“If you’re racist, the world should know”: Jews behind “Canary Mission” professional doxxing operation


Since 2015, a website called the “Canary Mission” has been operating, with the motto “If you’re racist, the world should know”.

It aims to dox critics of the Jews and Israel although, to give itself more moral plausibility, it claims to target racists and anti-Americans too.

Whoever is behind it has gone to considerable effort to conceal their own identity.

It is clearly a well-financed operation. Compiling information about thousands of individuals takes time and effort. Many of the dox victims are students. Campus Jews are apparently acting as on-the-ground informants.

Canary Mission’s primary purpose seems to be to inhibit progress of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, especially in university environments. Many of its targets are Muslims sympathetic to the Palestinians, but it also covers the Alt Right.


In the film, Baime explains the effect of the strategy on its targets: “They either shut down or they spend time responding to it and investigating it, which is time they can’t spend attacking Israel. That’s incredibly effective.”

Many of those targeted by the website “have reported being questioned by current and prospective employers and schools about their support for Palestinian rights,” Palestine Legal has stated.

Others have been put on leave, denied bank accounts, received death threats and been denied entry by Israel, including to the occupied West Bank, the civil rights group says.


The Israeli government now has a ministry of state dedicated to opposing the BDS movement worldwide. Some anti-BDS initiatives are promoted by the Israeli government directly; others by Jewish organisations or rich individual Jews in concert with the government’s plans.

Al Jazeera ran a sting operation on Jewish activism, and Israel’s involvement in it, just as it had done before in the UK. The British investigation was broadcast in a film called “The Lobby”. The American documentary has never yet been aired and may well never be. Jews have been lobbying powerfully behind the scenes to have it suppressed. Since Al Jazeera is owned by the Qatar state, it is vulnerable to various kinds of pressure.

In both the American and British documentaries, Jewish activist organisations were infiltrated by people who seemed sympathetic to their aims, but were actually journalists filming them secretly.

This is the first excerpt from the American documentary that has been seen, published by the leftist, pro-Palestinian website Electronic Intifada, which publishes a lot of good research on the Jews, if you can ignore their disturbing sympathy for brown people. The film shows a Jew who claims that Adam Milstein, a billionaire property mogul and convicted criminal, is behind Canary Mission. Milstein has denied this.

The Israeli government also seems to be involved in it.

Baime also confides to Tony, who is British, of his ties with the Israeli government, explaining that “my view and the view of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, which we coordinate with sometimes, we communicate with sometimes, is, um, like Europe is lost and it’s basically over and like they’re turning a lot of attention now to the US because they feel we’re on your path.”

Let’s hope the Jews are right.



6 thoughts on ““If you’re racist, the world should know”: Jews behind “Canary Mission” professional doxxing operation

  1. Is Europe lost for anti-BDS activity because its becoming more islamic though? Maybe they are losing, let’s say, the British Labour Party, simply because the party relies more on muslim votes now?


  2. One of the ways to deal with this is to expose the Jewish predominant role in the Sanctions against South Africa (and the major role of jews in fomenting black violence and terrorism against its then white government) and, even more importantly, the Jewish Boycott (designed to bring down the German Government) against all German products which was a world-wide Jewish effort in 1933, the latter being the opening shots in WWII.

    Also, highlighting Jewish racism (against black Jews in Israel, including secretly sterilising thousands of them), against non-Jews worldwide (through their Talmud’s hostility towards all such people, in Ancient as well as Modern times), and their present-day statement of “israel” as a “jewish state”. The Truth is always our best weapon which is why the Enemy Within is always so intent on silencing it.


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