More anti-natal propaganda: “I prefer to welcome migrants than to have children”

Pushing white people to have fewer children to “help the environment” is a meme that has been around before. But it looks like they’re giving it another whirl.

Here’s Friday’s front page from the French newspaper Libération.

“Fewer children to save the planet?”FewerChildrenToSaveThePlanet“Diapers or the ozone layer, do we need to choose?”

This is a pun in French.  It’s also complete nonsense, since the ozone layer problem has already been solved.


The article references a similar piece in the Jew York Times.

It’s accompanied by personal commentaries like this one, from Gaëlle.

Personally, I don’t plan to have children in my life. I don’t like them but I don’t detest them either. The environment is a factor that reassures me about my choice. There are so many people emigrating because of climate change and, in parallel, they tell us that we need to continue to procreate, particularly for retired people. I prefer to welcome migrants than to have children with an uncertain future who will go on consuming ever more. They tell us: between now and 2040 it could all fall apart. Children are a chasm for finance and energy. When I meet people, I try to make the situation clear quickly by saying I don’t want them. I don’t see myself changing for anyone, nor putting my career in parentheses.

GaelleOf course these messages are only ever pushed upon white people, despite white birthrates being below replacement level in virtually every country where white people live. And white people will be the only ones who can come up with technological solutions to whatever problems exist. Are the teeming hordes of Africa going to help with environmental engineering?



11 thoughts on “More anti-natal propaganda: “I prefer to welcome migrants than to have children”

  1. So how is importing millions of children from the third world any better for the environment than having your own children? Leftwing logic-you just can’t better it?
    First we’re told to have fewer babies to help the environment……then we’re told to import gazillions of brown people to fill a labor shortage.
    See through the BS-its planned WHITE GENOCIDE!


  2. “Are the teeming hordes of Africa going to help with environmental engineering?”

    The answer is No, and the authors of this article know that but they’re not worried. That’s because “Climate Change”, just like global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain and all the other environmental ticking time bombs that never exploded that came before it is a hoax. It’s merely the next incarnation of a massive scheme to pool all natural resources into the hands of a few and dictate every facet of our lives from where we’re “allowed” to live, what we buy, and what we do because it’s to save the planet, of course. Since the earth belongs to all of us, sacrifices must be made! Environmentalism is just another path to collectivism. If they can use Whites’ altruistic tendencies against them to have fewer babies because of it, even better.


  3. Let us try and look on the bright side which is…the less THIS type of person breeds, the better off the rest of us are. So, let us get on with doing “what comes naturally” and encourage these deadbeats to hasten their own demises. Leaves more room for the sane breeders who will then be able to deal decisively with the enemy within and their parasitic shock troops (who ultimately are no match against us). I don’t believe in despair; apart from all else, it would be a rejection of our proven history of triumphing against all odds.


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