United Nations demands the suppression of “white awareness” websites


More and more white people are becoming aware of the fact that if present political trends continue, the destiny of their descendants will be to live as a persecuted minority dominated by people who see them as racial adversaries.

Resistance to this is mobilising, largely via the internet.

The United Nations, in the form of its Special Rapporteur Tendayi Achiume (pictured, yes that really is her), is concerned about the growing resistance among whites to their own genocide.

A “dramatic” rise in the number of websites and social media platforms hosting racist content is enabling neo-Nazi and other ultra-right groups to disseminate hate speech and incite violence, a United Nations (UN) expert has warned.

Tendayi Achiume, the organisation’s special rapporteur for racism, said there had been a 600 per cent increase in the number of white supremacists espousing their views on Twitter since 2012.

This, coupled with the proliferation of thousands of websites dedicated to far-right movements, contributed to a “growing climate of intolerance”, she added.

“At the core of neo-Nazism ideologies lies a hatred of Jews, as well as many other racial, ethnic, and religious groups. These ideologies also vilify lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people, and persons with disabilities, and in some cases women,” she said.

…Ms Achiume said tech companies still needed to do more to ensure their platforms did not provide a safe haven for extremist groups or allow the spread of “extremist, sensationalist, conspiratorial” news.

“Action is required by more states to implement anti-hate speech laws and ensure equality and non-discrimination including online, in accordance with international human rights law,” she said. “Criminal and civil penalties alone will not put an end to racial and xenophobic intolerance.

“A state’s first step must be explicit recognition that the proliferation of nationalist populist mobilisations and neo-Nazi groups threaten racial equality.”


I have translated the last two paragraphs from bureaucratic Gobbledygook.

“Action is required by more states to implement anti-free speech laws and ensure whites continued to be denied equality and discriminated against online, in accordance with the set of rules we have put in place to bring about their destruction,” she said. “Criminal and civil penalties alone will not put an end to the attempts by white people to preserve their own existence.

“A state’s first step must be explicit recognition that the proliferation of nationalist populist mobilisations and white awareness groups threaten our plan to bring about the erasure of European identity.”

32 thoughts on “United Nations demands the suppression of “white awareness” websites

  1. Slightly OTT: On your sidebar Red Ice has stated that a video of theirs, relating how israeli ngos are helping illegals to invade europe by boats has been struck off (and their RI site) at youtube. I was able to get up the video put elsewhere on youtube by someone:

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  2. So it’s not racism for any other race to tweet/post about hating whites, wanting to murder & rape whites, attack whites, organise against whites, discriminate against whites, complain about whites trying to genocide them (even though they kill more of their own people than whites ever could), call whites evety racist name they can think of publicly, ghost whites out of employment, create websites glorifying & empowering their race. But if the worlds minority (white people) become aware of the racism against them, the actual planned genocide that’s publicly touted & start organizing online to discuss our situation & frustration over the hypocrisy we’re Nazi’s…. F the UN & this skanky ball of yarn

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  3. The UN is just a hypocritical, anti-white communist organization! Those of other races or ethnicities who haven’t achieved as much as us whites have (everyone except maybe Asians) are just jealous which is why they blame all of us for everything in the past and present, including act like slavery was only a white thing, and need to get over themselves. We have the right to be proud of our white identity just as much as others can be of theirs.

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  4. God have mercy on their souls even though they know what they do i must forgive this and i pray for them God bless them save them from this motion


  5. Jews kalergi plan, if you don’t understand you need to get researching because Jews own the media, the banks and your politicians

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  6. It will be roving bands of us whites fighting a guerilla war against ZOG and the third world hordes,it looks like it’s shaping up to be with what’s left of us.That subhuman negroid witch with the nose ring and those like “it” will be easy targets.


  7. The United Nations is a Genocide Organization executing white genocide. So all members must be put to jail forever and all their (personal) assets must be transferred to white families as a little compensation.


  8. Your average Bob Smith in Kansas is in all likelihood labeled ‘racist’ or ‘natzee’ for simply having legitimate concerns about the gradual erasure of his race and culture. These labels are often hurled at people very liberally by leftists in an attempt to shut people up, but also because leftists don’t have a solid argument to present, so just call you names to the point where they have lost their meaning.
    If people can’t have their arguments and concerns out in the public arena where they can be examined and challenged, they will unbottle their frustrations in other more sinister ways as a result of being forced underground. Silencing us doesn’t make the problem go away.
    We are being replaced everywhere we are, and have a right to be concerned about it.


  9. “there had been a 600 per cent increase in the number of white supremacists espousing their views on Twitter since 2012.”

    Those are rookie numbers… time to pump them up.


  10. It’s easy to get a “600 per cent increase in the number of white supremacists espousing their views” when everything a white person says is considered racist. This is all going to boil over one day and it’s really going to get nasty.
    Nobody thought there would be another World War after the first, don’t be surprised if there is another Civil War coming to America if this keeps up. It’s only so much of this unfounded hate people will take.


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