Manafort did collude with a foreign government to influence US elections: But it was the Israeli government, not the Russian


The Manafort court documents (viewable here) contain some interesting details about Manafort’s machinations to win US support for his Ukrainian client. It seems he concluded that the best way to produce a change in US foreign policy was to get the Jews on your side and let them work their “magic” on the administration. To that end, Manafort “colluded” with an Israeli official to smear Tymoshenko’s government (opposed by Manafort’s client) as anti-Semitic.

Manafort boasted of how he was pushing his messaging on the NY Post. And those kosher-friendly “right-wing extremists” at Breitbart ran a similar story at the same time, no doubt part of the same propaganda play.


Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman wrote on October 27, “Israel is concerned by the recently signed coalition agreement between the ‘Batkyvshchyna’ party and the extremist ‘Svoboda’ party in Ukraine. Antisemitic insults by ‘Svoboda’ have caused outrage on number of occasions both in Ukraine and in Israel. The ‘Svoboda’ leader has praised the fight ‘against kikes and dirty Russians.’”

One prominent Jewish leader, who asked to remain unnamed, says that Clinton’s New York Times op-ed ripping the current Ukrainian administration has “created a neo-Nazi Frankenstein by issuing a de facto endorsement of Mrs. Tymoshenko and her choices.”

The Svoboda Party is led by Oleg Tyagnibok, who has suggested that Ukraine is occupied by “Yids and Russians,” as well as making statements about “kikes.” An activist of Svoboda and a candidate for mayor of Lviv in the 2010 elections, Yuri Mikhalchishin, last year called on supporters to use the methods of Hamas. He also called the Holocaust as a “bright period” in the history of Europe and declared the state of Israel “illegitimate.”

On Sunday, Tymoshenko’s opposition party ran in an election alliance with the extremist Svoboda Party, which for the first time broke through the 5% minimum vote barrier, achieving dozens of seats; all in all, Svoboda received around 11% of the national vote according to exit polls.

Now, top Jewish leaders are calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pressure Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a retraction of her support for Tymoshenko.

The Breitbart story was written by one Ben Shapiro, a Jew known for his willingness to churn out low-quality Zio-propaganda from Dawn to Dusk.


One thought on “Manafort did collude with a foreign government to influence US elections: But it was the Israeli government, not the Russian

  1. For years, I’ve been stunned that so many so-called “Right” sites use (((Breitbart))) as a source and even link back to the site. It’s a huge red flag for me. Everyone should understand what Breitbart is by now and if they continue to peddle their content, then they must certainly be working toward similar (((interests))).


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