“White Shift”: Eric the Merchant is selling soft euthanasia packages for the white race


In his new book White Shift, Eric Kaufmann (Kaufmann literally means “merchant” in German) is trying to sell white folks on the idea that racial extinction isn’t really that bad. It doesn’t hurt a bit!

Kaufmann has personal genetic investment in, and experience of, diversity.

He identifies as white — with, as for almost all of us, complications. His mother is half Chinese and half Costa Rican. His father is Canadian, the son of a secular Czech Jew. (“There’s been no religion for about four generations.”) He was born in Hong Kong, later moving to Japan and then Vancouver. He moved to the UK in 1993. He lives in Wimbledon, an affluent, predominantly white suburb of southwest London, with his wife, an economist, and their two teenage children.


His book has the virtue of a certain brutal honesty. In a BBC interview, he said this:

“The whites are going to lose their majority in the United States around 2050 and in Britain that’ll happen at the end of the century.”

“The second trend I talk about is this race-mixing in the book, which is going to be following by about 50 years. So Britain is going to be 30% mixed race by the end of the century, 75% by 2150. Now that’s way out there but this is all mathematical. So that’s the other meaning of WhiteShift, is that the mixed race group will eventually become the majority.”

His basic idea seems to be that even though whites will be disempowered and dispossessed, this doesn’t really matter because, after they have become a minority, the “mixed race” population that has replaced them will feel culturally attached to the identity of the people they replaced. Whiteness will have “shifted” into a mongrelised form.

“I’m positing that the mixed race, when that group becomes the majority, they will actually connect back to the white British heritage, simply because that will be more distinctive on the world stage at that moment in time. So I think there’s a continuity for the white British majority now through that mixed race group.”

I wrote before about how Kaufmann has done A/B research, market-testing the messages most likely to secure white acceptance of their own dispossession.

No doubt his emphasis on “multi-vocalism” has emerged from this. We should talk about multi-vocalism instead of multi-culturalism, he says.

“There was a BBC survey that showed white British people identified much more strongly to the landscape and British history than non-white British people. That’s not a problem, as long as they’re both identifying as British.”

A sympathetic review of the book by (((David Goodhart))) in the Sunday Times said:

A degree of turbulence is inevitable as we move from white ethnic homogeneity to mixed-race majorities by the end of the century, but Kaufmann is by no means apocalyptic. He does not believe in a liberal cosmopolitan future for the West, but rather a kind of post-white dominant ethnicity providing continuity with today’s white myths and symbols. We in the West are on the road to becoming less like homogeneous Iceland and more like homogeneous mixed-race Turkmenistan.

There you have it then. This is the package they are selling us. Would anyone want to move from Iceland to Turkmenistan?

Incidentally, Andrew Marr, the BBC guy interviewing Kaufmann, we can assume found his views unobjectionable. In 1999, Marr wrote in favour of the white dispossession project with cutting honesty, as he contemplated race-related discontents. His article is one of the purest expressions of elite contempt for ordinary people that I can remember reading.

What then can be done? (Apart, of course, from widespread and vigorous miscegenation, which is the best answer, but perhaps tricky to arrange as public policy.) First, we need to raise still more taxes to help regenerate inner-city ghettos and to employ more young people, white and black. Tony Blair spoke very well on Wednesday, and Jack Straw has driven this process through with grim vigour. But this is a Gordon Brown issue too.

The next answer was given by Doreen Lawrence, welcoming the report’s emphasis on education: ‘I truly believe in education our history, our background, is what separates us.’ But, though teachers are the most effective anti-racist campaigners in the country, this means more than education in other religions it means a form of political education. Only people who understand the economic forces changing their world, threatening them but also creating new opportunities, have a chance of being immune to the old tribal chants.

And the final answer, frankly, is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress. It may be my Presbyterian background, but I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good. Stamp hard on certain ‘natural’ beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off. The police are first in line to be burdened further, but a new Race Relations Act will impose the will of the state on millions of other lives too.


12 thoughts on ““White Shift”: Eric the Merchant is selling soft euthanasia packages for the white race

  1. Kaufmann’s book is the 21st century version of another Kaufmann’s (Theodore) recipe for White genocide, Germany Must Perish. It’s preposterous that he would even suggest that non-Whites would somehow magically connect to and uphold British and American ideals once they become the majority. Nonsense. If they had any affinity for those ideals, they’d be connecting with them now, but they’re not because they’re not US and never will be. Once we’re gone our way of life goes with us. It’s astonishing how much they accomplished with mass migration, visas, green cards, permanent legal resident status, asylum seekers, refugees, guest worker programs and more in just 50 years….just since the mid-60’s. What we do in the next 50 will be absolutely crucial. Let these disgusting jews gloat; hubris is always its biggest downfall. Just when someone thinks they’ve got it all figured out and covered all their bases and the desired end is a fait accompli, something happens that they never saw coming. something that’s impossible to plan for because well, that’s why they call it the unexpected.

    Marr’s quote about a new Race Relations Act sounds ominously like Nicholas Sarkozy’s famous speech about how race-mixing is the future, and if people refused to miscegenate on their own, the state would have to find “more coercive” ways of accomplishing it. They know that as they stuff our countries with more and more non-Whites, that our affinity for our own people will only grow stronger, not weaker, so it makes sense that they would force race-mixing at the end of a gun. We’re dealing with the depth of evil here.

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    1. “It’s preposterous that he would even suggest that non-Whites would somehow magically connect to and uphold British and American ideals once they become the majority.”

      Yes. How do you imagine that non-whites will support culture and laws created by “dead white men”? They will not accept the founding fathers for example.. They will call them bad people, oppressors of non-whites, etc. They will get rid of everything, including the constitution. It will become some kind of leftist country ala latin america.


  2. Andrew Marr was on the receiving end of cutting honesty when he interviewed Nick Griffin in 2009. This is from the website of the Hampstead local paper, Ham & High, a page which is now ‘403 – Forbidden’:

    Community leaders have lashed out against British National Party leader Nick Griffin after he suggested putting immigrants in Hampstead to see how the ‘liberal elite’ liked it. The comments were made in an interview on the Andrew Marr Show last Sunday when the BBC One show host asked him what should be done about people who want to come to Britain.

    Mr Griffin said: ‘If we’re going to allow them to come, for a start, I’d say, “Well, let’s start sticking them in Hampstead in the places where the liberal elite live instead of poor places like Barking and Barnsley and Manchester and see how you people like it.”’

    One of the lashings was delivered by a Tony Hillier. ‘Heath and Hampstead Society chairman Tony Hillier said: “Hampstead is a very welcoming environment. We all come from somewhere. I’m an immigrant from Finchley Central and my wife is an immigrant from Norway, and that’s just fine.”’

    <irony>Ouch, I bet that stung.</irony> Video here, the lead-up to the Griffin quote begins at 7:16.


  3. Nothing is inevitable. Inevitability is a ruse used by the Left to weaken opposition. Even demographics projects assume no genuine civil strife which leads to separation, repatriation, or worse.


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