Police stop German girl, ask if she is “right-wing”, because she has braided hair

About a month ago, I wrote an article about how the Amadeu Antonio Institute in Germany was publishing advice to teachers on how they could identify children from “right-wing” families. Pigtails and braids were listed as potential markers of extremism.

This advice, sinister as it was, was, of course, intended to apply only in schools. But now we have German police stopping adults on the street and questioning them about their political views because they have braided hair!


As you can see from the list of websites at the end, this video was produced by the Counterjewhad movement which, of course, does not mention the fact that Anetta Kahane, director and founder of the Amadeu Antonio Insitute, is Jewish. But you get the full truth here, in its undiluted form, not the kosher-certified version approved by Baron Bodissey and Pam Geller.

Anetta Kahane: “Yes, Goyim, this is how it has to be.”


3 thoughts on “Police stop German girl, ask if she is “right-wing”, because she has braided hair

  1. Since when is merely holding a political view-without acting on it-an arrestable offense?
    Yes all that’freedom’and ‘democracy’…..its really helped us!
    Germans should be allowed to be anti-whatever…..in their own fucking country!
    Jews wonder why they are despised the world over when they behave this way. Without their holohoax, they’d have nothing to use against us. Parasites.
    If a Jihadi blows up 50 people in Hamburg shouting alahu akbar, its not all Muslim’s
    But with the holohoax, it was ALLLL Germans…….even those born 60 years later!
    Fuck it just drives me mad.

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  2. “When was the last time the Senate voted twice in less than 24 hours to consider the same bill? They’re doing it right now on S.1, a bill to authorize $38 billion in weapons for Israel and encourage states to deny contracts to people who support boycotts for Palestinian rights.”



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