Don’t Piss on Paris

Paris, once the City of Light, has been overrun by savages unfamiliar with the rules of hygiene. As a result, the Paris city government must win a propaganda war to persuade them to give up the time-honoured practices of the jungle.

No, this isn’t the plotline for a comedy. It’s a description of reality.

WARNING: Watching this video violates your mind.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Piss on Paris

  1. Paris is white minority now. I was there at Christmas. A lot of the people you see are of indeterminate racial origin. Which always leaves you wondering somewhere in the back of your mind ‘what is this person?’. The White French are not as standoffish as they used to be when they meet a white foreigner. Minority status for white French has made them friendly. It’s not worth the price – the old days were better


  2. France has always been antiwhite multicultural go to utube there are videos that show POWs the wehrmarcht captured during the initial campaign in France there is lots of horrendous looking African nigger prisoners.And after ww1 France put thousands of African soldiers in the rhein that gangraped our Aryan women and children and murdered thousands.


    1. That’s true.

      The French sent their wicked Negro “soldier” hordes to us Germans after WW1 and after WW2. And in both cases they raped our women. We can’t forget this. (Of course also the native French soldiers raped our women, as did the Russians.)

      There’s still a saying today from back then, which German parents told their children, and even I has been told so when I was a child: Wer hat Angst vor dem schwarzen Mann? Who’s afraid of the dark men?

      Oh and the Rheinwiesental-Lager. The French did terrible things there together with the Americans. 1,200,000+ German PoW, killed slowly but brutally.

      So, today, when I see how France and England are going down because of Negro and Arab invasions, and clearly they’re some 20-30 years ahead compared to Germany, it’s sad for sure on the one side, but on the other side the French and English crimes from WW1 and WW2 need a lot of atonement. (Same applies to USA and Russia, by the way: lots of atonement needed.)

      Now don’t get me wrong. Many upright French fought together with us in WW2 against the evil hordes of the so-called “allies”, and SS Division Charlemagne (20,000 to 30,000 soldiers I think) was very brave and defended our Führer in Berlin until the literal end. But these brave French have been and still are a minority unfortunately. We need a France which is one big SS Division Charlemagne. To get there, a high blood-tax will have to be paid. Purification trough a massive purge. Needed for entire Europa, unfortunately, including us Germans.

      What we see today is a purge. Millions of alien invaders. Killing us more or less “softly”. But as Diversity-macht-frei once wrote: Does each Weimar bring its Adolf? May God have mercy upon us and send an Adolf II for the current Weimar II. Sanct Charlemagne, pray for us!


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