Jews are being paid money by the EU to help resettle Syrian “refugees” in Britain


World Jewish Relief has received a European Union grant of more than £1 million to support resettled Syrian refugees in finding employment and integrating into British society.

The Amif (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) award is for £1.13 million over two years. The London-based charity will help 400 refugees towards employment in Coventry and across Yorkshire, working with local partner organisations.

WJR’s specialist training and employment programme tailors support towards individual situations with a package which can include English language classes, work experience and ensuring that clients have the requisite qualifications.

WJR chief executive Paul Anticoni said that for many refugees, finding employment was difficult “as the cultural differences they have to overcome are huge.

“This grant will allow us to provide intensive, personal support which will enable them to ultimately join the workforce and integrate into British society.

The Syrian refugee community have undertaken a journey and a struggle which mirrors that of our own community. Many have survived conflict, been through significant trauma and are now beginning to thrive in a new, safe environment.

“They can and will make a similarly positive contribution to British society to that of the Jewish community.”

He added that the WJR project was “a powerful signal that British Jewry is outward-looking, committed to supporting people in need from all backgrounds”.

The award of the grant coincides with the third anniversary of former Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement that 20,000 resettled Syrian refugees would be allowed into the UK under the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme.



Is it my imagination or is there something almost taunting in this remark?

“They can and will make a similarly positive contribution to British society to that of the Jewish community.”

Goy-trolling, we might say.

5 thoughts on “Jews are being paid money by the EU to help resettle Syrian “refugees” in Britain

  1. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) is one of the major groups involved in the human trafficking scheme. They receive $2,000 per head for every non-White they bring into the country, so there isn’t much of an incentive on their part to decrease immigration–quite the opposite. They contract with the U.S. government to use taxpayers’ money to set these people up in apartments with just the basic necessities. The agency is only obligated to help with signing them up for ALL public benefits, “job search assistance” and other vaguely-defined services for about three months. After that, HIAS is busy bringing in the next boatload. This is how all the immigration contracting agencies in the U.S. work, using the people’s own money to fund their dispossession, with annual budgets that are around $10 million each, that are approximately 80%-90% government funded.


  2. i am forever amazed at the kikes arrogance to force shit on us while not taking it themselves, but no matter what, a jews gonna jew.


  3. Let’s see: avg IQ of 83, don’t speak the language, have no education/degree/skills, bring in diseases, have no desire to work, moving into a Western society that is progressing towards automation, believe in a pretend stone cube that is a “god,” are aggressive as hell, and are fighting-age makes mostly. What could possibly go wrong??


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