New take from the Left: Global warming good because it will help get rid of white people


Another mad take from the Left that sounds like parody: Global warming may be good after all because it will help get rid of white people and thus racism.

Is this because everyone will have a stronger suntan in this new warmed world? No. Their argument is that climate change will trigger migrations that will see high-melanin people colonise the lands of low-melanin people, with resultant genetic intermingling.

So, basically, global warming is good because it will help promote the Genocide by Diversity of white people.

The reason why climate change could reduce racial differences is that it will trigger massive migrations. In recent decades the world has become more urbanized, with people moving into large cities in coastal areas. But as polar ice melts and sea levels rise, large numbers of people will be forced to flee the coasts. And as droughts become more common and more severe, people living in more arid areas will have to move to places with more reliable sources of water.

These migrations will erode the geographic barriers that once separated human populations.

…One consequence of large-scale migrations is what biologists call gene flow, a type of evolution caused by the blending of genes between populations. When people from different populations mate and reproduce, their genes intermingle in their children.

…Because skin color is controlled by many genes, parents whose skin color differs tend to have children with intermediate skin tones. And so in five to 10 generations (125 to 250 years), we may see fewer people with dark skin or pale skin and more with a brown or olive complexion. Having both dark skin and light eyes may become more common.

…The bottom line? As people around the world become more physically similar to one another, it’s possible that racism might slowly fade.


The author is one Scott Solomon. A descendant of the tribe of the mythical King Solomon? Probably.


6 thoughts on “New take from the Left: Global warming good because it will help get rid of white people

  1. The Eu has for years been pushing the idea that ‘global warming’ is causing ‘migration’ (invasion) of the West and, indeed, that those ‘fleeing’ from the most affected parts (i.e. the rest of the world!) should be able to use ‘global warming’ as an excuse for entering the West and demanding the benefits and rights of its Western peoples. Remember, the Copenhagen Treaty (later called ‘Accord’) did state that ‘man made global warming’ was produced largely by Western countries (not so, factually) and that these Western countries should each pay 20 billions each year for 20 years, to alleviate their supposed ‘guilt’ with a department of the United Nations delegated to collect, and enforce such collection, of Western countries’ ‘guilt payments.’

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    1. Global Warming, re-branded Climate Change, doesn’t exist. Check out the documentary, The Global Warming Swindle, that includes lots of legitimate scientists and Nobel Prize winners. It’s a scam to bilk hundreds of billions out of western countries, while at the same time, putting “carbon” taxes on every product and service we purchase. It will be the greatest tax grab in human history. When it comes to real pollution on a massive scale, it’s been known for decades that the real culprits are Third World countries, particularly India, China, and much of Southeast Asia, but the west has deeper pockets, so the focus goes there. The Climate Change hoax also serves to perpetuate White guilt for creating a problem that doesn’t exist and a pretext for more immigration. Once the war refugee and economic refugee labels lose their usefulness, look for the “climate” refugees to emerge in the future because there ALWAYS has to be a reason for more migration into White countries.

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  2. In a way, I almost wish Global Warming wasn’t a hoax because in any global natural catastrophe, Whites and perhaps the Japanese and Koreans, are the only groups that would be smart enough to survive such an ordeal in any real numbers in order to move on afterward. That’s what this Solomon fool doesn’t get. So bring it on. We need a global reset anyway.

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  3. So finally have patience and trust with us! We “newcomers” just want to play with your life resources, that’s all. Allah bless the (((caste))) that made this possible and opened the gates wide like the thighs of a willing whore!


  4. Hey Folks, the best video Ever re: climate hoax, er……..”change.”

    Not sure if you’ve already seen this, but it’s freakin awesome
    ( good vidya to share with normies)


  5. Collectivist hatred would amplify in that case, just it wouldn’t be called “racism”. No group hates other groups of people more than Black people do. The most recent genocide happened in Rwanda just a few years ago, to this day we don’t know how many died. They hate others of the same skin color because they’re from a different tribe AND they kill because of that. How exactly will this reality be any better?

    As a racial group they are on average far more racist than any other. Towards other races sure. But they treat others within their own races as vilified aliens, as though they were a different species altogether. Throughout Africa they’ve been doing this (and still are) as far back as recorded history can tell. And you think this category of collective hatred will die if white people die?

    Quite the opposite.


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