Austria: White girls wearing headscarves to escape street harassment from Diversity

Marcus Franz, a doctor and a former MP in the Austrian parliament, was recently interviewed on the OE24 news channel.

He said he knew of fathers who were giving their daughters headscarves to wear so they could escape sexual harassment from Muslims on the way home.

This is what it has come to. White girls, living in their ancestral homes, are forced to disguise themselves as brown Muslims to escape harassment on the street from weaponised Diversity.



7 thoughts on “Austria: White girls wearing headscarves to escape street harassment from Diversity

  1. I don’t think I have any discust left in me. I’m all discusted out.
    If this is how it is when minorities are 8% of the populace, just imagine our predicament when they’re 20%, then 50%, then 90%! The tolerance they demand of us in 2019 will not be granted to us in 2119 when they’re the majority-and its evident now in other parts of the world. South Africa and parts of the Middle East showcase perfectly what whites and Christians are in for.
    And only people like us are trying to warn the world.


  2. Oy vey, such irrational hatred

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