Jew suppressing free speech inside the British “Conservative” party


If you were looking to the “Conservative” party for salvation from the assaults on free speech launched by Jews and Mohammedans, think again. In an interview with the Jewish Chronicle, “Conservative” party chairman Brandon Lewis revealed his own Semitic origins. He boasts to his fellow tribe member of how successfully he is suppressing free speech and applying the dogmas of the Left inside the “Conservative” party.

Note also how both the Jewish interviewer and Lewis himself stress the importance of tackling “Islamophobia”.

Conservative chairman Brandon Lewis believes there is now a “huge responsibility” on his party to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street — and insists that under his watch there is “zero tolerance” of any abuse by members.

Accepting there is real concern within the Jewish community over a Corbyn government, Mr Lewis says: “I think there is a huge responsibility. The core duty of the Conservative Party at the moment is to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street. We have got to be very focused. We have got to deliver on Brexit and we’ve also got a domestic agenda to deliver. We must show the British people we’ve got ideas and plans to take the country forward so that we don’t risk Corbyn getting into government.

“Labour’s current front bench are a genuine danger to our country on a whole range of issues — internationally, on security. Diane Abbott wanted to get rid of the security services. The idea of her as Home Secretary, John McDonnell as Chancellor and Corbyn as PM is genuinely scary.”

Mr Lewis is keen to stress that he has devoted himself since landing the chairman’s role in January to what he describes as a “hugely important job”.

I personally have zero tolerance towards abuse of any kind,” he tells me, clearly aiming to put the Conservative Party on a different level to that of a Labour Party riddled with allegations of  antisemitism and misogyny.

“Earlier this year, I went to the Conservative Councillors’ Conference. I made it clear as we launched the respect code — I was very upfront — that we will suspend anyone who goes near breaching the code. 

“I think we should have robust debate. I will take on Diane Abbott every day that she cannot add up. But it has to be about policy, not personality or any other kind of abuse.”

But while Labour has failed to deal with its own crisis over Jew-hatred, I suggest to Mr Lewis that his own party is facing increasing attacks that it has failed to deal with a rising tide of Islamophobia within its ranks, most infamously from the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson about Muslim women wearing the full burqa.

“In terms of Islamophobia, since I stated we have had 10, maybe 11, cases. All have been dealt with. 

“Whether it’s that somebody has a particular colour skin, wears glasses, is a woman — I will not tolerate that kind of abuse. 

“The best way to deal with this is to send a very clear message — we just will not tolerate it.”

In a clear reference to the investigation launched by the party into Mr Johnson’s comments, he says: “I can’t comment on individual cases, but every case we have had this year we have dealt with.”

But Mr Lewis is more guarded over the recent decision made by Conservative MEPs to vote with the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán against European Union action to protect the rule of law in his country.

The Board of Deputies were among communal groups to rebuke the party, saying it was “very concerning” that the Tories had backed Mr Orbán’s government, which it accused of “whipping up prejudice” and deploying “vivid antisemitism.”

“I am not part of the Conservative MEP group’s conversation — but we have got to be careful,” says Mr Lewis. “With European structures and how they work we’ve got to be careful we don’t allow something to become over-politicised.

“In this case it actually helps him domestically at home by having that kind of robustness. It’s what he wants. There is an argument that we don’t give that more oxygen.”

The 47-year-old former Immigration Minister is on far more comfortable territory discussing his party’s continued support for Israel, along with what he says is a total lack of antisemitism among members.

“When you read the scale of the cases the Labour Party are dealing with compared to our 11 cases [of Islamophobia]  this year, I think it shows the Conservative Party does get it,” he argues. “We are also doing more. We’ve got a new director of training, we are a launching at conference next week  a big new training programme, a whole new academy. We are working with Tell Mama around diversity training to show our associations how to deal with these things. It’s about being very firm. 

“I don’t think we’ve had a single case of antisemitism. As someone who is of Jewish background myself, I’m sure.”

Tell Mama is a Muslim front group literally run by Jews. It pushes the “Islamophobia” narrative in a kosher-friendly way.



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