US election demographics: only white men voted pro-republican


The exit polls are out for the 2018 US election. The most notable features: All minorities, both minority men and minority women, voted Democrat. Total US women voted Democrat, total US men voted Republican.

White men voted relatively strongly Republican 60 R vs 39 D

White women, though, were divided, at 49 R vs 49 D, thus being the only group of women not to vote together with their race.


There was no generation Zyklon among young white people, at least in the 18 – 29 cohort, and young people were the most left wing whites.


Poorer people generally voted democrat, richer people – republican.

79 percent of jews voted Democrat.


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4 thoughts on “US election demographics: only white men voted pro-republican

  1. Just another example of why in all of human history, women were not allowed to vote, except in the last 100 years…and we all know what’s happened economically and historically during that time.


  2. The jews seem to revel in that news, as New Observer points out.

    “US Midterm Exit Polls Demonstrate the Nonwhite Alliance against Whites”

    “At least 80 percent of Jews, 90 percent of blacks, 69 percent of “Latinos,” and 77 percent of Asians voted Democratic in this week’s mid-term elections in America, underlining the fact that all the nonwhite groups have aligned in a grand anti-white coalition in that country.

    According to a CNN Exit Poll, reported upon by the far left Jewish Daily Forward newspaper, “80 percent of Jews” Voted Democratic, a percentage, which that paper eagerly pointed out, was “far more than other faiths.”

    “The overwhelming majority of American Jews voted Democrat in Tuesday’s elections,” the Daily Forward gushed.

    “Nearly 80% of Jewish voters polled voted Democrat, while 17% voted Republican.

    “Jews also voted Democrat at the highest rate of any other religion included in the poll, which included several denominations of Christianity.”

    In addition, the Daily Forward continued, it was “a banner night for Jewish candidates, five of whom picked up Democratic seats in the House as the party retook control of the chamber. Some of the candidates also staged upsets in suburban areas that went for Trump in 2016.”

    According to the CNN Exit Poll, 54 percent of “whites” voted Republican, and 44 percent voted Democratic. This definition of “white” however follows US Federal government guidelines, which includes Jews, Arabs, North Africans and large numbers of central and South Americans who choose not to define themselves as “Latino.”

    In other words, the actual number of whites who voted Republican is likely far higher than 54 percent…”. The same thing, the article said, held true for female White voters.


  3. i wonder how many of those votes are fake? since the repeal of the law that denied voting investigation and trumps recent tweets about voter fraud in elections just held and documented evidence of it, what are the odds that heads will roll or will it just be another in the long line of coverups?


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