The Bible is a “We Wuz Kangz” fantasy for Jews


Jews like to boast of their glorious forebears. Disraeli, for example, once retorted to the Irishman Daniel O’Connell: ‘Yes, I am a Jew, and while the ancestors of the right honorable gentleman were brutal savages in an unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon.’

Like most of the episodes in the vast saga that the Jews call their history, however, the period of Solomonic glory was a work of fiction, a literal “We Wuz Kangz” fantasy for Jews. In reality, David and Solomon, if they existed at all, were nothing but obscure chiefs of gangs of hill bandits and their supposedly majestic capital city, Jerusalem, was nothing but a small, unfortified and undistinguished hamlet.

The basic story of the Jews that the Bible tells is this:

After centuries of enforced servitude in Egypt, the proto-Jews invaded their “promised land”, Canaan, and exterminated most of the indigenous peoples. When most of the goyim (“the people of the land”) had been wiped out, the Jews enjoy a period of glorious success under King David and then Solomon. Solomon, although a great king, let the rot set in by marrying a foreign (non-Jewish) wife. After Solomon, the Jewish kingdom broke apart into a northern kingdom (Israel) and a southern kingdom (Judah). Judah remained true to the “faith” by suppressing and shunning non-Jewish religions and peoples. Israel, however, went multi-cultural. Foreign gods were worshipped or tolerated. Strict racial purity laws were not observed. God punished Israel for these transgressions by allowing it to be conquered and crushed by the Assyrians.

The Bible story, then, is basically a parable stressing the need for racial and religious purity. Jews should shun contact and intermixture with the lowly goyim. If they don’t, God will punish them.

Many conventional works of history accept the basic parameters of this Biblical narrative as valid. But the factual evidence doesn’t support it. As archaeological knowledge has deepened, it has become clear that much of Biblical history is pure fantasy. Earlier generations of archaeologists, whether Jews or Christians, often had an intense emotional investment in the Bible stories. Their professional work was a quest for validation of suppositions they already held. As such, any findings they made tended to be interpreted in ways that would support the Biblical framework.

As the book “The Bible Unearthed” (written by Jews Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman) makes clear, modern scholarship has refuted the historicity of the Old Testament and punctured the reputation of the the archaeologists who tried to uphold it.

What really happened was this:

There was no Exodus from Egypt or conquest of Canaan. (Incidentally, this means the line Jews like to quote to justify their pro-immigration stance “You were strangers in the land of Egypt” is nonsense.) Two kingdoms of proto-Jews formed in Palestine: one called Israel in the north, economically successful and interacting happily with its neighbours; and an unsuccessful, poverty-stricken backwater called Judah in the south, which strove to avoid contact with non-Jews. Israel was destroyed by the Assyrians and Assyria then occupied most of Israel’s territory for a while. Israelite refugees flocked to Judah’s capital, Jerusalem. When Assyria withdrew from the Israelite lands, the southern kingdom, Judah, attempted to establish its primacy over them.

This was the time during which the core texts of the Old Testament were produced as propaganda with the following aims:

  1. Bind the Israelites emotionally with the Judeans, convincing them that they were all one people.
  2. Justify Israel’s destruction.
  3. Make racial and religious exclusivism the foundational principle of Jewishness.
  4. Establish Jerusalem as the spiritual home of the “Jewish people”.

The scribes of Judah invented an imaginary glorious past for themselves in which their great hero Joshua crushed the armies of the goyim and exterminated their civilian populations. But the powers, peoples and places described in the Biblical narrative make no sense in the context of the time in which the events described would have to have occurred, circa 1500-1300 BC. They make perfect sense, however, in relation to the 7th century BC. This was almost certainly the time at which the core texts of the Old Testament were compiled and written, during the reign of the Jewish king Josiah (the similarity of his name to that of the “hero” Joshua is unlikely to be coincidental.) Just as, say, the film “300”, although depicting a struggle between the ancient Greeks and Persians, resonated with the then contemporary “War on Terror”, so the Biblical stories described conflicts that had supposedly occurred many centuries earlier but in fact reflected the challenges and antagonists faced by Judah in the 7th century B.C. The key difference, of course, was that “300” was recounting a real historical episode, while the Joshua stories were completely made up.

