“The Upside” of White Genocide: propaganda so good they had to make it twice

As I’ve taken note of over the years, the French government has long been promoting  “diversity” on both the large and small screens, including through the use of generous subsidies. It actually has agencies that monitor all television and cinema production and produce annual and quarterly reports showing what proportion of films/shows had brown people in leading roles and so on. Yes, really.

If you’re a film-maker looking for funding, you’ll find it much easier to get if you have swart-skinned people in the cast, or the film has a pro-diversity message. The result of all this is that French cinema has become a vector for Soviet-like propaganda, pushing White Genocide themes.

Most of these are, mercifully, dross, but occasionally, one of the propaganda pieces will be well conceived and executed and become a global hit. Such was the fate of the “Les Intouchables”, which, (incroyable!), actually made a handsome profit.

With a  budget of $10 million and a worldwide gross of $428 million, the two Jews who directed and wrote it, Eric Toledano* and Olivier Nakache, will have been laughing all the way to the synagogue.


(*Eric the Toledan. Toledo was famous as a site of Jewish-Muslim collaboration during the Islamic occupation of Spain. Toledano is from a family of Moroccan Jews; Nakache from a family of Algerian Jews; probably Sephardi Jews expelled from Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella)

Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache

You can see from their photos that Toledano, in particular, could serve as a perfect model for the Happy Merchant meme.

Both of these Jews also get writing credits for the forthcoming American remake, titled “The Upside”, together with Jon Hartmere. I haven’t been able to determine whether Hartmere is also Jewish but his homosexual partner, Adam Godley, certainly is.

The project was also produced by Harvey Weinstein. Yes, Weinstein’s projects continue shambling forward at a zombie’s pace.

Strong Jewish involvement, then. And no wonder. Because the story is perfect for White Genocide cinema.


A rich, old white guy is disabled, wheelchair-bound and helpless. He needs constant care. His fawning family surround him, but they are joyless and uptight. He is bored, wonders whether it is worth going on. Into this comes a young welfare negro who just wants a job. He is taken on as a carer over the protests of the man’s strait-laced daughter.The negro is funky and cool. Gradually, he wins them over and shows them how to loosen up. The hip brown guy puts some zest back into the lives of the stale white folks. Diversity has made them free.

Give up your prejudices and let those funky brown folks into your life, goyim. White Genocide – it’s a wonderful trip! Your race may be extinguished, your culture and identity erased, your history blotted out and your civilisation obliterated. But on The Upside, you’ll get a thrillingly fast push in your wheelchair from a fun and helpful negro!




3 thoughts on ““The Upside” of White Genocide: propaganda so good they had to make it twice

  1. This is a movie for dumb white women to pester their husbands with after it’s shilled on Ellen.

    If the Jewish pervert Weinstein was smart, he would have reversed the races in the remake and made it about a sick angry old black dude who hates wypipo and learns to accept they’re not all demons because of his caring white male nurse, who would of course be played by a homosexual Jew. He could ramble on about all the horrors of being black in America.

    I feel bad for any white person who sees this and decides to hire the local black bum to do yard work, or worse, care for their elderly parents.


  2. Yeah…there’s always been black cast members in American and European TV shows and movies going back to about the 60’s as they felt the cast should reflect the
    wider general public. What I take issue with is the propaganda where whites are portrayed as the imbecile or villain and the black is the normal, family man, or cop who clears up a crime case.
    And with ads now, the couples are all Asian wife/white husband in Australia, and black husband/white wife in Great Britain-all designed to normalize a trend that will lead to our extinction. Note how they can’t just show two Asians or two blacks or two whites-they place importance on the mixing. Bear in mind that mixed marriage isn’t common outside the West-so the future of other races is assured.


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