“Academic Alt Right” Jew: “Mixed-race majorities within a century, good thing”

Eric the Merchant is back. This time, Kaufmann has been accused of being part of the “academic alt-right”. This is the same Jew who did A/B testing to find out which propaganda messages were most effective in persuading white people to accept their own racial extinction. He even coined a new term for the dispossession process, WhiteShift, and wrote a book about it,

Umut Özkirimli, Turk

The Jew has been accused of having Alt Right sympathies by a Turk called Umut Özkirimli. This Turk wrote a book called “Theories of Nationalism”, which I read years ago. It was a review of various theories of nationalism, nearly all of which described it as an artificial identity, constructed through propaganda, built on myths.

The Turk now lives in Sweden where he tells Swedes they don’t really exist. He hails from one of the most nationalistic countries in the world, whose people have carried out a murderous process of ethnic cleansing extending across centuries and continuing even today. He is unable to live among his own countrymen because he fears they might murder him. But if Europeans say they don’t want his countrymen to come and live in their countries because they fear they might murder them, that, in his view, is illegitimate. According to Magic Soil theory, the natural viciousness of his countrymen will be instantly dispelled as soon as they set foot in Sweden.

“This is your future, kuffar, accept it. My Theory of Nationalism says you should. But it doesn’t apply in my country, only yours, haha!” 

This morally confused Turk accuses the Jew Kaufmann of being part of the “academic alt-right”, along with another Jew, David Goodhart, and Matthew “We need more research” Goodwin. Why? He claims their writings show

 disdain for the left (liberal or otherwise) which is seen as the root cause of the White majority malaise. Polarization is caused, we are told, by “the perfectionist creed of multiculturalism, whose shock troops are the so-called Social Justice Warriors” (Kaufmann) or “an increasing fixation or near-total obsession among Democrats and the liberal left with race, gender and ‘diversity’” (Eatwell and Goodwin). Those “who see the world from Anywhere” attach little value to “group identity, tradition and national social contracts (faith, flag and family)”, thus cannot understand the “popular hostility to needy newcomers jumping queues in social housing or the NHS” (Goodhart).

…By legitimizing and ultimately promoting a conservative-reactionary agenda based on spurious arguments regarding ethnic/racial purity and “threatened (white) majorities”, it expands the bounds of acceptable public discourse on populism and the far right, and contributes to the creation of a cultural atmosphere wherein outright racism ceases to be an aberration.


Eric the Merchant defends himself against these accusations by boasting of his prediction that western countries will soon be majority mongrel, and, for extra points, notes that this is a good thing.

If Özkirimli had actually read my book, he would realise that I am a writer of Chinese-Jewish-Latino extraction who predicts that in little more than a century western countries will have mixed-race majorities, and that this is to be welcomed.

The Jew then, hilariously, cites my critique of him in the Daily Stormer (“the real alt right”) to parry the Turk’s attack.

For this, the real alt-right has attacked me as a mongrel and Jew, both on twitter and on YouTube.

As the Daily Stormer notes:

In his new book ‘White Shift’, Eric Kaufmann (Kaufmann literally means “merchant” in German) is trying to sell white folks on the idea that racial extinction isn’t really that bad. It doesn’t hurt a bit! Kaufmann has personal genetic investment in, and experience of, diversity.


The truth is that both the Turk and the Jew are committed to white extinction. This is nothing but a dispute over how best to manage that extinction. The Turk thinks the best play is to deny the legitimacy of any white self-defence whatsoever. The smart Jews, however, realise that isn’t going to fly. White folks are waking up. Whitelash is coming. With Brexit and Trump, the first intimations of the future storm can already be felt. It’s best to give the wypipo at least the illusion that they have some chance of defending their own interests and preserving their identity, even if it’s only through “based” brown half-breeds waving the Union Jack or singing the Star-Spangled Banner with fake tears in their eyes.

Since these academic luminaries apparently read the Daily Stormer, let me put a question to them and dare them to answer it:

Why are white people, and only white people, told that they must agree to become ethnic minorities in their ancestral living spaces and that they must mongrelise their genetic identity out of existence? Why doesn’t this logic apply to any non-white people?

18 thoughts on ““Academic Alt Right” Jew: “Mixed-race majorities within a century, good thing”

  1. All the mud will be wipe out together with jew satan masters !! The real holocaust coming and no survivors this time !!! Hey jew swines we coming for you !! Just wait for Jacob wrath !! You never see White Adamic men in real RIOTS !!!!

