Top Jewess attacks anti-immigration AfD, prompting parliament walk-out

Jews continue facilitating the islamisation of Europe by every means within their power.

Here Charlotte Knobloch (president of the Israelite Faith Community of Munich, vice president of the European Jewish Congress and of the World Jewish Congressm former chair of the Central Council of Jews in Germany) hijacks a commemoration event to attack the AfD, the anti-Islam, anti-immigration party that is now the largest opposition block in the German federal parliament.

Charlotte Knobloch

The event, being held in the Bavarian state parliament, was intended to honour the victims of the National Socialist government in Germany. It was supposed to be non-party-political. Members of all parties represented in the parliament were invited. But Knobloch, with the shameless chutzpah typical of her tribe, used it to advance her ethnic agenda by attacking the only major party trying to preserve a Germany that is actually German.

AfD members walked out on this occasion, but the party continues to pathetically court the favour of Jews, even as they, and their representative organisations, obsessively attack it and even call for it to be banned.

Anti-Islam, Counterjihadi sites like PI, which are ostentatiously philosemitic, continue to be indignant and uncomprehending as they see Jews take the side of their supposed persecutors, the Muslims. “Why do they do this?” they pitifully ask, when the figures prove objectively that Muslims are the leading source of antisemitism in contemporary Europe. It’s a mystery – to them. But not to us.

People ignorant of the 1400 years of counter-Christian cooperation between Muslim and Jew will continue to be surprised as events fail to fit within their simple paradigm. Only Goyim Who Know will not.

UPDATE: She is now whining about the reaction to what she said. The Knobloch cries out in pain as she strikes you.

A German Jewish leader has been receiving verbal threats since she criticized Germany’s strongest right-populist party in a Holocaust Remembrance Day address.

Since then, almost every minute, I have received wild insults, threats and insults by email and telephone,” Charlotte Knobloch, 86, head of the Jewish community in Munich and upper Bavaria, told the Augsburger Allgemeine on Thursday.

…Afterward, Bavaria’s state premier, Markus Soder, called the AfD action “disrespectful.” In response, AfD Bavaria’s co-leader, Katrin Ebner-Steiner, in a Facebook post charged Knobloch with “abusing a memorial service for the victims of Nazism” in order to criticize AfD.

Ebner-Steiner’s spokesperson said that the party leader also has been receiving threatening emails since the controversy erupted and police are investigating.

Meanwhile, an Insa opinion poll by the Bild newspaper released over the weekend showed that the AfD had dropped to 13 percent from 14.5 percent in popular support and is in fourth place after the Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Socialists, followed by the Green Party and the Social Democratic Party.

Germany’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution recently designated the AfD a “review case” for political extremism; the government will increase its surveillance of the party.



20 thoughts on “Top Jewess attacks anti-immigration AfD, prompting parliament walk-out

  1. Here in Australia, we have a government that boasted about stopping the boats which at their peak gave us about 50, 000 illegal Muslims a year…….but then LEGALLY let in countless Africans, Indians, Pakis, Chinese……and you don’t hear about them because they came in through ‘the proper channels’. We’ve NEVER had a vote on it.
    Our government dropped tarriffs on imported goods, exposing simular locally made goods to imported, Chinese garbage and guess what……all our jobs went offshore. Entire Australian towns were sent to the welfare que.
    We have homeless people on the streets, people who can’t afford medical or dental care and what does our ‘government’ do?- they spend money that could help them…..on fucking wars in the Middle East that don’t concern us and endless foreign aid to third world cespits that none of us care much for, and who never thank us.
    Thats why I never vote, and minimize my tax as thoroughly as possible. The suits in charge don’t give a shit about you. Jewish bankers in Nooo Yoyk pretty much run my country.
    The justice system is so shot that you can attract a bigger sentence for a racist slur or tax avoidance than for a pedo attack on a child!
    When the HELL are the masses going to wake up to this nonsense?!? Instead of having our backs, our leaders are just spineless with no morals and no gumption.

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    1. The dirty Jew, Michael Danby, when he was in the Parliament (and acting as an agent of Israel while sitting in our Parliament) was instrumental in facilitating the export of African shitbeasts from Israel to Australia at the “request” of the Israeli Government.

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  2. @Anonymous

    These African innovaters and researchers sound like just the sort of people…..that Africa needs. They should stay there and help advance the continent, however far they end up going. We don’t need, or want them. Keep Africas brightest IN AFRICA.

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