French government takes extraordinary steps to shut down Counter-Semitic website


The website is a French-language website that very much imitates the style of the Daily Stormer, both in its subject matter, humour, visual presentation and plentiful use of “transgressive” language.

Egged on by Jewish organisations such as the CRIF, the government of Macron (dubbed Micron by his critics) has taken extraordinary steps to shut down access to the website. Since the site is registered in the US and the French authorities cannot find out who is behind it (to prosecute them for wrongspeech), they are now trying to force internet providers to cut off their users’ access to it.

On Thursday, nine internet access providers, including the main ones (Orange, SFR, Free and Bouygues Telecom), and about fifteen lawyers representing anti-racist organisations in particular, gathered at the Court of Grand Instance in Paris for these emergency proceedings.


At the heart of the discussions: the far-right site “Démocratie participative” [Participative Democracy], which is the subject of several investigations, particularly in Paris and Grenoble.

“On this site they talk of nothing but kikes, yids, negroes or faggots,” one of the prosecutors enumerated during the hearing.


Underling the “novel character” of its approach, the prosecutor asked the judges to recognise the “manifestly unlawful trouble” caused, according to him, by the site, and to order internet access providers to block access to it, at their expense, within two weeks.


“This is not an action against internet access providers and we would have preferred to be in front of a criminal court,” emphasised the magistrate.


“But we have had no other choice but to act in summary proceedings,” she added, explaining that the investigations into the site that have been carried out have not yet been able to identify its authors or hosts.


Indicating their good will, the latter let it be known that they would comply with the decision of the judges if they ordered the site to be blocked. “For more than 20 years telecommunications operators have complied with judicial decisions,” observed the lawyer for Free.


Having appeared in 2016, “Démocratie participative” contains no legal notice. Its domain name is registered in the USA, which allows it to take refuge behind the first amendment of the American constitution – and its owner has concealed his identity by means of an American company specialising in services of this type.


“It is highly probable that this site is the work of Boris Le Lay”, (((Mr. Patrick Klugman))), the lawyer for SOS Racisme, said during the hearing.


Boris Le Lay is an ultra-nationalist Breton blogger who has been sentenced several times to hard prison time, particularly for his racist positions, but who lives abroad, probably in Japan, a country with which France has no extradition treaty.


“This hearing is a first and we are all aware that it will be a step in this process of regulation for this troublesome internet,” emphasised (((Richard Malka))), lawyer for (((Aurélien Enthoven))), the son of (((Raphaël Enthoven))) and (((Carla Bruni))), insulted by the site when he was 16 years old [after he published a video against “racism”].


Another person attacked by the site, (((Marc Knobel))), director of studies at the Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France (Crif) [Representative Council of the Jewish Institutions of France]. “I would never have believed that anyone would dare to put a yellow star on my portrait,” he testified in a trembling voice, brandishing the yellow star that his own father had had to wear during the Second World War.


4 thoughts on “French government takes extraordinary steps to shut down Counter-Semitic website

  1. Yes, the “French” government.

    “In France the Jewish organizations LICRA (Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l’antisemitisme) and CRIF(Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France) representing the Jews of France, which are some of of the driving forces in the promotion of hate speech legislation, the multicult and the defamation of nationalist organizations and individuals. This in spite of the fact that it is North African muslim immigrants who are the real threat to the life and well being of Jews in France. Both organizations have close ties with the Jewish Freemason Organization B’nai B’rith (In France formerly known as U.F.A.B.B).”


  2. Of course, most of the matters in which CRIF become involved also involve the pressure of jew organizations from outside of that country, in addition to those such as the European Council on Foreign Relations [ECFR], which was set up by the jew’s Soros in 2007.

    Balder also calls “CRIF, the French Counterpart of the Central Council of Jews in Germany”.

    “Jewish lobby promoting censorship at October 6 Conference in European Parliament” [2009]


  3. When ever a story like this comes up anywhere, theres the Jew, right there in the middle of it all. They have their noses in everything. Its like the entire West has to please them. How about the French government just pleases the French?
    Wheres theres trouble, theres Jews. They’ve done nothing good in all of world history. We owe them nothing.


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