German politician tells Germans not to fear becoming an ethnic minority: “Many things will be better”

The German politician, Barbara John, of the nominally conservative CDU party (Angela Merkel’s party), has written an article telling Germans not to worry about becoming an ethnic minority.

This appears to be part of the strategy switch I wrote about before from White Genocide Denial to White Genocide Acceptance.

In Germany it is only a question of time until people of immigrant background form a majority of the population in the larger cities. That point has already been reached in Frankfurt am Main: back in 2017, 51.2% of the city’s inhabitants had not been born in Germany or had non-German parents. Augsburg and Stuttgart are the next candidates or have already reached that status. Across the country, however, only one in four inhabitants have an immigrant background, the Federal Statistics Office reported a few days ago.

The trend towards a rapidly growing proportion of immigrants is irreversible. Fears are already spreading, but also hopes.

She points to Rotterdam and Amsterdam, where the ancestral inhabitants are already a minority. as pioneers of this change. They offer a reassuring example, she says.

It became apparent that the great fear of many of the indigenous inhabitants that they would now themselves become an insignificant minority was unfounded. It was a mistake to believe there would be a new majority that would take their place.

It’s OK because you’ll just be one minority among others, she declares, not ruled over by a new dominant race. Of course, this ignores the fact that brown people have shown that, to a large extent, they are able to put aside their differences and unite against Whitey.

The new population majority consists of many immigrant groups who differ enormously from one another ethnically, culturally, religious, economically and by education. They often have disputes among themselves as well as other groups, just like the indigenous people.  In this way new political alliances form beyond people with and without an immigrant background. A second certainty is unfamiliar but confirmed: it is no longer the indigenous majority who are solely responsible for economic and social progress, but society as a whole. So many things will be different and many things better too. 

Her argument seems to be that when whites are no longer in charge, brownskins won’t be able to blame them for everything. Whites should therefore welcome becoming a minority because it will them to escape the endless barrage of Blame Whitey hate rhetoric. You should allow people who express hatred for you now to acquire power over you because once they have deprived you of power, they will stop expressing hatred for you. A persuasive argument.


As far as I can tell, this senator, Barbara John, is ethnically German. Indeed, her own family history should have taught her quite clearly than no people can ever be safe except in territories where they form an ethnic majority. As a child, she spent WW2 in Silesia, whose German population was expelled by Poles when the war ended. Her family were forced to flee to west Germany.

Apparently this lesson has been lost on her, as she now advocates Germans exposing themselves to a Silesia-like situation for the rest of time, with no homeland to flee to when it doesn’t work out.





33 thoughts on “German politician tells Germans not to fear becoming an ethnic minority: “Many things will be better”

  1. Stupid women, obviously trying to support Merkel by putting a positive spin on the disaster that is mass immingration


    1. Mass delusion. When White Germans become an ageing minority in their own land you can put them on the endangered species list.


  2. As childless as Merkel, she does not need to worry about the future. She’s probably a lesbian. In addition, she looks after the foreign “victims’ families” of the alleged “National Socialist underground” (which was in fact a camouflage organization of the so-called Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, see also Sebastian “Pedathy” Edathy), while most of the killings were actually committed between Kurds and Turks, which was to be covered up by accusing the murders of Germans in order to impose their “anti-fascist” doctrine all the more vehemently.


  3. Ingorious Basterd Til “open borders” Schweiger, who wanted to build an asylum centre (the builders later proved to be criminals) and wanted to have all demonstrators against Merkel’s immigration policy “imprisoned for one night”, builds now a bigger fence against his own neighbour and friend Jan Ulrich. Lol!


  4. At least the message is clear: German patriots have no business voting for the CDU anymore, which has failed them spectularly, they have to move right and support AFD.


  5. 1. She is really stupid. First, US data shows that all minorities gang up on whites. Blacks, hispanics, jews, muslims, asians all vote democrat. This ultimately leads to a one party anti-white state. See California for example, where whites are the minority.
    2. No one stopped affirmitive action and diversity quotas just because whites became a minority. See California again.
    3. Whites will always be attacked just because they are more productive and successful than others, and so will earn more and own more than others. Jealousy and envy never stops. So, in South Africa, even though they are a small minority, whites are still being attacked and the government still attempts to confiscate their farms, making their lifes unlivable.
    4. Muslims and blacks totally shit on minorities in their areas, they create low level harrasment warfare, so in muslim or black majority areas white europeans are going to get owned.
    5. Exploitation and parasitism will never stop, for example minorities might demand reparations for “past sins”, etc.

