Bolsonaro wins in Brasil


Voter demographics:

Bolsonaro wins with 55% vs 45% for Haddad

55 % Bolsonaro 37 % Haddad
41 % Bolsonaro 42 % Haddad

7 % invalid votes


Candidates tied among young people, but Bolsonaro wins among mid age and old people


The most interesting part: Bolsonaro wins among highly educated people (55-34), loses among poorly educated people (38-48). Is this what will happen when whites in the US become a minority like in Brasil, forcing the college educated ones to become right wing?

Poor/Wealthy: Bolsonaro wins the wealthy, loses among the poor

Could not find racial data in file, someone who actually knows portuguese may look for it.

7 thoughts on “Bolsonaro wins in Brasil

  1. with the state of higher edJEWcation in the west i’d doubt that all these kosher leftist universities pumping out pc npc’s would all of a sudden shift to right wing incubators.



    Daniel Pipes دانيال بايبس

    #Brazil’s newly elected president, @JairBolsonaro announced he will:

    1. Move the #Israel embassy to #Jerusalem
    2. Take his first international trip to Israel
    3. Close the #PalestinianAuthority’s “embassy” in #Brasilia

    Me: The Right is as pro-Israel as the Left is anti-Israel.


    1. Brasil’s Trump indeed. Its as if some on the right believe that jews will spare them and will not try to diversify them if they were pro-Israel.


  3. Of course it was a coincidence. It was also a coincidence that the husband of a Mossad and Knesset member named Richard Gutjahr witnessed two terrorist attacks within a few days (Nizza & Munich), filmed them and passed them on to the media, although the probability of being struck by lightning and winning millions in the lottery at the same time is significantly higher.


  4. datafolha and ibope sucks. the real elections only use valid votes: no abstentions, blanks and nules (yes, it’s “obligatory” to vote here, otherwise you’ll have to pay a 1 dollar fine).

    some of the states that voted most for him are some of the less white states. issues are a little different here. northeast rural areas are brainwashed, but i’m sure in few years they’ll turn back to the right. they only stop voting more left than the rest of the country in 2006.

    ps: until some months ago he was more popular into the youth, maybe because the older folks didnt follow him closely and only listened to the MSM. they converted after knowing him better.
    ps2: we have too many wealthy white liberals here too. I’m pretty sure middle class voted more for him that the “really rich”. the difference is that he is very popular in the federal district 70% of the vote, so the people running the government are mostly into him


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