Berlin police rap against “hate”: “I work for the police but I can also be your homie!”

If you thought it was only the British police that engaged in daft diversity stunts, alas you were wrong.


The mind virus is spreading.

Tragic-comically, the Berlin police have made a rap video to try and establish a rapport with crime-prone people of recent immigrant origin. It shows various brown-skinned types, Socialist politicians and the police all holding hands and dancing and singing together. Isn’t Diversity wunderbar?


A sample of the lyrics:

“We are all the same. Here no one is a stranger. Here only love is passed on.”

“We ensure xenophobia is dying out.”

“I work for the police but I can still be your homie!”

“Give me your hand, I’ll reciprocate. We’re not enemies, we’re better as a team!”

“We are there for one another. We’re taking a stand against hatred!”


7 thoughts on “Berlin police rap against “hate”: “I work for the police but I can also be your homie!”

    1. Kanacke is considered a punishable racist insult now.
      It can only be used by the former so called themselves.
      Like the N-word in America. Instead, in the singular you
      can use Molukke or Kuffnucke as political-correct form.
      But when “Whiteys” say “It’s okay to be white”, it’s racist.


      1. Typical threats in Kanackensprache are for example: “I make you hospital”,
        “I make you knife”, “I make you kickbox”, or “sentences” like “I go cinema.”


  1. HKNKRZ = Hakenkreuz (Swastika)

    Left MSM journalist: “What does the abbreviation on your T-shirt actually mean?”
    Answer: “Hakan Kirez, famous Turkish blogger, just google . We’re all fans of him.” TV commenter: “Winning on points for the Nazi.”

    NAZI = Nicht an Zuwanderung interessiert (not interested in immigration)


  2. “As a former police officer, I would like to apologize to the German people for this snot video from Berlin and can assure you that all colleagues with whom I am still in good contact are deeply ashamed of it.”


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