In Memoriam: Heather Heyer (1985-2017)


“Hello, my name is Heather. When I was alive, I struggled with obesity and road traffic awareness issues. My life often seemed without purpose. But now, in death, I hope I can perform a useful function by allowing timid fake dissidents to signal their subservience to power. Please give my now expired life meaning by donating only $8.12 to show the country’s elites that you do not threaten them or the ideological foundations of their rule.”




4 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Heather Heyer (1985-2017)

  1. Charlottesville was a totally staged event on all sides, orchestrated by the usual suspects who always play both sides in order to be the ultimate winners, same as the Charlie Hebdo and Kosher grocery shop street theatre production.


    1. The sub-Saharan Merkel-Orc is probably a particle physicist, rocket designer or brain surgeon, who terrorizes the working population in Unna because he doesn’t get a luxury car as a gift: “He was interested in a BMW beyond 50,000 euros.”


      1. He is released each time by the police to continue afterwards. The injured and threatened will not be compensated.


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