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    1. Having a mosque near you is about the worst form of property blight imaginable. Mosques act as the nuclei of Muslim ghettos around which ever-expanding no-go areas grow. Infidels are forced to sell their homes to Muslims at massively reduced prices by campaigns of intimidation including pedophile attacks, harassment, street jihad etc. Council tenants are displaced by Muslims who scream ‘racism’ if the local council doesn’t preferentially house them near the mosque with their ‘brothers and sisters in Islam’.


  6. Those politicians are just that: politicians.
    The only thing they represent is themselves and their own interests – as long as some puppeteer pays them their thirty pieces of silver.
    Makes me wonder why it never came to some special treatment for not even one of them, Dealey style.

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  7. Well done! Once again you find the story and provide the analysis that others miss: “This appears to be part of the strategy switch I wrote about before from White Genocide Denial to White Genocide Acceptance.”
    What are we to do about it beyond grumbling about it on the web? Mark Collett, in his book “The Fall of Western Man” provides a program of action which can be implemented immediately, but which may or may not bear fruit in the next decade. I am a patient man, but events are moving so fast that active impatience is called for.


    1. Surely if this speech is available to the german people they will not vote anything but AFD It is also bound to impact some left wing as well. The only way to save germany is to get these people out of power, and withdraw from the UN and ECHR. Close the borders and deport illegals, change welfare benefits for all migrants and permit normal benefits only to those that do unpaid work in communities. That would have an impact on people wishing to migrate. Unbelievable, in effect merkel has destroyed germany in just 2 yesrs

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    In the vid on DW, “Afro-German” Jana Pareigis claims she was “the first colored presenter on German TV” and had therefore no role models. Bullshit. I can list hundereds of “colored”/”exotic” presenters, hosts, actors, comedians and so on for decades. To name but a few: Pierre Geisensetter, Marius Jung, Nelson Müller, Ricky Harris, Yared Dibaba, Tyron Ricketts, Jerry Kwarteng, Ron Williams, Günther Kaufmann, Charles M. Huber, Dennenesch Zoudé, Erol Sander, Hilmi Sözer, Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss, Roberto Blanko, Amiaz Habtu, Cherno Jobatey, Mola Adebisi, Daniel Aminati, Minh-Khai Phan-Thi, Ill-Young Kim, Ranga Yogeshwar, Till Nassif, Michel Abdollahi, Aiman Abdallah, Enissa Amani, Jafaar Abdul Karim, Nazan Eckes, Dunja Hayali, Pinar Atalay, Tedros Teclebrhan, Dayan Kodua (“Miss Schleswig-Holstein”), and all these Turks like Fahri Yardım, Bülent Ceylan, Fatih Çevikkollu, Serdar Somuncu, Django Asül, Özcan Cosar, Kaya Yanar, Abdelkarim and so forth.

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    1. Unsurprisingly, as those wiki entries state, both Pincus and Djerassi were jewish and the usual ‘disclaimer’ is provided, that they came from ‘secular’ families, which attempts to obscure the fact that talmudic judaism, which is the ‘judaism’ in place for at least 1500 plus years, is an ideology rooted in parasitism, hostility to non-members, ethnic ‘purity’ and supremacism, with its ‘theology’ functioning more as religiosity and its ‘deity’ sidelined by self-worship of the people .


  9. DIE WELT: “We Germans”

    Oliver Polak, comedian, Russian roots: “Germany has been multicultural since the Second World War. For the people you don’t like, you have created a term to hide xenophobia: Foreigners. By “foreigners” we do not mean the melancholic Portuguese or the beautiful Norwegians. I am German, my mother is Russian, my father was German, all three of us are Jewish. I was not always welcome, although I am German. My mother once said: “Oliver, when people were told in 1945 that they should now be friendly to the Jews, they forgot to say that this also applies to other peoples and religions.” Özil’s photo with Erdogan and his explanation, unfortunately not cool. You wish he’d just left it at a few pictures with Sarah Connor’s sister. But everything that is happening now exposes the never-ending racism of the Germans. The Turk, the eternal German second class. Even when Asamoah played his first game for the national team in 2001, the coverage was like a race show. How can one identify with this country if it always signals that one is only a German on probation? The summer’s tale was just a summer’s tale.

    Only a Jew can say that without having to prove it, who as early as 2008 said: “I’m allowed to, I’m a Jew”


  10. shows just how low an IQ that politician has – she is lowering the standard – rid the race of her. you have euthanasia there don’t you.


