A Prison of Rules: Transitioning to Semitised post-democracy


The age we’re living in is one in which we transition from democracy to bureaucracy. The essence of bureaucracy is rules; static; superficially inflexible; but vulnerable to covert manipulation. The essence of democracy is judgement; dynamic; adaptable; continuously refined.

Just as many European states are nominal monarchies where the monarch has been deprived of any real power, the new techno-bureaucracies will preserve the external forms of democracy.

More and more, bureaucracy is encroaching on the democratic space; the culture of rules-following limiting the scope for political choice.

Here, in the absurd “Boris and the Burkas” saga, we see an unelected bureaucrat, part of the state apparat, presuming to tell an elected politician what he is allowed to say.

The equalities watchdog has branded Boris Johnson’s comments on the burqa “inflammatory and divisive”, but said it has no powers to launch an investigation.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said it had received a complaint from a member of the public about Johnson’s controversial article in the Daily Telegraph, but its remit extended to breaches of equality law, such as the denial of a service on the grounds of race or religion.

Rebecca Hilsenrath, the commission’s chief executive, said: “Boris Johnson’s use of language in this instance, which risks dehumanising and vilifying Muslim women, is inflammatory and divisive. Political figures should lead by example, conducting debates in a responsible manner, and language such as this can inhibit legitimate dialogue.”


It should come as no surprise that Ms. Hilsenrath is Jewish.

If bureaucracy is government by rules, Jews are the rules-mongers and rules-manipulators par excellence.

Their entire religion is just the endless elaboration and interpretation of a fixed set of rules, whose authority is presumed to be divine. Through the basic mechanism – (Impressive understanding and exposition of Torah and Talmud rules) > (Successful Rabbi) > Prestige > (Marry Rich Merchant’s Daughter) > Wealth > (Lots of Children) – the more intelligent Jews have literally been genetically selected for their skill in the artful manipulation of rules.

And this is how the Jews still operate in the present day. They will get the Goyim to agree to a set of rules, invest the rules with sacred authority, and then manipulate the interpretation of those rules to advance their agenda.

Rule Number One for anyone confronting Jewish power should be: Never Agree to a Rule or a Set of Rules that the Jews Try to Get you to Agree To. This was the mistake that Jeremy Corbyn made in trying to fend off the Jews who were scheming against him. In an attempt to appease them, he agreed to adopt the Working Definition of Anti-Semitism Working Definition of What The Goyim Are Allowed to Say. For the foreseeable future, Jews will be using it to take out their critics.

Jews always aim to create a situation in which the use of ordinary human judgement is suspended and the application of rules is enforced. We need to push in the opposite direction. Escape from the prison of Semitic rules and their corruptible enforcers.


6 thoughts on “A Prison of Rules: Transitioning to Semitised post-democracy

  1. I have read literally hundreds of comments on various British online newspaper sites over the Corbyn brouhaha and the disgusting attempt to stifle even further any free speech in Britain with the repulsive “definition” of “antisemitism” and it has been quite a revelation as to how far the British have fallen in their use of logic, debate and appreciation of free speech that I have found only one comment in all those hundreds which actually questioned WHY should there even be such a “definition” and WHY should the British submit to further restrictions on their centuries-old, hard fought and won free speech. Anyone commenting on such sites should immediately drop any attempts at defending Corbyn (just another worthless coward and traitor of a politician) and turn the “debate” immediately on to the issue of refusing to accede to this latest Jewish silencing tool (the “IHRC definition”) and, even at the risk of the comment being removed quickly or the commenter being banned, reference should be made to the historical fact that once the Jews had staged their coup d’etat against the Tsarist Government, killed the Tsar and eliminated any viable opposition, the JEWISH SOVIET UNION then passed a Law criminalising “antisemitism” and establishing the death penalty for such a perceived crime and it should then be pointed out to people that the Jewish Soviet Union also banned private ownership of weaponry and then proceeded to slaughter millions of Russians, primarily Christian, through enforced starvation, torture, imprisonment, squads of murderers and their terror organisations (GPU, Cheka, NKVD, etc). 85% of the Leadership of the Bosheviks and 67% of their terror organisations were comprised of ethnic Jews. Yes, history does have a habit of repeating itself and no one, today, faced with the reality of Jewish power in media, finance, academia and its bought-and-paid-for politicians and institutions, should doubt it can, and will, happen again, if there is no concerted, determined opposition.


  2. Of course, the endless process of a jewish bureaucracy/democracy involves making countless rules that sound reasonable on the surface to which the gullible public agrees through “compromise” but that continuously erode their freedoms and end up being used against them. All pleas to act in a bi-partisan way or to “compromise” are backdoor attempts to continue to get Whites to sign more and more of their rights away. It’s time to staunchly stand up for our freedoms with total convictions, unshakeable resolve, and no apologies…starting with our right to true free speech.

    “Compromise is where the truth goes to die because if you are willing to compromise on one thing, then how far are you willing to go? How much are you willing to compromise? How much of the truth remains after all the compromises have been made? Who wins in the end? Certainly not truth. The truth is that 2+2=4, and we are intolerant of the liars who claim that 2+2=6, and we will never compromise with them by ‘agreeing to disagree’ or ‘agreeing to meet them in the middle’ on 2+2 being 5. But natural law cannot be smashed any more than you can smash the fact that 2+2=4.”
    George Lincoln Rockwell


  3. A German store in America?

    Highly interesting: The Amish were from Switzerland
    and multiplicate themselves with every generation


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