, before Emmanuel Macron speech at the dinner of the “Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France (Crif)” [Representative Council of the Jewish Institutions of France, a kind of French ADL] on Wednesday evening.


Jews feel that the BDS movement is an existential threat to Israel. In response, they have ramped up their goyim control efforts to an absurd degree. Witness the “Working Definition of Antisemitism”, the contrived “antisemitism” scandal in the Labour party and now this. The problem for Jews is that these efforts to shape and suppress public discourse are so extreme that the puppetmaster’s hand is apparent for all to see. Jewish power can no longer be hidden. It is forced to reveal itself and, being revealed, it must generate ever greater indignant public reaction.

Elliot Hamilton was right. Antisemitism is the future. Some Goyim know already and more are joining their ranks every day.


13 thoughts on “French MPs are planning to outlaw “anti-Zionism”

  1. Trying to outlaw hate will only generate more hate. If we’re forced to bottle it all up inside, the end result will be worse for some people. Let people speak, let them air their dirty laundry-and at least then the opposing side can challenge and argue their position also. Forcing opinion underground will never work.
    Throughout the West, whites are having mental breakdowns in public frequently as they are forced to witness the symptoms of diversity daily-diversity they NEVER asked for.
    Chinese buying up valuable properties, Indians in every 7/11 we visit, African street crime, endless background waffle in a language you can’t understand, mixed marriages at record levels…..and we’re told to accept these things, when we never bloody well asked for them!
    People are watching their race and culture disappear before their eyes…….and they should have a right to be concerned about it, and to speak up about it.


  2. Any country that concocts antisemitism and anti-Zionism laws is in effect creating a Sedition Act that compels its own citizens, through their forced silence, to pledge a tacit loyalty to a foreign government.


  3. Jews relentlessly criticize (Critical Theory) host nations while passing laws banning criticism of them.

    Jews place sanctions on nations and get people fired from work while passing laws to protect Israel from divestment.

    Jews use separation of church and state to have Christian symbols removed and practices ended while passing laws to establish the religion of Jew worship as the state religion.

    This race of professional martyrs regards any Gentile resistance to Jewish efforts to take over a country as “persecution.” And there always seem to be plenty of gullible Gentiles in other countries to believe them. – Dr. William Luther Pierce


    1. Adolf Richtar, How will you know who to kill? What if you don’t give me enough time to show you the gold Celtic Cross I wear under my shirt?

      There are plenty of Jews who advertise their tribal affiliation but some of them have converted to Christianity, as have I.

      For several years now I’ve been making a public spectacle with my signs in my front yard saying things like “Holocaust is 6 Million Liars.”


      1. So, that’s why you are lite-shill. An “ex-kike” will always be a kike.

        Nice try though.

        But we don’t need your help. Kikes are dangerous specially because they can shape-shift like you do. You lack loyalty in your heart like any other shape-shifting kike, that is why you can just (pretend to) “change teams” like this.

        How do we know you are a real pro-white Christian and not an undercover kike in this forum trying to pass as a pro-white Christian?

        You can’t assure us, right? We’d rather not take a chance, so you will have to leave too.

        Ban all kikes, specially the shape-shifting ones!


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