The plans of the Judeans did not quite reach their intended fruition. Not long after Israel’s destruction by the Assyrians, Assyria itself was destroyed by Babylon which also then attacked Judah, carting off its elites for a period of temporary exile lasting about 50 years. During this period of Babylonian exile, living among foreigners, the elite Jews refined an ideology of apartheid that required them to segregate themselves, genetically and culturally, from everyone else.  New Biblical propaganda was produced to support this ideology and some of the pre-existing books were edited to reflect it. This was the true origin of Jewishness as we know it today.

The entire saga – the grandiose fake history and the much shabbier real history underlying it –  is an extraordinary illustration of the power of Jewish lies. Jewish scribes talked up an insignificant hamlet into a fabulous city and minor gang leaders into glorious kings. And people, even in the far corners of the earth, believed these lies for thousands of years and many still believe them today.

We see the same tendencies still at work today. Jews are busy rewriting our history to support and justify our destruction. America, the nation of “free white persons” has been reframed as a receptacle for endless diversity. European national epics, too, are being recast in ways that justify the obliteration of the actual European peoples.

For themselves, the Jews created fake history to justify their racial exclusivism. For us, they create fake history to justify our racial annihilation.







27 thoughts on “The Bible is a “We Wuz Kangz” fantasy for Jews

  1. very true. many israeli intellectuals have reexamined the supposed history of the torah and found absolutely no historical veracity within its fantasies of truly blood curling homicidal self obsessed delusions of grandeur. the old testament is one of the worst books ever to plague the planet.


    1. On the point you have made regarding the Old Testament, that is also true to an even greater and more abhorrent extent with the Babylonian Talmud which is why jews always refer to ‘torah’ knowing that non-jews will mistake this for the OT when, in reality, they are actually referencing the Talmud. The very qualities which jews attribute to others (intolerance, racism, land-grabbing, attempted genocide, perversion, paedophilia etc ad nauseam, are to be found in many of the trachtates of the Talmud but the knowledge of this is carefully kept from the largely Christian West.

      Meanwhile, in Vienna, Austria, jews held a meeting this past week on the subject of “combating Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism” (which appears to have received Austrian government support). This, interestingly, reveals that their attempt to obtain a world-wide definition of “anti-semitism” (no doubt in order to eventually push for the criminalisation of this supposed “hate crime”) is actually aimed at silencing ALL criticism of jews and of their activities, especially in the political field and in relation to Israel definitely, since Israel is acknowledged to have been “founded” by Zionists (Herzel et al). This sleight of hand, from a proposed definition of antisemitism which would still permit criticism of Israel (how gracious of them!) has been carried out without a mention in the lying media.

      The core of this Vienna stitch-up is the demand by jews that any words or statements in either the New Testament (or any Christian texts) and the Koran which jews and their shabbos goyim (politicians, media, academia, police, military, EU, UN….) deem to be antisemitic are to be REMOVED and CONDEMNED by said Christians and Moslems. (This, by the way, is in complete agreement with the Talmud which states that Christian Bibles and Christian Churches must be destroyed). The words of Jesus Christ and St Paul are emphatic in condemning what judaism eventually morphed into, talmudism (pharisaism, which the Jewish Encyclopedia states is the defining characteristic of all jewish sects, orthodox, modern and reform).

      This is yet another and even more outrageous attempt by jews to further destroy our Freedom of Speech AND our Freedom of Religion. To those who have no religious affiliation and who may therefore believe that this will not really impinge upon them, I can only point to you the massive damage already done to our freedoms throughout the West by concerted, deliberate, well-organised and well-funded activities by them, everything from Immigration Acts, attempts to remove the Right to Bear Arms, “hate speech” laws and and indoctrination/propaganda through media and the intellectual corruption of Academia.


    2. ‘many israeli intellectuals have reexamined the supposed history of the torah and found absolutely no historical veracity within its fantasies’

      Every Jew ive ever known has been an inverterate liar with many of them being genuinely unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality and all of them being extremely paranoid about violent fantasies.

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  2. This book and article is sack of hot boiling excrement !!! Stupidity in highest level !!!
    The twelve tribes were OUR white Adamic ancestors and NOT any mix race jewish swines. Jew never been in slavery, because wherever they show up they were massacred or chase out like rat. Rats like jews never change their behavior. There is NO word jew in first 11 books of the Bible. The was 12 tribes and one was call Yudah so the tribes men was call Yudeans. The first word jew is in 2 Kings 16:6 and even this is FRAUDULENT translation, because the word before was translated, Yudean and suddenly they start translating to jew. This is BS and that how jews deceived us and some of us STILL stack on stupid like fly on shit. Even the jews in New testament told Yahshua Christ ; …we never been to a bondage to any men. They admit that their ancestors have never been in slavery, but the Israelites was, many times. They call us White people CAUCASIANS yes, WHY. In 725 BC the northern tribe and part of Yudah they been taken to captivity, by Assyrians and from there they escape to Europe to Caucasians mountains. That is why they call us CAUCASIANS. The German language is MOSTLY Assyrian even today. You can trace nations where they came from by language, where they came from.