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    1. @Adolf

      American/British perspective on Jews:-
      Started Communism, Feminism, Marxism, forces the West into wars for Israel that generate refugee movements, pushes gay rights and dieversity that destroys white demographics, supports mixed marriage, but not in Israel.

      Australian perspective on Jews:-
      Israel stands up to the Muslim Palestinians
      and is the only democracy in the Middle East….therefore Jooooo$ are just awesome.

      The wonders from downunder need a rundown on the causes of all thats wrong in the West.


    2. Calling for genocide to validate Jewish primary-doctrine genocide of us and at the same time validating their mythological worldview.

      A Rabbi could do no better.


    1. That’s not for the jews, John. That is for those whom the race-mixing Satanists seek to destroy inside our own White countries, Even inside the jew-controlled “US”, the jews carve out the jew’s own “safe zones”, and the jews get to do that, of course, interest free.

      “50,000 Jewish Federal Employees Offered Interest-Free Hebrew Loans During Shutdown”

      “…Jews want to brag about their generosity to each other, but they don’t want too many of the goyim knowing just how privileged Jews are compared to the unwashed masses.”



      1. @Flanders

        I run a farm, struggle to pay bills; deal with endless drought.
        Jews run everything, are multimillionaires, live in mansions in non diverse areas…….yet I have ‘white privilege’.
        Luckily people like you and I have woken up, and can help to wake up many more.


      2. That’s correct, John, and we have hidden enemies whom we White people have not fully recognized. I discuss some about those in my reply to And So, further below. We must begin to recognize the traitor Freemasons, who shelter themselves among our own people, and whose work negates everything good which our White people and our White people stand for. They are a deadly menace to us all, as all of their secret organizations are.


      3. John, You may be interested to know that there is another “farmer” who DOES have all kinds of Privilege.

        “Stewart and Martha Resnick are the biggest farmers in the United States Resnick is the son of an Ukranian Jewish bartender He is a lawyer

        Stewart ’s never driven a tractor or opened an irrigation valve. He’s never put a dusty boot on the neck of a shovel and dug down into the soil. He wouldn’t know one of his Valencia orange groves from one of his Washington navel orange groves.

        Now, all that farming requires a ton of water…..”



  2. There is the concept of social node, it is defined that node is a space in which converge part of the connections of other real or abstract spaces that share their same characteristics and that in turn are also nodes. This applies to human beings with a common interest, there is an interaction of communication and information, which can be translated into Power.
    In summary, this system of grouping and social interaction is the one used by groups of interest and power, to achieve advantages and power, principal exponent of Zionism and Jews. Multiculturalism (forced diversity) was created to eliminate social cohesion in order to deliver advantages and power to Zionism,, as they do not want competition, to seek to undermine whites and demonize any organized group of whites. The most powerful social node is the Ethnic, Zionism seeks to destroy it. , His main weapon are the Pavlovian conditioning words like, Racism, Xenophobia, Nazi, Facist, White Supremacist The ethnic lineage is Power = homegeneity, identity, loyalty, cohesion.
    They seek biological control and for that use Multiculturalism (Forced Diversity). For the Zionist power elite everything is reduced to Power, Money and Control.

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  3. “White folks are waking up. Whitelash is coming.”

    This is very debatable. No such thing is happening in the US – less whites in 2018 voted Republican than for Trump in 2016. In Britain, the Labour party is strong, with good prospects for the next election. In New Zealand, the new liberal government just increased refugee intake. Canada was swamped by migrants and refugees by Trudeau, but the reaction was far smaller than that in continental Europe. And in Australia, the Left, which wants to increase refugee intake, and relax illegal migrant detention policies, leads in the polls.

    The nationalist reaction appears mostly in non-anglo countries. But in anglo countries, the degeneration is very strong. Take California for example. Even though whites became a minority in California, they are still voting strongly democrat there. This is degeneration.


    1. Does anyone anywhere still believe that elections are legitimate these days? Most First World countries have gone to digital voting now, especially the U.S. It was sold on convenience, faster processing and accuracy. The minute digital voting systems were introduced I knew the last chance of any fair election was gone forever. You can’t gauge how Whites are feeling on an issue by election returns, especially when there is NO physical record of how many total votes were actually cast or even whether you personally voted at all.

      I’d say more Whites are feeling the frustration than we realize. Like most, I’d say they have no idea what to do with those feelings and so go on living lives of quiet discontent that needs awakening. Forget election returns. I don’t believe they’re representative of anything, regardless of who wins because as we all know, it’s all one party and we’re not in it.