  11. German TV series from the 90s, which would certainly be censored today.


    Teacher: “I give an example: It starts with Neger, and ends with the second most beautiful thing in life.”

    Schoolgirl: “Negerkuss?” (negro kiss)

    Teacher: “Plural, not only does one want a kiss, but everyone wants at least two. (applause) To prevent a disturbance in class, the kisses are not given out immediately but five minutes before the break.”

    Schoolgirl: “I think one says not ‘Negerküsse’ anymore, Mr. Specht.”

    Teacher: “How then?”

    Schoolgirl: “Chocolate kisses.”

    Teacher: “How did this change of name come about?”

    Schoolboy: “Because the term ‘Neger’ is discriminatory, you should know that, Dr. Specht.”

    Teacher: “How do you say to Neger?”

    Schoolboy: “Black.”

    Teacher: “Not all Negers are black, but the word, derived from the Latin niger, nigra, nigrum, equal to black, would only become a swearword if you say n*ggers in a snide way instead of negroes.

    Of course, this does not prevent the guardians of virtue in all countries from constantly twisting any words in our mouths or even forbidding them. Political correctness is the name of this nonsense which, coming from the USA, has now also reached us and has had devastating consequences.

    As a substitute for witch-hunting, it is preached not only by politicians and professors, but also by wild women’s libbers, left and right-wing nitwits, and above all by writers who have no blood, but essentially ink in their veins. Language policemen, language criminals who examine every noun, every verb for racial purity.

    End of the diatribe. I’m sure you can think of a few other examples. Words that come from our vocabulary and are suddenly no longer appropriate.”

    Schoolgirl: “Zigeunerschnitzel.” (Zigeuner = Gipsy)

    Teacher: “No further questions, further examples are of course requested”.


    (Excerpt from minute 2:04)

    Teacher: “The United States of America is the country with the most crimes worldwide. So murders, robberies, rapes, the list could go on and on. The Washington Post already compares life in many areas of the USA with hell on earth: “Drugs have made our streets as unsafe as those in civil war zones.” End quote.

    I will give a small glimmer of hope to the gloomy picture that the Americans are painting of their country. Which one of you, stupid question, read the fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’? (All extend their hands up) Congratulations, you’re all happy.

    The US authorities have taken a courageous first step to save their civilisation from extinction. They have put the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale on the Index, which means that Little Red Riding Hood may no longer appear in American textbooks.”

    Schoolgirl: “Is this a joke?”

    Teacher: “I thought so, Luise. But unfortunately it’s a sad American reality.”

    Schoolboy: “There must be some reason for such perversions?”

    Teacher: “There are, in black and white, Chistian, but this does not make perversion more bearable. Why do you think the fairy tale was forbidden?”

    Schoolgirl: “Probably because the wolf ate the grandmother.”

    Teacher: “No, Liane, the American censors found that less offensive. What took their breath away and made their souls shiver were the gifts that Little Red Riding Hood brings to her grandmother. She may not have heroin or a revolver in her basket, but…”

    Student: “…cake and a bottle of wine.”

    Teacher: “You say it. A child who offers alcohol to his grandmother is poison for bigoted souls. So put it in the poison cupboard. And if the censors have not died or become victims of a crime, they will continue to sniff through world literature for noble grape varieties. You can only drink a Schnaps on it.”



    NEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress expressed strong concern this week following the release of new figures in Germany indicating a 10 percent increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the country over the course of the first half of 2018 when compared with the same period in 2017.

    WJC President Ronald S. Lauder said: “The German government has demonstrated admirable commitment to combating anti-Semitism, including with the appointment of Ambassador Felix Klein as the first federal government commissioner working on behalf of the Jewish community. Nevertheless, it is clear that concerted efforts are needed across the board to arrest the steady rise in violent incidents and harassment and ensure that German Jews continue to feel secure and valued as all German citizens deserve.”

    “The WJC stands ready to assist our community in Germany, as well as all levels of government, to work toward implementing the necessary steps to quell anti-Semitism across the country,” Lauder said.

    Some 349 out of the 401 anti-Semitic incidents recorded this year were reported as being perpetrated by those with far right-wing tendencies, while Berlin accounted for 80 such incidents.

    President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and WJC Vice President Josef Schuster has called for the implementation of an effective, nationwide system of reporting on anti-Semitism with a suitable threshold to be used when evaluating suspected cases.

    Strange. How does this fit together? Always this double strategy

    How can as a descendant of noble family be so condescending and degrade a (((servant))), and claim to act “in the spirit of Europe”? This stupidity is really hard to beat.


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