44% of Gilets Jaunes think there is a Zionist conspiracy on a global scale


46% of the Gilets Jaunes agree with the proposition that:

“immigration is organised deliberately by our political, intellectual and media elites to bring about the replacement of the European population with an immigrant population”

This is 21% more than the population at large.

The more hardcore the Gilets Jaunes are, the more likely they are to believe this.

59% of Gilets Jaunes who have participated in street actions directly, compared to 40% who have only displayed a gilet jaune (yellow jacket) in their car, agree with the proposition.

“There is a Zionist conspiracy on a global scale”

44% of people who call themselves Gilets Jaunes believe there is a Zionist conspiracy at a global level, compared to “only” 22% in the general population.

41% of Gilets Jaunes think the Illuminati is a secret organisation that tries to manipulate the population.


Over the weekend, tragedy struck. No, not someone losing their hand, although that also happened. Something far, far worse than that, at least if we are to judge by the severity of the reaction in the French ruling class.

The window of a Jewish bagel shop had the word “Juden” sprayed on it in yellow letters. Massive governmental resources are now being deployed to bring the perpetrator of this atrocity to justice, although some have declared that it could be a false flag, another in the long line of fake “hate crimes” that are, in reality, authentic hate crimes, targeting white people by attempting to discredit any public expression of their feelings or interests.

The CRIF (Representative Council of the Jewish Institutions of France) declared that this window pogrom “recalled the darkest hours of History”. Another Jew-spawned organisation, LICRA, quickly joined in the denunciation of this tragic spraying event, this hate spray, for which, clearly, there can be no place in France.


The fact that political, intellectual and media elites instantly launch a chorus of global execration in response to the simple spraying of a word on a shop window of course in no way confirms the Gilets Jaunes’s belief that there is a “Zionist conspiracy on a global scale” or that “political, intellectual and media elites” are plotting against the indigenous peoples of Europe. Perish the thought. That the conspiratorial beliefs of the protesters and the observable actions of the ruling class match so perfectly can be nothing but an extraordinary Cohencidence.

14 thoughts on “44% of Gilets Jaunes think there is a Zionist conspiracy on a global scale

  1. The bagel shop likely had the yellow hate word sprayed on it……by a Jew. They thrive on victimhood. Whenever something they can use against us occurs-and its rare-they excitedly use it for all its worth.
    All of us should buy yellow vests and begin wearing them anywhere, anytime in solidarity with our French cousins. Something new has started here.
    Right now swastikas offend the hell out of Jews. In five years time it will also be yellow vests! Remember-Jews are invariably at the forefront of the ‘victim’ industry.
    For decades, whites have been pushed around from pillar to post. Time to bloody well stand up-while we still have the numbers.

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  2. It is highly unlikely that one will see the words “Shabbos Goy” (“sabbath non-jew/cattle” which refers to the concept of the gentile who does the work for the jew which the supposedly pious jew is forbidden to do on the sabbath which has been extended to mean any non-jew who is a lackey of jews) written on any public photo of, say, Macron in France, or Merkel in Germany or May in Britain. Such a statement would go to the very heart of the power structure of the jews and those who serve them whereas a swastika or a word such as juden will never truly “give the game away” which is why we recognise these latter as usually false flags done by the jews themselves. In the US there was recently the example of a jew who had made over 150 bomb threats to jewish synagogues and who was found to have ‘dual citizenship’ (israel being the other country of the criminal).

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  3. Just as in the US and in other countries, the ones who are “white” and don’t know that there is a conspiring network made up of jewry , which directs others by various devious means, have already been indoctrinated to not care or want to know about it. Those are useless people anyway when it comes to doing anything of real value about anything.

    I’m just happy to hear that there are significant numbers of White people who do know, especially inside France, and that some of those have the fortitude to resist and fight it.


  4. The jew, Theodor Herzl, the “Father of Zionism”, led the jews to cooperatively and internationally network together. That phase of the jew conspiracy is generally euphemistically referred to as being “secular Jewish nationalism”. The conspiracy is completed through the many illegal and immoral scam activities conducted against others, in which almost all of jewry cooperates, to unjustly obtain for themselves a monopolistic jewish status within our own individual nations. The jews do that while using some of the same strategies which Herzl taught. That these activities are done at times openly for all the world to see, and is assisted by their control of the world press apparatus, does not make their activities less as a conspiracy.

    The first part of that networking equation is described in, “The Formation of the Jewish National Movement Through Transnational Exchange: Zionism in Europe up to the First World War”. That the networking of the jewish immorality and criminality, which caused the jews to be evicted from country after country, even long before “Zionism” [often used as an excuse to hide individual jew’s involvements] ever came into being, should be sufficient to establish jewry’s long-held intents.

    “In Der Judenstaat. Versuch einer modernen Lösung der Judenfrage28 (A Jewish State. An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question), a political manifesto published in Vienna in 1896, Herzl described the problems of Jews in modern society as a national question. He claimed that the Jews were held together as a people by the threat of “äußere Feinde”29 (“external enemies”) and their driving force was the “Judennot” (“suffering of the Jews”).30 According to Herzl, this national question could only be solved by making it an issue of world politics.31 Herzl’s book met with rejection and outrage among many assimilated Jews in western Europe. Many accused him of delivering new ammunition to anti-Semites by stressing the unity of the Jews as a people and by his plans for the foundation of a state. Many Zionist groups, however, enthusiastically welcomed the book, which was quickly translated into several languages and made Herzl famous among Jews throughout the world as a proponent of a secular Jewish nationalism.32

    Thanks in part to his great oratory skills, his personality and his professional experience,35 supporters of Zionism from various countries were quickly united in an organized movement. This nascent movement was able to make contact with existing groups that were limited to a locality or region,….
    The structure of the WZO [World Zionist Organization] with its subdivision into national associations corresponded to Theodor Herzl’s view of Zionism as a pan-Jewish movement intended to unite all Jewries. However, this required that each Jewish population had a good knowledge of the other Jewries, as well as an understanding for their distinctive characteristics and attitudes.”


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  5. Just because, “The European Jewish Congress (EJC), together with other leading Jewish organisations, the World Jewish Congress (WJC), B’nai B’rith International (BBI) and the American Jewish Committee Transatlantic Institute (AJC-TAI)”, “collaborate with Israel, the UN and the US”, to deprive the public of their free speech rights and do “data collection” on them, certainly doesn’t mean that, “there is a Zionist conspiracy at a global level”, does it?



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