Robbin’ in the ‘Hood

Racial appropriation of European mythology continues. The latest Robin Hood film features Jamie Foxx as a negro version of the character Little John. Robin is portrayed as a fumbling, feckless white boy until the “based negro” shows him how to fight and steal things properly.

This theme of inept European folk heroes learning how to be true warriors from sturdy brown people may sound familiar. We saw the same thing in the last revamp of King Arthur, where Arthur was taught to fight by a bunch of Chinamen.

It should come as no surprise that some of the same people were involved in each project, in particular, the screenwriter Joby Harold.

I haven’t been able to determine for certain whether Joby Harold is Jewish but the name definitely has that suspicious Hebrew air.




14 thoughts on “Robbin’ in the ‘Hood

    1. Is there a post somewhere detailing his problems? I see his twitter has been shoah’d but other than that there’s nothing on gab or anywhere else.

      If they’re personal don’t post it here of course, we don’t want to inadvertently dox czakal.


  1. I’ve said it a thousand times; You can’t say you’re a self-respecting, pro-White person and still be watching TV or seeing films in the theater. WHY the vast majority of Whites still fund the beast that’s trying to destroy them by giving them their movie dollars, boosting TV ratings for increased advertising dollars by watching their shows, purchasing Netflix, Hulu and other subscriptions and so on is astonishing. DUMP Hollywood. I did it 12 years ago and never looked back.


  2. ‘Wee wuz Little John an sheeeit!!’
    Well joooooo$ control the entertainment industry-that should tell you everything you need to know.


  3. This is not new. The old school Kevin Costner Robin Hood from 1991 had Morgan Freeman as the magic negro back then too.

    It is just WAY worse now and not as in your face at that time. But (((special people))) have been slowly dripping this poison into sin-ema for decades.


  4. Here in Australia, I was doing something unusual for me and actually watched some TV the other night. During an ad break I saw three ads in a row that showed a white husband with an Asian wife. There were happy kids in tow and smiles all around. They are normalizing race-mixing, which is going to destroy the West. And then it wad back to the program-which portrayed a black who was stronger and smarter than the dopey white.
    In the movies, in ads….this nonsense is just in our faces 24/7-placing browns/blacks/yellows where whites should be-and making whites appear stupid.
    TV has really degenerated just in the time since I stopped being a regular watcher.


    1. The advertising of Suncorp in Queensland was heavily pushing White women with black men and a licorice allsorts of niglets this past year or two.


  5. I guess the goal is to destroy the racial, ethnic, and religious identities of the Gentiles. To breakdown the family unit and blur gender. Complete atomization so the Goyim can be brought under Talmudic rule.

    With Communism they tried to murder the racial, ethnic, and religious identities out the population.

    With Multiculturalism they will dilute the identities out of existence.


  6. They will wipe us out…if we let them. This battle is nothing new. We have faced this enemy for thousands of years yet we are still here.

    We are in the adapt phase of “adapt and overcome”.

    Fight hard and don’t lose faith! The light has always conquered the darkness and it will once again.


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