    How can any White Adamic person write SHIT article like this one a pile of shit.


    1. No. Semitic mythology is their mythology. It was written by and for them. Trying to co-opt their identity only serves to validate it and keep it alive, even if you are rejecting them.

      These are genocidal maniacs who are not playing games. And you are running out of time. To survive at all you must reject them, their texts, and everything that remotely has to do with any of it. It all has to be purged in its entirety.

      Don’t be fooled into believing their god is your god. Their god wants you genocided, per their very clear texts.

      In reality, its all fake.

      Their “god” is merely their instruction to themselves. Their “god” is the Jewish race itself. Unfortunately, this simple invention of their invisible poltergeist, and stubborn insistence on its singular nature, has kept our superstitions and will to please engaged for long enough (two millenia) for that very simple psychological trick to fool our people into accepting our own oblivion at their hands.


  3. In Egyptian captivity the Old Testament say, that the Jacob-Israelite womens, were very pretty and the Egyptians womens, were no match to them. So how many pretty yentas jew you seen lately ???? The egyptians king who was Canaanite in that time, make a law, that any new born Jacob-Israelite boy would be killed and only GIRLS will be let to live. That’s like today, they want to kill straight White Christans men ans let only the brain death white womens live for negers and rest of the shitskin beasts !!!

    Jews are Canaanites today and they want to kill us all as they did then. Our ancestors fail to kill all Canaanites as OUR FATHER YHWH commanded them. Just read the old testament your self, if any brain cell left in your head. Don’t take shit from others a specially from satanic jews. Read something from your wise brothers, who have been wake for decades !!!!


  4. Couple things and several links. To your request for confirmation of Anon’s reference to the Vienna conference, in this first link Jim Goad at Taki’s covers the story and in the second he links to a Daily Mail story on it. and DM: Additionally, there’s a post over at The Occidental Observer outlining how Exodus, the Chosenites’ most beloved myth (although now the “holocaust” may have superseded it) may not have been their myth at all. Of possible interest.


  5. To CZkal from Anonymous: In response to your request, if you read the Daily Mail article linked to by another commenter (ACleansing Fire), you will see in the body of that DM article that “The statement…also calls on all antisemitic texts and passages in the heritage of Christianity and Islam to be identified and rejected.”

    This is in complete accord with the Talmud that Christian Bibles must be destroyed and that the name of Jesus Christ (The Saviour) must be erased forever. Sheer evil, and the way to deal with it is for a major internet and public outing of the most offensive, hateful passages of the Talmud to be exposed. If Christianity is attacked in this manner, it is the means by which they the jews destroy Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Faith and is part of their Tikkun Olam to “fix the world” in order for it to be administered by jews for their benefit. Also, they are calling for stressing the “positive image” of “judaism” (a later ideology which developed out of pharisaism and became rabbinical as talmudism.) Lastly, since Islam derives from judaism, it is unlikely the jews will really push for any changes in the Koran and Islam’s sharia as law and practice shares too many similarities with judaism for this to be a serious approach by jews against Islam. Christ, Christianity, Christians and ALL Western peoples are their real targets.


    1. Theres a smart way around this – reject all abrahamic religions and drive them out. re embrace paganism which was a WHITE religion, not infiltrated by semites which is why european Paganism was hunted down everywhere and finally made extinct. By coincidence? there are many Roman accounts that describe the early Christians as toxic, scheming murdering intolerant and power crazed. Early Christians were infiltrated by and very much indistinguishable from jews. This site has a huge quantity of references that clearly describe christianity as shockingly destructive
      for example:

      also see this amazing just finished translation of Karlheinz Deschner’s book on the CRIMINAL History of Christianity – also contains link to the downloadable english translation

      as a footnote l think jesus was an okay guy but what came after him bore no relation to him AT ALL. he must have been an okay guy because he put the 4 curses on the jews and they loathe him to this very day. This is how we know he was an okay guy


    All races must be mixed, except the Jews, and the one who opposes is racist, except the Jews.
    Ethnic lineage = Identity = Homogeneity = Loyalty = POWER (Only the Jews), forbidden for the goyim.
    Jewish Cultural Marxism says: Racism = Power + Prejudice
    Decoded means: Racism (Ethnic lineage, Identity, Homogeneity, Loyalty) = Power (Only the Jews) + Prejudice (Mix Goyim, Dilute, Bastardize).
    Racism = Ethnic biological symmetry = Ethnic affinity = Ethnic survival
    For globalist Zionism everything is reduced to only three words: POWER, MONEY AND CONTROL.
    ZIONISM = Marxism (Power and Social control through conflict) = Capitalism (Power and Social control through money) = Power, Money and Control.


