“Rescue” ship captain encourages single people to marry “refugees” so they can stay in Europe

The captain of a “rescue ship” currently cruising the Mediterranean to pick up Afro-Asiatic invaders has encouraged unmarried Europeans to consider marrying these wretches because this would give them the right to remain in Europe.


Still not married? Perhaps you happen to fall in love with someone who still has no right to remain here? Could happen, could it not? Stay open!


The person behind these tweets is Claus-Peter Reisch, captain of the “rescue ship” Lifeline. This is a private initiative for which he solicits donations on the internet. In effect, then, he is running a people-trafficking business.

He has been in the headlines quite a few times, involved in “Where are we going to dock with these ‘refugees’?”-type stunts. Here he was in court, in Malta, last year, when the Maltese finally got sick of his antics.

His tweets are full of demands for the suppression of right-wing parties and speech critical of immigration, complete with the obligatory “Holocaust” references.

In the old days, sea pirates were given a unique legal status: Hostis Humani Generis (Enemy of Mankind). This meant they could be dealt with by any nation at all, even if the pirates had done it no harm. In practice, this allowed ship captains to summarily execute any pirates they came across if they chose to do so.

People traffickers, whether they claim to be doing it for profit or benevolence, need to be given the same legal status as pirates and classed as Enemies of Mankind. Patriotic governments would then be able to deal with them in a summary and ruthless fashion.

9 thoughts on ““Rescue” ship captain encourages single people to marry “refugees” so they can stay in Europe

  1. I really have no words. He’s clearly and plainly an enemy of the states. When you think you’ve heard it all-someone else comes along and lowers the bar further. Can someone please deal with him yesterday!?
    I’m sure he’s on a first name basis with George Soros. These people are a threat to our racial and cultural security and shouldn’t be at large.

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  2. What the hell is wrong with white people? No other group on earth has as many traitors as we do. This “man” should be exiled to Libya, at the very least.


    1. @Powell

      White people have an inbuilt altruism and compassion that makes us a more civilized and humane race than pretty much everyone else. In an all-white society, these are great qualities to have. We use it to help animals in distress, the environment, our neighbors or the elderly. But when applied to hostile minorities-if you can still call them ‘minorities’- we’re aiding and abetting our extinction. Everywhere from South Africa to British towns with grooming gangs, non-whites have displayed over and over again that in reversed roles, their altruism for us is next to zilch.
      Some British cities look like they contain the entire populace of Lahore, yet these dogooders want ongoing immigration on top of whats already arrived because of misplaced altruism channeled where it doesn’t belong.
      When whites anywhere hold any kind of high office, they have to be seen to be serving everyone, but when a complete and utter knob like David Lammy (who is black), is in a position to serve, he only speaks for other blacks-the eternal ‘victims’. Whites get nothing out of him.
      The moral of the story-if we don’t look out for each other, nobody else will. Save the compassion for your own.


    2. His victims won’t fight, that’s the problem. His and every other similar ship should have been burned to the waterline years ago by mobs getting justice. Antifa has shown the way, use it. Only losers like conservatives respect law that is clearly unjust and anti-white.


  3. Its ironic and baffling how these terrible, colonizing, holocosting, dreadful former slave owning whites are the very people every other race wants to be among. There were no horrible whites where these subhumans came from-so why can’t they just fucking stay there?! They want it both ways-we’re bad enough to condemn and whine about constantly…..but good enough to want to live under. Hmmm…
    These invaders change countries-they will then change our countries. They want to escape the third world, but will just bring it with them.
    Am I racist? Well I don’t want the third world in my nation-so I guess…..yes I am. I’ll wear the label as a badge of honor if it means I stand by my principles.


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