French people are sterilising themselves to help the environment


The “Don’t have children to help the environment” movement really seems to be taking off in France. I wrote one article about it before and thought it was just a curious foible, an amusing, if slightly crazed, example of leftist degeneracy. Then I mentioned it again was supported by a prominent politician.

But here, now, we have people not just choosing not to have children, but actually undergoing operations that will sterilise them for life – all to “help the environment”. Even if they escape their brainwashing at some point in future, it will be too late. Millions of years of evolutionary struggle end with their folly. Of course only white people are susceptible to these kinds of appeals, based on altruism. It becomes another weapon in the arsenal of white genocide.


“I see having children as an egotistical choice.” Florence, 24, had her tubes tied in April 2018 so she would never become pregnant. And the reason, when the Intergovernmental Report on Climate Change was released on 8 October last year, the AFP, via Twitter, published an infographic making it clear that “having one child less” would reduce CO2 emissions. Contacted via the Facebook Groups « Stérilisation volontaire (Ligature, Essure, Vasectomie) » [Voluntary sterilisation (Tubes, Essure, Vasectomy] and « VHEMT Francophone (Movement for the voluntary extinction of humanity), the men and women I interviewed have chosen voluntary sterilisation to respond to the environmental emergency.


Sylvain, 34, wants to have a vasectomy. For this small farmer, if the global population has gone from 1.6 billion inhabitants in 1900 to almost 8 billion today, it’s “only because Man found ways of massively exploiting fossil fuels.” But he is convinced: “These energies will run out and there will come a time when we can no longer extract them from the soil cheaply.”



…Sylvain, who has forced himself to live under the poverty threshold, warns: “We will be forced to lower our demands collectively and come back to pre-industrial levels of life. Demographic decline forms part of that.” Sereb, childfree at 31, who has had a vasectomy, shares this opinion. ” I realised that humanity didn’t know how to make the choice between living with a few dozen million at a high level of comfort and living with several billion with a low quality of life,” he says.



…For some guy,s too, resorting to voluntary sterilisation is part of their feminist activism.  This is true of David: “There is a time when men must also assume their responsibilities,” he reacts. Lou approves: “It’s not a sacrifice for me to have a vasectomy because I don’t want a child. And due to my feminist motivation, I insist on involving myself in  contraception.”






7 thoughts on “French people are sterilising themselves to help the environment

  1. What’s the next step in this madness?
    „Kill a baby for the planet“?
    „Suicide against climate change”?

    Truly a diabolic (diabolus = turned upside down) time we’re living in!

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  2. None of the people quoted in the article who are being sterilized were named Tyrone or Muhammad. Just another dimension to white genocide in addition to the others I’ve cited in earlier articles.
    The good news is that the majority of whites are normal, and will likely ignore this. Hopefully the only whites made extinct from this are those retarded leftist whites.

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  3. « I realised that humanity didn’t know how to make the choice between living with a few dozen million at a high level of comfort and living with several billion with a low quality of life. »

    There is some truth to that. The planet is too populated and that overcrowdedness and the pollution that goes with it does diminish our quality of life. The real issue is not so much that whites are breeding less but that non-whites are breeding way too much! And our priority should definitely not be to sterilize us whites, but to convince Africa and thirld-world countries that they can improve their standards of living by reducing their populations, thus sterilization would be very useful to THEM!

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  4. The media is going to make it seem like a thing even if it’s not a thing. Be careful not to repeat their propaganda. The BBC recently did a similar story about a Canadian guy. Doesn’t matter if it’s really happening in any large numbers, if it convinces some lemmings to do the same then it’s a win for them.

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  5. its all aimed at whites, there was no concern when china ended its 1 child policy a few years back, africa despite the endless years of “famine” is set to hit a billion, india despite the filth will hit a billion too. all the while our lands are flooded with these things they tell the few remaining whites to stop breeding for the good of the planet. media peer pressure white suicide thanks to jews.


  6. We are told by the left that we have to stop breeding to help the environment-which in itself is fair enough-I love the environment…but then we’re told we need to import gazillions of inferiors to fill labor shortages and that they’ll be tomorrows taxpayers ‘funding our pensions’. If we have labor shortages, wouldn’t the logical thing to do be to offer incentives to the local, white population to breed? Future browns and blacks will be as great, or greater a burden on the environment than future whites. They will be an environmental, medical, criminal and financial burden who are low IQ, and share nothing in common with us.The left have an agenda and we must always expose their sinister BS for what it


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