Jews against the Gilets Jaunes

Jews are ramping up the rhetoric against the Gilets Jaunes.

On Friday, we had the Grand Rabbi call on Jews to pray for the French Republic “with a special intensity”.

Macron’s Rothschild pedigree has come up more and more, in public discussion and on the streets.

Rothschild Resign

Well-known counter-Semites have been photographed wearing yellow vests.

Hervé Ryssen, French racist and antisemite, confronting the police

And here is brown comedian, Dieudonné, whom the Jews persecuted because he mocked their Holocaust narrative and popularised a gesture, the quenelle, that was claimed to be a reverse Hitler salute.


Bernard-Henri Lévy is a famous Jew in France who has a long-running con going on in which he pretends to be a philosopher and gets away with it because:- (a) hardly anyone can force themselves to ready any of his books to prove definitively that he isn’t one; and (b) they know it wouldn’t matter anyway because BHL’s pals control the media and would just carry on pretending he was a real philosopher even after it had been conclusively shown that he wasn’t. (Which is, in fact, exactly what happened.)

BHL has been gunning hard for the Gilets Jaunes on Twitter and elsewhere, calling them #GiletsBruns [Brown Vests], implying a link with historical fascism.


The mobile gendarmes, the CRS [riot police], the forces of order in general, have today been the ramparts of the Republic against the thugs of the far-right and far-left; against the radicalised #GiletsJaunes.



The Jewish Chronicle and the Union of Jewish Students of France have already declared their hostility to the Gilets Jaunes. Expect to see more Jewish journalists pitching in soon. The battle lines have been drawn. The Jews have picked their side.

11 thoughts on “Jews against the Gilets Jaunes

  1. Its always a badge of honor to have Jews speaking out against you-it means you’re on the right side and have some decency and morality. I’d be a tad concerned if Jews thought the yellow vest warriors were just wonderful. The more the Jews speak against you, the harder you should persevere. France for the French…not the Joooo$.

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  2. It is a pretty good case to see that jews will hate the working class (and anyone else), if that is necessary in a specific situation.

    Many make the mistake to think that jews are left wing. No, they are not. They are whatever its good for the jews, and that’s flexible. It could be anything.

    They supported the working class and communism in the past simply in order to overthrow the gentile elites. But this does not mean that they really care for the whole leftism thing. It is just a tool for a purpose. The purpose is purely ethnonationalist and has nothing to do with leftism – it is to secure the ethnic group jewish interests.

    This is why jews in the US are extremely liberal – 80 percent voted democrat, while in Israel they are heavily right wing – the vast majority there identifies as right wing, and religion and nationalism are flourishing there.

    Liberalism is needed in the US in order to achieve the ethnic objective – to weaken the majority, and in the same way nationalism is needed in Israel to achieve the ethnic objective – to surpress the minority there. Importantly – the objective – securing the ethnic group jewish interests is the same. Only the tools are different, depending on what works in a particular situation. It could be supporting liberalism (USA), it could be supporting the gentile working class (Communist revolution in Russia) or it could be supporting nationalism (Israel). Whatever works in the specific place and situation.

    After jews achieved strong control over the elites support for the working class is no longer needed. As the jews do not need a working class revolution anymore since many of them are the elite themselves. They only needed a revolution when they were not part of the gentile elite and this is why they temporarily supported the working class struggles in the past.

    Right now, the policy of the jews is “invade the world, invite the world”.

    It seems contradictory, but it is not. Simply different strategies are needed to achieve the same objective – which is the ethnic supremacy of the jews.

    In western countries, jews need to invite the world – in order to weaken the dominant ethnic groups there. And abroad, the jews support imperialism and militarism – in order to ensure that jews and their proxies subdue and rule the world and no country is resisting their global control, as well as that israeli nationalist interests are protected.

    This is why you will see heavily liberal and “progressive” media (pro-minority, pro-lgbt, pro-feminist, etc), being at the same time heavily war mongering and advocating conflicts with Russia, Syria, Libya, Iran, China, etc.

    In the same way, Bernard-Henri Lévy is liberal and a war monger at the same time.

    It is a very careful dance that the jews dance. There is no left or right. There is only what’s good for the jews. And that can be anything, depending on situation. So you will see all kinds of pirouettes. Including “progressives” hating the working class and “liberals” lusting for wars and crying about russians under the bed.

    The “left” is about identity politcs now, divide and rule games at home and liberal interventionism abroad, put in place instead of the class warfare against the elite. As jews captured the elite, they will increasingly abandon the working class. Since you don’t need a working class revolution when you are the elite.

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    1. Very good reading, Passerby! I thoroughly enjoyed your spot-on essay. And I agree 100% with your summation on the subject. Even Jews themselves, in numerous commentaries, journals, books, blogs, and op-eds have admitted the same: Jews always work whatever side, play whatever angle that’s good for the Jews. Sometimes it’s a lefty/commie angle, sometimes a rightist/nationalist angle… or both! The important thing to remember about them is that THEY NEVER ASSIMILATE into ANY group or ideology, that they are ALWAYS an ‘Other’, always Jews, always loyal to their own cause… as occult and even counter-productive as their methodologies often appear.

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      1. Bingo Passerby. Another example of egregious Jewish duplicity was their deep orchestration of the 1960’s anti-war movement. However, after they achieved domination and became ZOG, that movement became superfluous.

        With the White milk herd now in full lockdown, and the Anglo-American ‘Goyim’ acting as Israel’s military proxies, it’s now “fashionable” to worship the military & practice a sanctioned form of phoney ‘civic patriotism’.

        To quote a popular cliche: how the times have changed.
        In fact, it is surreal what they have pulled off under the noses of the somnolent and credulous Anglo/Whites who never seem to quite get it.

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  3. CZ: Re the item on your sidebar about jews in jerusalem wanting to sacrifice animals at the “temple mount”, they have been doing this for centuries albeit without “official” {rabinnical} saction; in New York City, which has the world’s largest concentration of these people, the Orthodox jews regularly sacrifice chickens and other fowl by ringing their necks in ceremonies meant to hark back to “the good old days” of sacrifice (and very likely, human sacrifice, certainly of Christians if they finally put into effect their full supremacist plans, such sacrifices to be carried out in the name of destroying ‘blasphemy’ and ‘blasphemers’) — see Noahide Laws which have been acknowledged and agreed to by various US Congresses throughout the decades, apparently by fools who think that the “worship of one god” actually refers to that ideology, and Christianity, both being monotheistic, the former is certainly not.

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