Bizarre Holocaust claims #9000

First, a (((scholar))) claims that Nazis were somehow managing to deliberately murder 14,000 Jews a day:

Just imagine the logistics of that; did they use Zyklon B, an ineffective method that would require concentrations difficult to attain in the “gas chambers” of the various camps given they weren’t airtight or did they use a simple bullet to the head which would be equally difficult if not nigh on impossible to do given they’d have struggled to save bullets for the actual war effort? The UK’s infrastructure groans trying to get 14,000 people from point A to point B on the London underground, how did the Nazis manage to organise all of the murder, torture and transportation with 1940s tech amidst a devastating war? It’s a lie of course.

Second, we have been told that “Holocaust™” survivors need lifelong disability and welfare payments because the trauma of enduring all that antisemitism somehow permanently altered their DNA but an article out this week belies that proposition:

The horrors of the Holocaust™ were once thought to have inflicted a deadly legacy on the health of survivors.


Torture, prolonged malnutrition and the daily grind of living in unhygienic, cold and damp concentration camps left victims suffering a range of chronic illnesses decades after they were liberated.


But a new study suggests that those who survived the Holocaust™ actually lived longer than others from the same era who were spared the atrocities.


Researchers looked at the health records of 38,000 victims who were born in Europe between the years 1911 and 1945 and compared them to 35,000 people born in Israel during the same years.


They found that although they were more likely to develop chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, Holocaust survivors® were still substantially more likely to live for longer.


While 41 per cent of the control group had died by the study period of 1998 to 2017, just 25 per cent of survivors of the camps were dead.

Genocide apparently is great for your health. I wonder what the life expectancy of Armenians is these days?

The article tries to take a Darwinian stance, e.g. that the people who survived the “Holocaust™” were the fittest of the groups taken in and tortured etc. It is beyond the realm of possibility that maybe those in the camps were very well fed and taken care of and had all their needs met.


10 thoughts on “Bizarre Holocaust claims #9000

  1. Whatever camps there were, were labour camps, not extermination camps. That such camps were wrong is not an issue, but such camps or their like have been a feature throughout human history. Also, with the onset of the war, the Transport Agreement between the German Government and the Zionists in Palestine for transporting jews to Palestine in return for financial benefit to the German economy (weakened by the world-wide and continuing Jewish Boycott of Germany announced by the World Jewish Congress in 1933) became far more difficult, and eventually, impossible, to continue. The idiocy of the claim of attempted genocide is exposed by common sense: if you regard a group of people as your enemy, do you go to the trouble, cost and labour (as well as risk losing a war whilst doing so) of transporting your enemy group to specific places in order to ‘exterminate’ them? Also, much is made by jewish media that “all the Germans knew and were complicit” in this supposed genocide; if you accept such a premise (aimed at dehumanising and demonising an ethnic group, Germans/Austrians), then why would the would-be genocidists balk at publicly exterminating their enemy or even enlist the general public to do it for them whilst the military got on with the war? And, as for ‘destroying all the evidence’ so as to avoid post-war retribution or trials, the logistics involved with trying to “hide” or eradicate millions of pounds of human ash and bones again defies explanation in the midst of war, restricted resources and an advancing invasion force on all sides of the Allies.

    As with all lies, this is falling under the weight of many influences: common sense, freedom of speech (still practised in outlying areas of the West), the power of the Internet as an information and debate source, and (this one a favourite of the jews) that “DNA of Western peoples” (Caucasians and Christians) in which “anti-semitism” resides as a part of their very being (although one might be inclined to say that 2,000 years plus of unfortunate experiences with false perpetual victimhood is what lies behind the once again growing frustration, outrage and determination to reject this narrative and all the supremacism, hatred, dishonesty and human suffering of the genuine victims which lies behind this worn-out story line).

    Take heart, “they” have already lost: the Truth shall set us free.

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    1. “That such camps were wrong is not an issue.”

      Internment camps for subversives and other potential enemy combatants within a territory during wartime is absolutely legal under rules of the Hague and international law. The U.S. had such camps during WW2, including the Manzanar camp in California that exclusively interred Japanese people.

      “If you regard a group of people as your enemy, do you go to the trouble, cost and labour (as well as risk losing a war whilst doing so) of transporting your enemy group to specific places in order to ‘exterminate’ them?”

      No. Massive time and precious resources, particularly for a country under a worldwide boycott, are wasted, and the war effort severely weakened. It makes the most sense to put those people to work supporting your war effort, and to keep them as healthy and content within the circumstances so they remain as productive for you as possible. This goes for slavery in pre-Civil War America, too. How productive could slaves be who were whipped mercilessly, brutally beaten, and raped every day of their lives? In terms of economics and productivity, it makes zero sense.

