Germany: Greens would be the largest party if only women voted


Evidence continues to emerge of the so-called Radical Right Gender Gap, the marked reluctance of women, compared to men, to vote for “far-right” parties. In Germany, if only women voted, the country would be run by the open-borders Greens, while the anti-immigration AfD would be blown away.

If you think Merkel is bad, you should see the German Green leader Claudia Roth. On immigration, she makes Merkel look like Eva Braun.

BERLIN. If only women could vote in Germany, the Greens would be the largest party. According to a survey done by the polling institute Emnid for the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, 28% of women, but only 16% of men, would vote for the party.

The second-largest party among women would be the Union [mainstream “conservative”, Merkel’s party] on 27% (men: 23%). The AfD is unpopular among women. Among female voters it would get only 7%, but 22% of men would vote for it.

… Among women a Green-Red-Red* Coalition under the leadership of a Green federal chancellor would thus have a clear majority.


*In German political parlance, this means a coalition between the Greens, the Socialists and Die Linke (The Left, literal ex-communists).

It’s worth noting that Italy seems to be an exception to the Radical Right Gender Gap. There, Salvini is more popular among women than men.


4 thoughts on “Germany: Greens would be the largest party if only women voted

  1. Womens maternalism and compassion is a great quality to have when applied to their own children and people, but in politics, it spells disaster. When directed at incompatible savages who want to destroy us, they’re signing our suicide note.
    One day ladies, your greater altruism and kindness will lead to you having no human rights, and you’ll be forced to hide in a burqua if your nation becomes Islamic…so just save your votes and goodwill for those who wish to maintain your culture and freedom.


  2. Its hilarious how the Greens can align themselves with the environment, sensitive habitats and endangered species….whilst supporting hordes of dirty, polluting third world immigrants who will breed like flies, drive cars, need somewhere to live and strain the infrastructure. Extra roads and housing will be needed for them, but by Greens logic, importing gazillions of turd worlders somehow helps the environment apparently. I just can’t reconcile the two.
    I love the environment. I love animals. But I hate immigration.


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