Berlin: “Refugee Church” attacked to cries of Allahu Akbar

Unknown persons have attacked a church in Berlin to cries of “Allahu Akbar”. According to police, on Wednesday evening six suspected youths throw stones at the church window of St. Simeon’s church in Kreuzberg, a spokesperson confirmed to JUNGE FREIHEIT.

The thrown stones damaged the building. Witnesses called police shortly after the incident at around 9 pm. The State Protection Agency has taken over the investigations.

In 2015, the evangelical church declared itself to be Germany’s first “Refugee Church”. It offered advice to refugees in Arabic.


When they declared themselves a Refugee Church in 2015, they said this:


“We want to give them a voice and a space in which they can actively contribute their ideas and interests, develop and fulfil their own plans.” The offers of assistance will be accompanied and coordinated by the team in the Refugee Church. But a lively exchange between residents and refugees is also being aimed for. The “Coffee Together” cafe will be set up in the church to facilitate this. But joint church services should open hearts and heads too. These will be done in a “guest-friendly” way, Dirschauer emphasises. Which means: during the church service no one will be turned away due to their religious orientation.


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