Dutch politician commits suicide after saying she was gang-raped by Muslims

The Hague city councilor Willie Dille committed suicide on Wednesday, newspaper AD reports based on sources.

The police could not confirm Dille’s death to NU.nl, but did say that there was a suicide in The Hague on Wednesday.

Earlier on Wednesday Dille posted a video on Facebook in which she said that she was  on March 15th last year – the day of the municipal elections. The perpetrators wanted her to keep quiet in the city council, Dille said.


She was a member of the PVV, Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam party.Willie-Dille6

Dille. Earlier in the day she posted a video on Facebook in which she  by a group of Muslims on March 15th last year – the day of the parliamentary election. She said that she had been threatened and that she feared for her life. Dille also said that fellow Hague city councilor Arnoud van Doorn is behind the rape. She ended the video by saying that she is stepping out of politics.

The police told RTL Nieuws that they find what happened terrible. “Mrs. Dille did not file a report of a sexual offense or threat, so the police could not conduct a criminal investigation. But we did have several conversations with her and also offered her assistance”, a police spokesperson said to the broadcaster. “In the past, and also recently, there was contact with Mrs. Dille. Rape and threats were discussed. In that talk we pointed out the possibilities of reporting. But she did not do that. For that reason we could not launch a criminal investigation.”


The video is here, in Dutch, with English sub-titles.

If you compare earlier photographs of her to her gaunt appearance in this video, you see a dramatic difference.

The person that she blamed for organising the rape was Arnoud van Doorn. He, too, was once a member of Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam PVV party but, bizarrely, left it and converted to Islam.

English-language mainstream news outlets have completely ignored this story.


37 thoughts on “Dutch politician commits suicide after saying she was gang-raped by Muslims

    1. Unfortunately. This entire scene has been rolling out since. 1912 in the genocide of Armenia when it weakened the states along the borders of Russia sparking ww1 and 2. Besides what was Abraham thinking? This is the result of sin. He should have raised both thoes boys as his own.


      1. The LIVING told him to throw out the bond woman and her son. That he would not inherit with the heir GOD our Father would give Abraham. GOD would give Abraham an heir according to his seed as God promised. The seed was in Issac and that seed was the MESSIAHS SEED: The LORD JESUS CHRIST.


    2. Hey fuck you. The Jews are on the front lines fighting Islamic terror in Israel and getting persecutef by these animals in Europe, too. You best open your eyes and flush out your head gear…

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  1. I’m so glad this story is out there now, I’m so glad hasn’t been buried because of PC, these types of stories need to be published.

    Your going to think I’m heartless, BUT WHAT HAPPENED HERE COULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED TO A BETTER PERSON, basically she became her own demise which is exactly what needs to happen to the liberals, to the labourers to the Greens, and I sincerely with all sincerity hope it does.


    1. You know what you are a worthless piece of shit,who the f*** gave you the right to decide who deserves what.Grow up and stop being an oxygen wasting c**t


    2. YES! death to the kosher nationalist. white europe now! and to the haters posting here shitbagging that post, WAKE THE FUCK UP. she, just like gert w, marie le p, tommy r are jewish controlled opposition. jews are genociding all white people across the earth, promoting feminism, communism, pornography, race mixing, homosexuality, transhumanism, debt slavery, poisoned pharma/food and mass migration, controlling all populist sides, so why oh why would you cheer for the same people that want you dead and hate on those that tell truth?


  2. The above article states the woman was a member of PVV, Geert Wilders’ anti-Islamic party. Wilders is from a Jewish Indonesian background and his mother and wife are also Jewish and he is strongly supported by the Counterjewhad. It may be difficult for the police to launch an investigation if there is a previous record that she did not file any complaint about the alleged rape with the police and questions may be raised as to her mental and emotional state. I would suggest that commenters desist from remarks such as those above; remember that ‘revenge’ is not what should concern us, but ‘justice.’ Revenge is our enemy’s modus vivendi.


    1. In this case revenge is justice.
      “Counterjewhad?” What are you – a Nazi?

      You are the only person raising “concerns as to her mental and emotional state,” ie, PLANTING SUGGESTIONS.

      The only “mental and emotional state” seen here is of a woman severely traumatized, and not getting the support and professional help essential to recovery and reaching a point where she feels safe enough to file an official report.

      It appears that the police were aware of the CRIME – why did they just stand by like plonkers saying, well “she wouldn’t sign a form / file a FORMAL complaint /” There’s a rapist on the loose – you GET HIM!

      But that’s Merkel’s Europe – Hitler’s revenge. A Danish Consul told me about the rapes of women sunbathing in the public parks during lunch breaks. The perps were Iranian ‘refugees.’ Asked what was being done, he just shrugged apologetically.

      So the cowards sacrifice women and children. Let’s get some MARINES in there! In Willie Dille’s case, “Revenge” is JUSTICE!

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      1. she was a lame wolf in sheeps clothing, controlled kosher nationalist opposition, so in any right thinking white nationalists eyes she is a traitor to our people, and as such a traitors death is fitting.


      2. According to the police, the woman did not issue a complaint or report the supposed rape, which was said to have been committed over one year ago. As to your remark: “Counterjewhad? What are you – a Nazi?” — This particular site’s owner began using that phrase some time ago, and I concur with it, because it reflects the reality, as stated by the owner of a well-known self-termed “Counterjihad” site (Gates of Vienna, “Baron Bodissey”) that the majority of this body of online sites are predominantly Jewish. This site, DMF, has also exposed the facts about the Jewish-backed alias “Tommy Robinson” and also the large-scale funding by Jews of so many of these ‘counterjihad’ sites. These sites are meant to rile people up, collecting monies from people, staging protests and antics which in NO WAY actually seriously address the problems of multiculturalism, multiracialism, unquestioning support for Israel and its policies, or the enormous influence, via media, lobbyists and influence on politicians and the financial and educational fields which Jews have on the present problems and possibly dire outcome for Western Christian peoples.

        “nazi” is an old Yiddish word for “Germany.” It no longer works in silencing free speech; the internet has proved a conduit for differing views, facts-gathering and solidarity amongst millions which is why our enemies within are intent on silencing it. I suspect some of the commenters above either belong to the Counterjewhad or are “Israel’s Internet warriors/bigots”(an internet Israeli operation on several levels, also exposed at DMF.


  3. The West destroys its own freedom by giving more freddom to foreigners misbehaving in their own country…there is always limits to freedom and never push the limits to send wrong signals to enterprising minds….

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  4. Its time to start WW3 and kill every single single muslim on the planet and erase every single aspect of this disgusting religion.


  5. Major Jewish Troll Alert! One can always tell these trolls by their use of obscenities, their inability to debate or present a logical argument and by their hysterical demands for genocide of their perceived enemies. Also, their comments are meant to sully this website by presenting their totally illogical, hysterical and bigoted remarks as emblematic of the usual discourse on this site — which is not the case.

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  6. This poor woman suffered so much at the hands of evil pieces of shit. And had no help from her country or government. Shame on you! These stupid leaders of nations have screwed their own people and very possibly ruined their future! How can people be so stupid and blind!

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  7. Lol great to see posts like this and any racist comments on here, lol bet it makes your blood boil, angry, and bitter twisted, eats you up inside, and you can do fa bout it 😂


  8. If you bring those animals in to your Country.You have to protect your Woman and Children.Its their purpose to destroy our way of life.So sorry for the Woman in your Country !


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