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  2. Another very likely reason for the spate of these stories about so many jews surviving this supposed genocide is the sheer, bald fact that every time one reads of a ‘survivor’s’ “testimony”, one is struck by how many ‘survivors’ there seem to have been and, clearly, the numbers do not add up and they are aware of people simply questioning the very mathematics, as well as the logistics, of this story. By the way, that number of jews supposedly killed in only three months has already succumbed to a shrinkage, from 15,000 to 14,000 per day and this, within less than a week of it being printed, without question, by media presstitutes everywhere. When one considers the real numbers, in their many, many millions, of Europeans and other peoples (such as those in the Indian Army fighting with the Allies as part of the British Empire) who actually did die, either as civilians or as military, it is truly offensive that this hugely exaggerated and distorted story is allowed to continue unchallenged, both for its unfactual rendition, its financial purposes, and for the manner in which it is used to silence free speech throughout the Western World and to help facilitate the dispossession of Caucasians in their own lands and their possible genocide, through mass and deliberately caused invasion.

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  3. The satan Talmud say, that Romans kill more than ONE BILLION jews !! Yes but this think coming true and satan will be wipe out from the face of the Earth !! Everything what my Father did not planted will be rooted out !!! The real holocaust coming jews, but now you can’t run nowhere just to your new planet JEWPITER !!! We coming for you jews, you seed of satan !!!! Just wait for Jacob wrath !!!

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  4. Czakal: Noticing that comment of yours on the side about the book When Scotland was Jewish, confirmed something I had been mulling over — when King Edward banished the Jews in 1290 not all jews fled to the Continent, clearly a sizable number decamped northwards to Scotland. All those allusions to ‘cany’ or ‘miserly’ Scots is a giveaway along with their efforts to remove rightful kings and queens of Scotland, eventually culminating in Mary Stuart whose son’s succession to the throne of England led to Cromwell’s overthrow of monarchy (largely financed by jews from the Netherlands and leading to their being officially permitted back into England and allowed to set up the “Bank of England” and Oxford University Press). Remember, too, that King Richard was kept prisoner in Austria and his ransom was supposedly paid by huge contributions from jews since he and his father, Henry II, had been supportive of them (under the Regency of Alianor of Acquitaine, she had sought to exile them from her own Duchy in France). It was King John (youngest son of Henry and Alianor) whose collaboration with jews over their usury tactics resulted in Magna Carta and its statement against their usury. It is worth considering how many monarchies in European history have been either controlled or removed by their efforts since the Monarchs, as Christians, would have been seen as a major obstacle to their attempts to remove all sense of nationhood and loyalty, as well as the unifying factor of a common religious faith.

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      1. Hello Chrysostomos, I realised you were the author of this fine thread but since I don’t “do” Twitter, I can only post a response to any of Czakal’s twitters on this site. This was the thread which seemed most appropriate and I assume Czakal does cast an eye over any and all comments eventually. I do think the subject of jewish subversion of monarchies is important for understanding past wars and destruction of national borders, as well as subverting moral, educational and political standards and what I have noticed is how many royals, either the monarchs themselves or heirs, had jewish ‘friends’ and ‘mentors’ (including Crown Prince Rudolf of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, his mother Elisabeth, Queen Christina of Sweden — she abdicated through influence of a Spanish jew named Toledo, it’s a common name amongst jews to commemorate their part in literally opening the gates of Toledo to Islamic invaders, the future King Edward VII, etc…)

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      2. I beg your pardon, it’s just that it had happened in the past so I was trying to be helpful. Thanks for reading anyway!


  5. 14,000 is the number you get when you divide 6 million by the claimed number of days of the claimed extermination period (something like exactly four or five years; I’ve done the math before but forget the precise claimed period at the moment).

    It takes anyone literally ten seconds to come up with th 14,000 per day number, which is not rooted in anything but one division problem based on the 6 million number. Its the laziest Jew propaganda math, meant only to reinforce the invented 6 million number.

    Now figure out how many German soldiers it would have taken to haul 14,000 zyklon-reside covered dead bodies through narrow gas chamber doors and to the ovens, per day.

    At a generously low 110 pounds per average body, that would be a total haul weight of 1.54 million pounds of dead flesh per day, every day, for the entirety of the claimed years-long extermination period (without missing one day).

    One wonders how there was any men left for the front lines.


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