  7. The White Caucasians of Britain, her Commonwealth, Scandinavia and the USA are the True Israelite Tribes with the Tribe of Judah being Royalty and The Jews have NEVER been royalty. Jews hate and kill royalty or they enslave them as prisoners and tools = QE II.


    1. thats garbage. white indo europeans – cro magnons being the correct descriptor – have been living in Europe for 45,000 years and are virtually unchanged in appearance except that our early forebears were taller. There is NO MISSING LINK to africa, Whites appeared right across the European continent within a small window of time – as if from nowhere. This is the reality. Whites are not neanderthals like the africans and semites and asians. Cro Magnon is a separate species, Sloped back forehead is a dead giveaway – neanderthal. A lot of people (kikes and their christian handmaidens) want you to think white people originated in that region now occupied by israel, total bullshit. And the 12 tribes garbage – more total bullshit. We are nordics, celts and aryans and slavs and its often very difficult to separate these subgroups. fucking 12 tribes give me a fucking break

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      1. The source of your brainwashed bullshit:
        “At first, by controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands. *THE RICHEST PLUM WAS LATER TO COME WHEN WE TOOK OVER THE PUBLICATION OF ALL SCHOOL MATERIALS. Through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes. THE PEOPLE ARE ONLY STUPID PIGS THAT GRUNT AND SQUEAL THE CHANTS WE GIVE THEM, WHETHER THEY BE TRUTH OR LIES.”*

        — The Jew Harold Wallace Rosenthal 1976. Aid to US Senator Jacob K. Javitz of NY.

        You grunt very well btw.


      2. The biblical stories occur in a chain meaning they all depend on the story that came before it. If there was no exodus then Jews never made it to Palestine. The question i have is where did Jews come from and assuming anyone reading this is a bible fanatic the place where the jews of Israelite tribe arose was ancient Arabia a according to Dr Ashraf Ezzat of egypt. The jews according to ezzat were transported by the Babylonian empire because they were amongst the many Arabian tribes that disturbed and raised the incense route which was a newer eas tern trading network. These tribes stole goods and other items from the caravans from this route. It was after Babylon fell to the Persians did the jews realize the great prosperity and wealth of the near eastern kingdoms and later Europe and they had made it their mission to take the wealth of these nations and use the intelligent people of these lands to be their slaves hence the reason why Jews only lurk in wealthy and healthy nations. The Jewish idea of separatism is pure tribalism. In Africa and eastern Arabia people treat those not related to them quite harshly. Considering the close proximity of the Jewish homeland of southern Arabia to Africa it is likely that they were mixed with black and arab or were influenced by the mixed people of southern arabia. As they headed north they may have picked up genes from many near eastern populations and later European genes hence why Jews have a lot of different admixtures. Don’t trust Jews that criticize their own people and religion they will blame it on something completely unrelated to the Jewish group mentality and tell people that it’s not the jews fault X made them believe this. These hateful ideas that the jews follow originated with their tribe not some elite like rabbis who came later during the roman period and vice versa.


  8. i’ve noticed all “these” christians get very upset if you challenge their religion. personally i’m in the no religion camp. the cult of mithris preceded christ and is attributed with his deeds, imo the whole thing is bs. what stays relevant to me as a white nationalist is the spiritual nature of our BLOOD, SOIL and HONOR. we need to put our petty differences aside and focus on the real and ever present threat…..JEWS. remember they want us divided and fighting with ourselves, we should aspire to be bigger and better men, not falling for the heebs poison.


  9. ‘Yes, I am a Jew, and while the ancestors of the right honorable gentleman were brutal savages in an unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon.’’

