Serial (Bad) Weddings 2: More Kalergi propaganda from France


French cinema is a case study in how art can be corrupted by the interference of the state and the lure of subsidy. Once known for its subversive and arty auteurs, the French movie industry now seems happy to comply with the messaging diktats of the State. Its primary mission is churning out diversity propaganda, preparing the French people for their impending brown future, as the Kalergi vision is progressively realised.

The film Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon Dieu ? (Serial (Bad) Weddings), which was a hit in 2014, is a prime example of métissage [race-mixing] propaganda. Its plot features a conservative (read racist) French couple who have four beautiful daughters and are forced to watch in dismay as each of them, in turn, is married off to Diversity. Diversity, in this case, comes in the form of a Chinaman, a Jew, a Muslim and a negro.


In the recently released sequel, Diversity, unusually, doesn’t want to live in Europe any more, and the men carry their French brides off to their native lands.

There is even a scene where the blonde girl has a child in Africa and the negro’s family stands around the bedside boasting that the child is black (“Il est noir!”). “Black blood is stronger, it’s African power!”

You can see it in this French-language trailer, which unfortunately has no subtitles, but the pictures tell the story well enough.

Apparently the French are lapping this up. It sold more than a million tickets in its opening weekend.

Hitler predicted in Mein Kampf that France would become the first Euro-African hybrid nation. And it looks like Hitler was Right.

H/T: Démocratie Participative

5 thoughts on “Serial (Bad) Weddings 2: More Kalergi propaganda from France

  1. If they want to take their little half-breed turdlings back to Africa or wherever-permanently-then that’s great! Just go!
    Try spending an evening watching Australian TV ads-the Asian wife with the husband who looks Swedish……the happy, half breed children right beside them with laughter all round…..trying to normalize our demise. Truly sickening.
    Asians are always happy to breed with us in the WEST…… long as it doesn’t occur inttheir OWN nations. Same with nogs in France or Britain. So you have a situation where whites are being bred out everywhere they are, but other races are not-their future as a race is assured.
    Just another dimension to white genocide.

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