The FreeTommy rallies are orchestrated and funded by Jews

Jew Daniel Pipes surveys with approval the protest he has paid for

On 14 July, there will be another FreeTommy rally in London. If you watched the last one, you may have wondered how they could afford that big screen where Lauren Southern’s face appeared so fetchingly, with yearning eyes, like a cam girl ready to give her client an imaginary blowjob.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 12.40.01 PM

Wonder no more. It is now admitted that these protests are orchestrated and funded by Jews.

The Middle East Forum (MEF) is helping Robinson in his moment of danger. It does so in the context of its Legal Project which since 2007 has defended activists, journalists, politicians, et al. who face harassment, fines, or imprisonment because of their views concerning Islamism and related topics.

MEF is sponsoring and organizing the second “Free Tommy Robinson” gathering in London on July 14. MEF previously provided all the funding and helped organized the first “Free Tommy Robinson” event held June 9 in London.

MEF, along with a coalition of UK advocacy groups and international figures will assemble to advocate for Mr. Robinson’s release and demand greater protections for freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the United Kingdom. MEF is arranging for U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar (Republican of Arizona) to travel to London to speak alongside the Dutch political leader Geert Wilders, and others.

The Middle East Forum is a Zionist outfit run by the Jew Daniel Pipes.

The Middle East Forum is aiding Mr. Robinson’s defense in three main ways:

  • Legally – By using Legal Project monies to fund his legal defense.

  • Diplomatically – By bringing foreign pressure on the UK government to ensure Mr. Robinson’s safety and eventual release. 

  • Politically – By organizing and funding the 25,000-person “Free Tommy” London rally on June 9 and now the July 14 protest, also taking place in London.

Note the “diplomatically”. It’s almost as if those conspiracy theories about a powerful cabal of international Jews had some basis in fact. (See Addendum below for more on this)

Pipes has recently been on a trip to Europe where he reviewed the various “far-right” and “far-lite” parties for possible kosher certification. Political kosher certification now apparently has a new name: “Civilizationism”.


An initial problem is how correctly to name them in general. The media lazily lumps these parties together as far-right, ignoring their frequent leftist elements, especially in economic and social policy. Calling them nationalist is wrong, for they neither bellow calls to arms nor raise claims to neighbors’ lands. Populist misses the point because plenty of populist parties such as La France Insoumise (Rebellious France) pursue nearly opposite policies.

Best is to focus on their key common elements: rejecting the vast influx of immigrants and especially Muslim immigrants. Non-Muslim immigrants also cause strains, especially those from Africa, but only among Muslims does one find a program, the Islamist one, to replace Western civilization with a radically different way of life. Turned around, these parties are traditionalists with a pro-Christendom, pro-European and pro-Western outlook; they are civilizationist. (This definition also has the benefit of excluding parties like the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in Greece, that despise traditional Western civilization.)

Enlightened opinion generally reacts with horror to civilizationist parties, and not without reason, for they carry a lot of baggage. Some have dubious origins. Staffed mainly by angry political novices, they feature dismaying numbers of anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim extremists, Nazi nostalgists, power-hungry cranks, economic eccentrics, historical revisionists, and conspiracy theorists. Some proffer anti-democratic, anti-European Union, and anti-American outlooks. Far too many – and especially Orbán – have a soft spot for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

But civilizationist parties also bring critical benefits to the political arena: realism, courage, tenacity, and a civilizational critique necessary if the West is to survive in its historic form. Therefore, contrary to many friends and allies, I favor working with most civilizationist parties, advocating critical co-operation rather than rejection and marginalization.


The claim that Golden Dawn, defender of Greece, the cradle of western civilisation, rejects “traditional western civilisation” is, of course, absurd, unless Jewish control over the goyim is now considered a “traditional” part of our civilisation.

But it seems kosher certification will now be available for far-lite parties that meet the strict ritual requirements: acceptance of the Holocult, trips to Yad Vashem, support for Israel, pro forma denunciations of “anti-Semitism”, and a resolute refusal to ask how it is that the catastrophe currently engulfing us came to be.

Unfortunately, most of what passes for Europe’s political patriots will be happy to meet these Semitic demands.

So watch the #FreeTommy rally by all means. Just remember who is pulling the strings behind it.

Addendum: Reuters reports that the “US Ambassador for Religious Freedom,” Sam Brownback, lobbied the British government about the Tommy Robinson case.

Brownback raised the case of the activist known as Tommy Robinson in a June meeting with Sir Kim Darroch, Britain’s Ambassador to the United States, according to a British official and two sources close to the organizers of a pro-Robinson demonstration planned for London on Saturday.

…Brownback raised the jailing of Robinson during a meeting with Darroch that covered a range of “religious freedom issues”, the British official confirmed earlier this week.

Brownback told Darroch that if Britain did not treat Robinson more sympathetically, the Trump administration might be compelled to criticize Britain’s handling of the case, according to the two sources in contact with organizers of the planned pro-Robinson demonstration.


Daniel Pipes interviewed Sam Brownback for the Middle East Quarterly in 1997, so the two men have known each other for a long time. They also served in the “Jerusalem Summit” together.

Along with noted neoconservative ideologue Daniel Pipes, Brownback has served on the presidium of the Jerusalem Summit, a now largely defunct Israel-based advocacy outfit that brought together evangelicals, neoconservatives, and hardline pro-Israel figures from across the globe in an effort to shape the debate over the status of Palestine, militant Muslim groups, and other hot-button Mideast issues.


Upon his appointment as “Ambassador for Religious Freedom”, the Times of Israel noted of Brownback that he had a “long history of cooperation with the Jewish community on religious freedom issues.”

