More “British Jews” in the IDF than British Armed Forces

Katie Hopkins continues her program of embarrassing self-abasement before the prejudices of her paymaster, Ezra.

But it seems Ezra doesn’t pay his peons too well, no matter how much they humiliate themselves on his tribe’s behalf, as Katie Hopkins has just filed for an insolvency arrangement in the UK in an effort to stave off bankruptcy. She hoes herself out to the Jews and doesn’t even get enough back to cover her bills! Sad!

The question of “Britons” serving in the IDF, though, raises some interesting questions. Are they actually Jewish? And how many of them are there?

In 2014, Channel 4 News answered these questions.

According to the rules, British men under 24 or women under 21 who have one parent or grandparent who is or was Jewish are eligible.

That’s Jewish (you need to prove it by getting a rabbi to sign a confirmation) not Israeli.

Overseas recruits get the same pay and conditions as Israelis and “serve always shoulder to shoulder with regular Israeli soldiers”.

The numbers of volunteers from the UK are small but significant: the IDF told Channel 4 News there are “around one hundred Brits currently serving” in its ranks.

So, yes, they are ethnically Jewish and there are about 100 “Britons” serving in the Israel Defence Force.

This resonates with a claim often made about Muslims. They are accused of disloyalty because there are said to be more Muslims serving in foreign jihadi militias than there are in the military service of their “home” country.

Trump tweeted this claim in 2015, for example, and the Guardian utterly failed to persuade in its desperate attempt to refute it.


So how many “British Jews” serve in the British military?


The British Ministry of Defence said that there were 60 Jews serving in the British army in 2013, and another 10 each in the Air Force and Navy, making a total of 80.

100 > 80

So it would appear to be true that there are more “British” Jews serving in the Israeli Defence Force than the British military!

3 thoughts on “More “British Jews” in the IDF than British Armed Forces

  1. Some years ago, I was checking on the number of negroes who had served in the US military, in response to a comment I had read which insisted that blacks were the main racial group serving in the Vietnam War, thus implying that blacks had been ‘sacrificed’ by whites in such a conflict. I visited some official US military sites (army, navy, air force, marines) and noticed that most ethnic/racial groups were accounted for especially in WWI and II (italians, poles, germans, japanese etc) but there was no such listing for jews although I knew of a group called jewish war veterans. Only years later did I read the excellent Occidental Observer article on the fact that, historically, jews have been very much “underrepresented” in national European or other Western countries’ armies (australia, for example). Even in israel, the Orthodox Jews (the largest growing religious group of jews, world-wide, due to their high birth rates) actually refuse to serve in the israeli army.


  2. Everyone knows jews abhor physical labor of any kind, and fighting in a military context requires great strength and physical exertion. So, it’s not their cup of tea. Besides, why go to war and kill yourselves when you can get others to go to war and kill themselves for your cause? War is good for the jews precisely because they don’t participate in it.


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