Austrian MEP: “Africans do not want to think and work like Europeans, but they do want to live like Europeans”


Yesterday the Austrian ÖVP MEP Claudia Schmidt told a little too much truth on Facebook.

You can read it daily in any newspaper and I have personally experienced it in refugee camps and during election monitoring. Neither the African nor the Muslim culture are compatible with our culture. The desperate “dominant culture” debates that go round every 2 years also show this. Accordingly, I see massive and arbitrary immigration to Europe from regions with an alien culture as a great threat to our society. Immigration leads to a deterioration in Europe and stagnation in Africa itself. The migration summit in Salzburg, due to take place in exactly 5 weeks, is therefore actually one of the most important summits. The decision must be taken in Salzburg that the only people who can come to Europe are those who have an invitation and there must be an end to the practice of many countries issuing generous invitations and others then having to pick up the tab for them. Before some people misunderstand me (wilfully), we have a humanitarian obligation to help war refugees in whatever country and it is also in our interests to offer development aid.

But if we want to preserve our society as it is, we cannot allow any immigration from Africa. It is childishly naive to think that those very people whose cultures product nothing but misery, persecution, oppression and hopelessness can make a positive contribution to Europe. Africans do not want to think and work like Europeans, but they do want to live like Europeans. If they really want our society and achievements, they could also make them a reality in Africa. There is sufficient assistance and examples – such as the former colonies in Asia.

…Since I was elected to the EU parliament 4 years ago, as a rapporteur of the EU parliament I have monitored the European Development Fund for Africa (more than 30 billion euros), have made on-site visits to several refugee camps and have participated in several election monitoring missions to Africa, just 2 weeks ago in Zimbabwe, I have spoken with dozens of ambassadors and Commission staff on site and worked through innumerable reports on hundreds of development aid projects.

After 4 years I believe I have enough of an overview to be able to say that it is not any giant corporations or the former colonialism that hinders Africa’s development today, but African culture itself.

[There was some more text but I haven’t been able to find a screenshot of all of it.]

She was immediately denounced as a racist, including from within her own party. Her party’s general secretary called on her to apologise and threatened unspecified “consequences”.

She then deleted the postings and apologised for the “inappropriate and wrong choice of words”.


10 thoughts on “Austrian MEP: “Africans do not want to think and work like Europeans, but they do want to live like Europeans”

  1. So often we read the likes of: “She then deleted the postings and apologised for the “inappropriate and wrong choice of words”.”
    Why do they cave in? They don’t just cave in by withdrawing the post, they grovel and then – often – withdraw from public life for a time.
    Her cave in was almost a contradiction of the qualities that make her proud of being a European.

    She also wrote “we have a humanitarian obligation to help war refugees in whatever country …”
    She should get this straight: any MORAL obligation Austrians have to help war refugees is up to Austrians to decide for themselves. On the face of it, Austrians have no more obligation to help refugees from the war in Syria than do the Japanese, the Argentinians, the Hawaiians or the Singaporeans. They have a perfect MORAL right to look after their own citizens in need first.
    As to a LEGAL obligation, that depends on treaties the Austrian Government has signed. They can rescind these obligations. There may be consequences, but they can unshackle themselves from these obligations if they wish.
    Finally, any “obligation to help” does not automatically mean anything like offering citizenship, permanent residence and welfare rights.
    At the turn of the century there were around 23 million refugees in the world. Now the number is something like 75 million. With numbers growing at this rate there will come a point where it will simply be impossible to satisfy “refugee rights” and many other legislated rights.
    The more rights there are in a world with increasing human numbers, the higher the likelihood that it will not be possible for rights to be satisfied or granted. This can lead only to dissension and squabbles about resources leading to conflicts and wars. All because of “rights”.

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    1. Rights? What rights? Neither in Germany nor in Austria even basic rights like the fabled „Human Rights“ are granted to the indigenous populace – especially if they’re speaking their minds too openly against immigration.
      If they do they’re automatically denounced as being right-extremists, racists or (Heaven forbid!) Nazis.
      Once trown into jail just for voicing your dissent, there’s no Amnesty International trying to free another political prisoner.
      There’s no justice for political deviants whatsoever.

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    2. How big is the threat that makes them cave? What do they fear losing? What harm do they think will come to them?

      Everything she said here is 100% correct. Its the same in Australia, fortunately on a smaller scale so far….the African expects to be able to live like us (or better at our cost) but will never work like us, and is incapable of thinking like us.

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    3. No, it’s never enough to simply delete the statement that was made. One must apologize for their narrow-minded mishap and beg forgiveness for their “inappropriate” choice of words. It’s about public humiliation. That’s what the groveling is for, because it’s what the jews demand. Years ago, I recall actor, Gary Oldman, nearly weeping, making a teary-eyed plea for forgiveness on a late night talk show because of some very real statements he made in a Playboy magazine interview that we all know are true. Mel Gibson was the same. After a ten-year expulsion from Hollywood, he was forced to make a massive donation to jewish organizations and then, produce a WW2 film with all the obvious propaganda. It’s not enough to say “sorry I told the truth”. Speak out of turn as a public figure of any kind, and you must be humiliated to serve as a warning to others to keep their mouths shut. They must be constantly reminded that their careers, their very livelihoods are on the line.

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    4. Yes, the human “rights” movement is quite an insidious invention–the idea that everyone is entitled to food, shelter, clothing, an education, etc. etc. just by the mere fact that they were born and breathe the air.

      It naturally follows then that WHO is it that’s going to be responsible for giving all these things to those who also have “rights” but no capability of providing it for themselves? Why, that would be the western nations because we’re so fortunate to have an abundance of all those things (as if they just fell out of the sky for us) and with great prosperity comes great “responsibility”, and LOTS of moral guilt. So, we MUST provide for the less fortunate, lest we violate their human “rights” and deny them the opportunity to live an “equal” life.

      WHY should we feel bad about our prosperity and achievements, and perhaps all the under-achieving hordes don’t have such things because they weren’t meant to have them simply by nature of their being and level of ability? Human “rights” are a globalist, Marxist scam.

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  2. The most important point of all is missing from her remarks: the Negroid Race is not capable, from an intelligence level, to attain to the societal, intellectual, or cultural level of the Caucasian Race and, therefore, no amount of monetary or human aid to African countries, nor permitting them to settle in the West, will ever achieve any positive benefits to native Western peoples and THAT is, or should be, the crucial deciding factor. We criticise, and rightly, the jews, for their ethno-centrism carried to its ultimate end (which is invariably detrimental to their host societies), but we, too, must start immediately demanding of our governments, and of our selves, this same concern that what is good for our own people is first, last and always, to be our guide in our actions and the conduct of our countries.


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