Brownback, a staunch conservative, has had a close relationship with the gamut of Jewish communal organizations. While in the Senate, he chaired the US Helsinki Commission, the parliamentary body that monitors human rights abuses, and was outspoken in identifying anti-Semitism overseas. He was one of the leading pro-Israel voices in the Senate and an early advocate of expanded sanctions targeting Iran. He made support for Israel a central plank of his short run for president in the 2008 race.






17 thoughts on “The FreeTommy rallies are orchestrated and funded by Jews

  1. I take your word for it that the MEF is involved to the extent you describe and that its motivations are as you describe. “Brian London” is another Jew involved in promoting the event:
    However, they are marginal players. The event is endogenous to Britain and a few non-British organisations and interests are muscling in late in the day. People who are attending have been persuaded by their attitude to the jailing of Tommy Robinson and their sense of fair play. They are not being manipulated in this. Now, I see them as misguided but their nationalist sincerity is not in doubt.
    The main outlay for the event will be participants’ fares and opportunity costs. These are being covered by the participants, not by any outside source. If you go along tomorrow you will see up to a dozen different groups and individuals handing out their leaflets. Just because they are participating does not mean they are pulling the strings. If you go along tomorrow you may see the people who, at the 9 June demo, initiated violence: some from within the ranks of the demonstrators and some from those opposing them. Both of these (are they perhaps one, not two bodies?) do merit close attention. Their presence will not be motivated by their outrage at Robinson’s imprisonment and their sense of fair play. They are the shock troops of someone. Wish I knew who.


    1. Firstly, Robinson is the alias of a man who has, at last count, at least five such aliases and who was found guilty of a mortgage fraud scam of over half a million pounds, involving several people (the ‘counterhihad claimed he had merely put his name wrongly to a mortgage application by a family member); one of his convicted associates in crime has the surname Rothschild and the court documents have been removed from the government website which would indicate the govt does not want people to peruse the details. “Robinson” probably is a paid agent for the govt. Furthermore, his defiance of the reporting restrictions in place on the Moslem gang-rape case (such restrictions are usually put into effect for murder and rape cases and legitimate journalists are fully aware of and compliant with these) was a deliberate provocation which could have led, and may still do, to the Defence putting in an application for Dismissal of the case on the grounds that their clients’ rights to due process of law was infringed upon by Robinson’s antics. If this occurs, it would have the great benefit (to those who are Robinson’s real backers) of ensuring that possible rapists will escape justice and that the public will be further incensed (but actually unable to do anything about it). The entire episode stinks of a deliberate ploy.

      Furthermore, once again, this is a non-issue which will distract people from sensible and effective action through other means than merely ‘marching’ or ‘rallying’ and it will use up their financial contributions, time and effort. So many of these ‘counterjihad’ efforts are false, cyncial and deflect people from truly effective action AND from realising who are the real problem in Western civilisation. If that were to be acknowledged and dealt with, third world invasion would be correctly seen as a shock tactic by the real enemy and steps taken to ruthlessly stop and then reverse it.

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      1. So true. Marches and rallies don’t change anything and yet, the people who participate in them feel satisfied as if they’ve “done something” to change the status quo and so go home and “do nothing” until it’s time to participate in another march. All the powers that be have to do is control and/or fund the cycle of marches to regularly placate the public’s feeling of discontent so that real change never happens.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. “this is a non-issue which will distract people from sensible and effective action through other means”
        I concede some merit to your case. But it is all too easy to scoff at the genuine people who demonstrated on 9 June and are demonstrating today. Many of these have laid out fares and put their safety at risk. They are nationalists. Everyday nationalists doing the best they know how.
        What should they be doing – concretely – to contribute directly to the project which is the raison d’être for this blog? You know, probably better than I, how concrete proposals are swept off Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. But you have a blog that is not subject to the same degree of censorship. Can you lay out, please, a dozen or more undertakings that people who have demonstrated their willingness to become activists could pursue? A “starter kit” if you like.


      3. I’m not opposed to the FreeTommy rallies or the Counterjewhad movement generally. I think anything in which white people come together to oppose a corrupt system that favours brown people has to be a good thing, regardless of the specific cause. I think the Counterjewhad is a useful vector of influence for an agenda that is broader than just concern about Islam. But one of the ways it can be useful is by serving as a foil for our critique, the kind of critique that I am doing here. We should expose the gap between reality and the professed ideals of the people who are involved in it, how selective their support for “free speech” really is. I’ll think about what you’ve said and post a more considered reply as an article.

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      4. check companies house for the English Defence League. (Actually registered as The English and Jewish Defence League)
        Tommy has been handled by jews since the very beginning.


    2. ‘Not being manipulated’ – Seems you’ve still got a lot to learn about the Jew. They always try to control both sides.


  2. The oven dodgers have always said they would destroy England as retribution for expelling them twice, it looks like the b*stards are succeeding.

    Time for the dumb “goyim” to wake up & start fighting back NOW!

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  3. The Middle East Forum has been going a long time and is a so-called 501(c)3 charity. This means that those who donate money can claim back their tax. One problem, 501(c)3s are forbidden under US law from engaging in political activities. Super-PACs etc., which fund US elections, are 501(c)4s. Pipes’s people are playing a dangerous game if someone decides to do a little digging.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. just check companies house for the English Defence League registry entry.
    you will be (not) surprised that they registered as “The English and Jewish Defence league”


    1. Well done! Says it all and confirms what so many of us suspected early on when this E&JDL first appeared (the fact that it was unstintingly supported by the Counterjewhad only underlined its duplicity). This also explains why, for years, I would see videos of the Jewish Defence League (a separate body from which the E&JDL was formed) on various Counterjewhad sites (always in Hebrew without any English subtitles, so as to leave the Goyim in ignorance).


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