    And Daniel o’connel’s ancestors had buildings capable of predicting the winter solstace to an accuracy only todays computers can measure before disraelis ancestors even existed

    Built at the latest 600 years before the pyramids at Giza

    Fu**i*g Jew


  10. I suggest everyone visiting this thread read Johnny Rottenborough’s link to this Report on Antisemitism: not only is it a concerted attack on Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion, it also calls for the purging of ALL persons who are deemed ‘antisemitic’ from their jobs or any posts of authority AND — no surprise, this one — it is a massive extortion racket with demands that all Western nations ‘contribute’ 0.2%GDP to ‘combatting’ “antisemitism.” This ‘initiative’ and its report should not be ignored as an absurdity because, going on past form, these people mean to destroy our freedoms and bankrupt us into the bargain (has anyone noticed that the parties behind the ‘man made global warming scam, with its similar demands of funds from every Western nation, amounting to billions in revenue, emanate from a largely tribal group of pseduo-scientists who falsified their ‘findings’, refused to subject them to peer review and then hounded any real scientist who did not pay obeisance to their scam?) We do need a large-scale internet campaign of exposing the teachings of the Talmud and a genuine Boycott and Divestment Movement of all services, organisations, products and media/press/Hollywood etc from these bigots.


    1. When I checked the University of Vienna website a couple of days ago, only the short version of the report and the executive summary were available. Checking today, I’m pleased to say that the complete report is also now available. This link takes you to the university website where you will see the three download options.



    Link to the book!

    Karlheinz Deschner (1924-2014) was a German scholar. He spent the first sixty years of his life investigating the history of the Catholic Church before starting the ten volumes of his maximum opus, Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (Christianity’s Criminal History), which ended at ninety. White nationalists are pretty knowledgeable of the Jewish problem. But very few are aware that Jewish subversion is an epiphenomenon of a religion of Semitic origin: Christianity. Who among the white nationalists—or what more recently is known as the Alt-Right—knows the real history of Christianity? Who is aware that Christian fanatics literally destroyed the Greco-Roman world? The present book is an abridged translation of some chapters of the first three volumes of Deschner’s Christianity’s Criminal History.


  12. Good post. Mostly to all true.

    What I would add:

    It is possible that the Jewish history that you do verify is true to a degree (the existence of Israel, the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities, the existence of anything resembling Judah, etc).

    However, I would offer that its at least equally to more possible that none of that happened.

    Its entirely possible that the Canaanites-Phoenicians were what the later fiction writers came to call Israel and that the Jews were the Habiru outcasts / criminals living on the edge of society. Or some such iteration of actual history vs invented biblical stories. For this situation, the actual history doesn’t really matter once the depth of the lie is identified. The latter is what is more important.

    Still more important is this:

    The Old Testament fiction is certainly a pack of We Wuz Kangz lies. But it is also much more than that.

    The primary purpose of those stories is to provide a set of political instructions for the Jews for any and all of their decisions throughout their history: up to the present day.

    See Mircea Eliade’s concept of the eternal return. It applies to the Jews, and reveals an all important code about the manner in which they see themselves.

    In short, the Jews always see their OT myths as playing out in the modern age. They are always living within their myths. This does not apply to only prophecy, but the myths that are set in the past tense.

    Put a restriction on them due to perfidy? Now they are slaves in Egypt. See what the Jews did in that myth for the modern instruction (murdering the sons of the Egyptians, etc).

    Seek to do something worse to Jews? Now they are acting out the Purim myth.

    Seek to resist their domination? Now you are the Canaanites and worthy of genocide.

    Etc, etc.

    All of the Old Testament edicts to destroy Kings, all other religions, and all other nations are not out-dated instruction set in calcified myth. These are all modern instruction.

    This is the most important perspective for reading and interpreting the Old Testament.

    When you come to see those books in this light, you realize that the myths are carefully crafted political instructions meant to deal with any and all situations that the Jews would and will encounter on their quest to eradicate and dominate all other nations (as mandated by their books).

    Because this is the purpose of the myths, they are extremely likely to have no historical basis whatsoever.

    Sure, maybe they were grafted onto one or two vaguely accurate situations / tribes. But I would lean toward ‘likely not’, as it really would not have been necessary.

    Moreover, the political sophistication of the world-genocidal myths (see not only the OT but the Zohar for their admission that their intent is to eventually genocide all non-Jews) tells me that the knowledge gained to write them is likely very old. Much older than the date of the first Tanakh (Old Testament) that was an expression of an extremely refined version of this instruction and these myths.

    The trial and error political development time would have been enormous. These are instructions for tribal eradication whose ancient age is likely vastly underestimated.

    The myths are fiction. The political strategy is not.


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