The nationalist element to the “Gilets Jaunes” protests

The “Gilets Jaunes” protests clearly represent an eruption of rage at the French ruling class. But what do they want? Is it all just a complaint about living standards? Or is there a nationalist element to it?

Some written demands have been formulated by people claiming to speak for the Gilets Jaunes. Many of these do relate to complaints about the cost of living. But some do have a distinctly nationalist character. I’ve translated these below.

Big companies (McDonalds, Google, Amazon, Carrefour [French supermarket], etc.) should make big payments and small companies should make small ones.

Every elected representative should have the average salary. Their transport costs will be monitored and reimbursed if they are justified. Right to a restaurant ticket and paid holiday.

Protect French industry. Prohibit business relocations. Protecting our industry means protecting our know-how and jobs.

End the policy of austerity. Stop paying interest on the debt which will be declared unlawful and start to repay the debt without taking money from the poor and less poor and look for the 80 billion missing due to fiscal fraud.

The causes of forced migration should be dealt with.

Asylum seekers should be well-treated. We owe them accommodation, safety, food as well as education for minors. Work with the UN to open reception camps in many countries across the world, while awaiting the result of the asylum request.

Those who are denied the right to asylum should be escorted back to their countries of origin. 

A real integration policy should be put into effect. Living in France implies becoming French (French language lessons, lessons in the history of France and civic education classes with certification at the end).

Prohibition on selling assets that belong to France (dams, airports, etc.)

Significant resources to be allocated to the justice system, the police, the gendarmerie and the military.

Popular referendums should become part of the constitution. Creation of a readable, effective website run by an independent monitoring organisation where people can introduce a proposed law. If this proposed law gets 700,000 signatures, it must be discussed, supplemented, amended by the National Assembly which will be obligated (one year to the day after obtaining 700,000 signatures) to submit it to a vote of all French people.


Intriguingly, a yellow vest has been spotted on an equestrian statue at Saint Cyr. Saint Cyr is the French equivalent of West Point, the country’s elite military academy.

With Micron considering declaring a state of emergency, which would put soldiers on the streets, this indication of where the military’s sympathies lie is potentially very significant.


The statue seems to be one of Jean-Baptiste Kléber, a general in the French Revolution, perhaps a symbolic choice. We could definitely use another French Revolution, or rather Counter-Revolution, since the first has been killing our civilisation for 200+ years.


Some Gilets Jaunes are calling for the dissolution of the current government and for a new one to be formed with General De Villiers as Prime Minister. De Villiers was Chief of Staff of the French military but in 2017 resigned in protest over Micron’s policies. Although this might seem like superficially attractive, the French far-right patriots accuse De Villiers of having Zio connections and being fully signed up to the Diversity Project.

De Villiers

Ultimately, the #GiletsJaunes protests represent a revolt against slavery in reverse. France is being colonised by Africa and the French people have been reduced to the status of tax slaves to pay for the Africans. This is the underlying dynamic even if most of the Gilets Jaunes don’t grasp it yet. They are reacting to the symptoms, not the disease.

3 thoughts on “The nationalist element to the “Gilets Jaunes” protests

  1. Some good points there but the view on ‘asylum seekers’ rather nobbles the whole programme, given that so many such ‘asylum seekers’ are bogus and parasitic and dangerous, all of which adds up to massive expenditures needed simply to deal with these largely phony asylum seekers, their bogus extended families and the effects of allowing them into a civilised Western country.

    The possible role of military or police in supporting a grass-roots revolution (if this is legitimate) are dependent on many factors which, in the past, were not so emphatic (those at the top in these professions will probably side with the establishment for considerations of their pensions, families, prestige and promotions in dealing with any revolt, whilst those lower down also feel the pressures of the average citizen but may also be concerned over their families being targeted or losing their jobs and all their benefits and rights especially as we have to factor in the role of the EU in putting down any national resistance movement which could turn on its own totalitarian regime.

    As with any such movement, it can go one way or suddenly, unexpectedly, the other. Revolutions never really depend on the majority population view which is often denied full information and tends to not join in but side with the perceived status quo which may not be as secure as the majority thinks.


  2. Sounds like the French have similar problems to the rest of the West. Companies are being exported, and refugees are being imported. Locals are overtaxed to pay for the brown welfare hordes whom the locals never wanted to begin with. On top of that, there’s the crime, terrorism and rapes.
    They’re a little generous with their demands on ‘refugees’. No they don’t deserve accommodation, food and whatever else. They had to pass thru other safe nations to get there-and once in France, will never leave.
    First they invade, then you have to feed and house them, get them into work and assimilation programs, teach them local values…..teach them that raping and murdering people is wrong, put them on welfare if they can’t or won’t work. All these steps a nation has to take for people they never wanted to begin with.
    Today’s refugees=tomorrows majority.


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