      Outside of elections, my biggest concern is that Whites don’t take physical action in their own interests. They’re not organizing any marches, protests, special interest groups or action committees. They desperately need to raise their physical profile in the physical world to put others on notice that they’re a force to be reckoned with, and that’s not happening. Perhaps they don’t know where to start or maybe it is degeneration, but that’s my biggest concern.


      1. And So, You have well-worded thoughtful ideas, which have hit the issue squarely on the mark. Our people have begun to know about the jews, but they still know so very little about those “white”-skinned people who assist the jews. We cannot know our targets, or the traitors who target us, when we can not see them. They are fully organized and they know how to aim at our White individuals.

        Freemasonry is modern Judaism for those Noahide Freemasons and they both are merely an occult Babylonian religion based on blood sacrifice. The Freemasons are the jew’s Noahide “stonemasons” tasked with building the Temple in Jerusalem, which is now under construction, to mark the coming of the Anti-Christ, the “Jewish Messiah”.

        Those secret organization Freemason traitors inhabit the upper-tier structures inside the Federal and State levels of government and social institutions and also in the “Parties”, and those are passed on down into the very lowest local levels. I’m talking about the Freemasons, who are the willing Noahides who accept their dhimmi status in relation to B’nai B’rith jewry, and who seek to spread that status into the those structures, and to spread those philosophies among our own populace in our White countries, in order to eventually turn everyone into “favorably” adapting to, and “voluntarily” accepting, the Satanic noahide slave status.

        “The most important duty of the Freemason must be to glorify the Jewish race, which has preserved the unchanged divine standard of wisdom. You must rely upon the Jewish race to dissolve all frontiers.” – Le Symbolism, July, 1928

        Both “Parties” are inhabited by the jew’s own selected and controlled people. You vote either for the Zionist Democrats or for the Zionist Republicans. The jewish controlled organization, the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] acts as a primary Freemason management organization and as a liason department in order to place their favored Freemasons into governmental, corporate, and other power social positions (including the preachers within the mainstream sell-out CZ “religions”), alongside with the jews.

        We know so little about them because Freemasonry is a very secret organization with multiple successive layers leading to the jewish top, and secrecy is strictly enforced, but Freemasonry at the upper levels is led by jews and is completely submissive to the jews, and is controlled in complete accord with jewish plans. If you think of the old communist “cells”, described in some of the communist literature, those were, and still are, inhabited by the jews, along with some of the “selecteds” among those Freemasons.
        No White man, or organization, should ever be trustful of any of them, even the “innocent” ones, who possibly may be within your own family, but should find out as much as they can about who and what they control, and to always be aware about the activities of those jew and Freemason influencers on the policies at any level.

        “Freemasonry and Judaism”, 246pp, Poncins, 1929



      2. This article below, from a site which seems not to be aware and conscious about jewry or Freemasons, but it illustrates somewhat about how the Freemason system is structured so that people definitely know that our system is screwed up, but they never are able to realize why, or just who it is who are doing the things within “our” governments and corporations which our true Americans do not want to be done.

        That’s also why so many Corporations are spreading the same types of propagandas within their commercials and corporate policies, and forcibly apply those unconstitutional policies against our people, which are so very similar to what the “Turk” jew, Kaufmann, and his international tribal members spread.

        “Corporations are designed to resemble the feudal system as much as possible. And the government is the sweeper, making sure a corporate job is the best option for most Americans. It’s just like how the King and Lords conspired to keep the peasants in line, and extract as much work and wealth as possible from the system.”



  4. Yascha Mounk (“historically unique experiment, namely to transform a mono-ethnic and monocultural democracy into a multi-ethnic one”) is also a welcome guest speaker at the LSE. It has just come to light that Jew Menasse and Soros scholarship holder Ulrike Guérot are lying to the public to advance their anti-nationalistic and pro EU agenda by cheekily forging historic quotations.




  5. @Flanders

    Yeah mate I’m a real farmer in NSW. Pay bills, are taxed to death so the government can fund its next foreign aid or some other useless cause overseas. If we get hit by drought or severe flooding-nothing. That doesn’t bother me as such-but if Indonesia has a fucking earthquake……heres five billion courtesy of the Australian taxpayers.
    With regards to that Jew ‘farmer’ you mentioned-real farmers get out there and get their hands dirty. They have to be a mechanic, a fencer, a truck driver, a roofer, an office worker, an animal and weather expert. They have to be prepared for the bad years that yield little harvest and returns. They love their farms and livestock and do their own work. Its hard yakka out here-but I love it.
    Anyhow mate, enjoy your new year!


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