Finland takes another mud bath: Meet Miss Tampere

The number of brown people in Finland seems to be statistically negligible. It’s basically a country of white, blue-eyed, blonde people and, perhaps not coincidentally, also the happiest nation on earth.

But some hostile element within Finland seems determined to pervert the natural healthy aesthetic of the Finnish people by promoting alternative, un-European standards of beauty.

Last year it was Miss Helsinki; this year, Miss Tampere.

In each case, unprepossessing Africans prevailed over much more obviously attractive Finns.

Here was the line-up of contenders for the title of Miss Tampere.


Guess which one prevailed? You guessed right.

It was African Sheila da Costa.



Both the audience and readers of the newspaper organising the contest chose a different candidate as favourite, who happened to be the same person. But the contest judges imposed the African as winner.

The war on whites is also aesthetic; every canon of European beauty, from music to physique, must be degraded to the standards of the jungle.

7 thoughts on “Finland takes another mud bath: Meet Miss Tampere

  1. There was no black candidate in Helsinki. If there had been a black candidate, she would have been elected. Finns do not like this.


  2. Lol with the Corbyn comment.

    IRL, though, he had an affair with his shadow cabinet appointee Dianne Abbott when he was young.

    She is approaching Serena Williams’ low class for face, but has a dumpy rather than steroid-pumped (or male) body.

    Old photos are about, she wasn’t any better then. Suppose his idea was ‘Close your eyes and think of Ingsoc, just for a second.’

    As for real Finns being Nordic, it is not entirely true, the other type tends to dark hair, and Eurasian features, I had a cn-worker who was an ugly version for some time, but the non-Nordics at their best look like Bjork at her best. Disregard her opinions and behaviour, she is s a striking-looking white woman.


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