Taylor Swift Breaks Political Silence, embraces Feminism, Endorses Democrats, LGBT



American pop sensation Taylor Swift has been criticized by (mostly leftist) fans for appearing to cynically embrace feminism as a marketing tool while remaining unwilling to publicly declare her support for progressive politicians.

But earlier this year, cracks in Swift’s apolitical facade began to form when she expressed support for the March for our Lives movement. And on Sunday, Swift officially abandoned her policy of “staying away” from politics when she, in a length Instagram post, expressed her support for LGBTQ and women’s rights and condemned Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who is running for Senate in Tennessee. Swift then publicly endorsed Blackburn’s Democratic opponent Phil Bredesen, as well as Democratic House candidate Rep. Jim Cooper (though she grew up in Pennsylvania, Swift got her start in the music business in Nashville).

Swift claimed that, while she loves supporting women in office, Blackburn’s voting record simply “appalls and terrifies me”. Taylor Swift attacked the supposed “systemic racism” of american society and the discrimination of women and LGBTs.


With that said, we can conclude that the right wing legend of “based” Taylor Swift is over.

9 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Breaks Political Silence, embraces Feminism, Endorses Democrats, LGBT

  1. Now, what sayeth thou, Andrew Anglin??? (For my part, I guessed her Leftism all along. I was never a meme-r of Taylor Swift sieg heil-ing and making fashy quotes.)


    1. It’s just fucking propaganda, nigger.

      The Jew media loves to churn stories about repentant nazis, who see the error of their ways,


  2. Anyone who ever thought she wouldn’t tow the feminist/communist/multi-culti line is a fool. She’s a celebrity for God’s sake, and the jewish music companies sign her multi-million-dollar paychecks. The fact that she’s a woman also guaranteed this outcome.

    The only reason she delayed outing herself as the commie she is this long is because she got her start in country music, which still has a very conservative fan base, and she was afraid of being utterly destroyed like the Dixie Chicks were when they foolishly outed themselves at a concert in Europe. Since Swift has fully crossed over to the pop market, which the Dixie Chicks couldn’t do, she’ll be just fine. Swift will likely lose some of her country fans, but will be unaffected in her pop music career. Looked for politically charged videos from her in the near future.

    We have virtually NO allies in the entertainment industry, which is why I say constantly–stop watching TV, films in the theater, no Netflix or Hulu, and quit buying their trashy music. Stop funding the machine that’s working for our demise.


    1. This nigger-bitch is doing what the Jewish producers are telling her to do.
      They own her.

      If she still wants a career, she has to attack Trump.

      Even fucking Eminem got his marching orders from the Jews and he had to do a freestyle attacking Trump.


    2. The only entertainment people I give a damn about anymore are Mel Gibson (and I don’t care that he “apologized”, he still knows the score and don’t like it) and Roger Waters from Pink Floyd. And there are a few others, but damn few. AND ALL MEN. Notice that, because it’s kinda important.


    1. Speaking as someone who has spent almost half my life in prison (I’m 50)… I can tell you that she’s definitely NOT a man.


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