Jews ordered to pray for the French Republic as notorious antisemite appears on the front cover of Paris Match

On Friday the Grand Rabbi of France sent an email to all of the rabbinical body on the even of new demonstrations by the “gilets jaunes” this Saturday.

“On this even of the Sabbath and new demonstrations that may be potentially violent, I invite you to make this time of weekly prayer a moment of special fervour and conviviality.

I would be grateful if you would recite the prayer for the French Republic with a special intensity.

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Looking at the cover of Paris Match, this week, you might have thought the world was moving in our direction. It features Hervé Ryssen on the left, wearing a yellow vest, confronting a “flic” [cop].

Hervé Ryssen, unabashed racist and antisemite, confronts the Power

Ryssen is a kind of French David Duke, dedicated to telling the truth about the Chosen. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a First Amendment like David Duke, so he has been convicted several times for his truth telling.

It seems the magazine editors didn’t know who he was. Of course, they did soon enough when they were bombarded with complaints from the usual suspects. But by then it was too late. The magazine had gone out.

As for the Gilets Jaunes generally, I’m not sure how much hope we should invest in them. Revolutionaries who can only revolt at weekends probably aren’t going to get there in the end. Revolution is a breaking of boundaries, an uncontrolled transgression. It’s hard to keep up a subversive momentum going in between the time gaps on your 9-5. And this could be a problem for “white taxpayer revolutions” generally. Not a problem the brown people are likely to have.

Still, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe simple economics will bring the system down in the end. It was the same in the Soviet Union. When you have such a tight system of thought regimentation and control, people can’t really free their minds from it. They have to be jolted free by economic shock. Brown people are bankrupting us but, in doing so, they may also be liberating us.





4 thoughts on “Jews ordered to pray for the French Republic as notorious antisemite appears on the front cover of Paris Match

  1. Unfortunately, the protesters have been infiltrated by Communists, Antifa and mobsters. The infiltrators commit acts of wanton violence on innocent people, genuine protesters pull out in disgust and the protests fizzle out.
    As usual.
    There is a pro-Brexit rally in London tomorrow. It has pro-UKIP and pro-Tommy Robinson aspects.

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    1. UKIP are in favour of uncontrolled immigration from the Commonwealth which means huge numbers of Africans, Asians, Moslems etc. “Tommy Robinson” was and is a Jewish front man and the English Defence League was modelled on the Jewish Defence League. The Man of Many Aliases (5, I believe!) was involved in a mortgage fraud case with several other people, one of them a Rothschild and the giveaway as to the bogus nature of all the Counterjihad is its unreserved support for Jews, Judaism and Israel. Not once have any of the CJ sites ever criticised the ongoing Jewish assaults on Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion (hate speech laws throughout the West, defining ‘antisemitism’ in order to criminalise it and, the latest, in Vienna, the report on ‘antisemitism’ designed to remove phrases (and tenets) from Christian texts — the New Testament et al — spoken by Jesus Christ and Sts Paul and Peter which expose the truth about judaism. ) The jews were the group which in Britain launched the first legal attempt to stop Brexit after the referendum vote, it was entirely a jewish effort from Gina Miller and her partner all the way through the financial backers for the legal case against Brexit and the legal firm employed by them. Britain is the country most targeted for enslavement because it expelled them centuries ago despite the effort by the English Royal and government authorities to integrate the jews whilst seeking to remove usury from their behaviour (which is one of the main sources through the centuries of their wealth and power).

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  2. “Maybe simple economics will bring the system down in the end. It was the same in the Soviet Union.”

    The Soviet Union was under strong external pressure, proxy wars and sanctions by the collective West.

    The collective West still has lots of wealth and resources and is not under similar external pressure by a block of powerful enemy countries. The western countries who will have it the worst economically will be Italy, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Spain, UK and France. There, an economic implosion is possible (due to different reasons).

    But many other western countries have significant natural resources, lower debts, or a world reserve currency to print. So it really depends on country.

    Imo Europe is the weak link.

    1. Worse demographics/TFR.
    2. Lower quality migrants.
    3. Less natural resources.
    4. Not protected by oceans and thus paying the price for proxy wars in its near abroad.
    5. Many issues with the Euro (what happens if Italy goes down?)

    The US could also break, but for that it will first have to lose the reserve currency status for the dollar. Or printing the world currency will save it.


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